Shadow Kings: Dark Ages

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Shadow Kings: Dark Ages 10 rate Take up the mantle of being the king of a growing and thriving empire in this exciting MMO strategy game! Build up a strong economy as well as a strong army to carry out offensive excursions or even to defend your city from the frequent orc invasions! Can you rise up to the the best king the world has ever seen? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enter a fantastical and beautiful 3D world where the forces of good and evil do battle! In the MMO strategy browser game, Shadow Kings – Dark Ages, you can turn your humble town into a mighty force that the world will tremble in fear! Be a king in a city where men, dwarves and elves join forces to attack evil shadow camps as well as to defend the good people from being terrorized by orc invasions! Sign up to join an alliance and work with other players to fight for world domination together! Do you think you have what it takes to be the best strategist in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages? Play now to find out!


You are being chased by the enemy along with your remaining paladin guard, Aramir. He then spotted a small town nearby and suggested you to take shelter there. With the assimilation of this very special town, where men, elves and dwarves have built a new home, you can muster the forces you need to fight back the shadow warriors as well as the orcs and free the entire land! Start your adventure!


The game starts off with a very comprehensive tutorial in the form of a chain of quests. If you’ve played Goodgame Empire before, the game mechanics should be rather familiar to you. For inexperienced players, don’t worry! The game is very easy to pick up!

To begin, you’ll need to learn the basics of construction! At the build menu, there are 2 main categories of buildings that you should be aware of, namely the economic and military buildings, along with the town expansion option and decoration category (which will be explained later). The building process requires certain duration to complete and that there is a limited number of a specific type of building that you can construct. You could also upgrade your buildings to unlock new units and to improve resource production. Due to having only 1 building slot, you can only build or upgrade 1 building at a time. If you wish, you could spend a king’s ransom’s worth of diamonds (premium currency) to buy additional slots – yes, it is THAT expensive!

For any fledgling town to be strong you will need to increase your resource production! There are 4 main resources that you’ll need to keep an eye on – wood, stone, food and coins. Wood, stone and food can be obtained from the woodcutters, stone quarry and farm respectively while coins can be earned through taxes on your citizens! Taxes cannot be collected directly from the houses. Instead, you will need to choose a period of time to collect taxes from the citizens in your city. Once the collection period is done, make sure you return punctually to pick them up!

Resources can be boosted up by increasing happiness in your city which in turn controls your citizens’ productivity. Productivity is very important in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages as it affects the speed at which you produce resources and recruit your warrior. Thus, to improve happiness and subsequently, your city’s productivity, you can purchase and place adorable decorations around your rapidly growing city. Improving your fortifications will increase happiness as well! However, you should be aware that your city’s happiness can be reduced by having more citizens (by building more houses) and disorder caused by damage to the city due to a successful invasion. Whenever your city’s happiness starts to drop, you should quickly get it back up again lest you lose productivity!

Need more space? Well, city expansions in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages are level-locked, but once you reached the required level, you can easily purchase a new city expansion as it doesn’t cost a lot of resources. Every expansion also gives you an extra tower and having more towers mean more space on the walls for defenders!

Buildings can only do so much in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages, it’s time to populate your city with trained troops! To start, you will need a barracks. Then, you can head over to the military tab to recruit your units. There are 2 types of units in this game – attackers and defenders. The attackers, such as the axemen (not “X-men”, mind you!), can only be used for offensive attacks while the defenders, such as pikemen, archers and wizards, can only be placed at your city for defensive purposes. In terms of variety, the game provides up to 5 different types of units for both attackers and defenders that you can unlock as you level up your barracks. You are given 2 free slots to queue up your unit recruitments in this game. As usual, you can buy more slots by spending diamonds.

Besides units, you can also augment your troops with useful tools that may just tip the battle in your favor! To start crafting tools, you will first need a military workshop. Once constructed, you will then be able to commission the production of both attack and defense tools. Attack tools include battering ram, scaling ladder, catapult, Trojan beetle, banner, wooden bridge and many more! On the other hand, for defense tools, you have tar cauldron, city gate reinforcement, wooden shield, dummy arbalests, thorny tendrils and plenty of others! This also includes the premium version of some of these tools.

Everything’s ready and in place? Good, off to battle we go then! Head to the world map, select a target to attack and choose which troops to use... or you could just select the “automatic troop selection” option. However, there is something you should know about combat in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages. When attacking camps, you should check out the difficulty bar at the bottom left corner of the interface. The more or better units you send, the easier the battle will be and all of this will be reflected on the difficulty bar. Besides adding units, you can also supplement your attacking force with powerful attack tools that you’ve crafted as well!

Don’t forget about your defense when you’re off conquering cities and camps as well as capturing outposts (up to 3 of them) too! You’ll need to remember to “equip” your defense tools in the defense management tab to boost the defense rating of your city. You could upgrade the walls of your city and build more defensive units as well! Furthermore, as your city grows, you should also check your prestige frequently to determine your ranking and how much further you have to go to be the best in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages!


Alliances are unions of city lords in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages. They allow lords to lend each other military and economic support, giving them the advantage they need to become a dominant power! Thus, once you reached level 4, you may want to strongly consider joining an alliance. There are many benefits you can get by being a part of an alliance, including getting boosts to army and trade caravan travel speed as well as looting bonuses. Donate resources to the alliance fund to upgrade these boosts so you and your fellow alliance friends can get even more bonuses! There is also an in-game chat that not many people use. If you want to meet other players in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages, you’ll have better luck by heading over to the game’s forums instead!

Graphics/ Sound

Shadow Kings – Dark Ages contains colorful, well-polished and detailed cartoonish 3D graphics that look very good in the game, particularly its character and building models! The fantasy world in this game will definitely take your breath away! The game also has nice background music, which is pleasant yet quirky. There are also ambient sounds, such as birds chirping enthusiastically, in the background.


Take up the mantle of being the king of a growing and thriving empire in this exciting MMO strategy game, Shadow Kings: Dark Ages! In this game, you’ll need to set up a strong economy as well as a strong army to carry out offensive excursions or even to defend your city from the frequent orc invasions. Build and upgrade your resource producing buildings and keep the productivity of your citizens high to ensure a stable flow of resources to fund your war efforts. Recruit and train a formidable army, consisting of units from all 3 major races in the game, namely the men, dwarves and elves, to defeat the shadow warriors once and for all and reclaim the land! Sign up to join an alliance and fight epic battles together with your fellow allies! Be the ultimate strategist and the strongest king in this world of fantasy and magic in Shadow Kings – Dark Ages today!

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by Aethyna Jun 2, 2015
Take up the mantle of being the king of a growing and thriving empire in this exciting MMO strategy game! Build up a strong economy as well as a strong army to carry out offensive excursions or even to defend your city from the frequent orc invasions! Can you rise up to the the best king the world has ever seen? Palace in Shadow Kings Shadow Kings: All characters Resource production in Shadow Kings Read More
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