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Sentinel Heroes 7 rate Become a great hero in the fight against the scourge, save the people from the evil sweeping the land in a stunning turn based RPG strategy game. Collect heroes to fight by your side and take on the world's most fearsome creatures. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There is a war going on between the people of Sentinel, and the Scourge. You are a young hero, traveling to the town of Senjin to follow a mysterious invitation. You arrive to find the place in ruins after an attack, and the people of the town need your help.

From there you begin an adventure to rescue those kidnapped, as well as take the fight back to your enemies. Along the way you will find new allies to fight beside you and ever stronger enemies blocking your path.


Sentinel Heroes is a turn based strategy game, where you have up to 5 heroes on a pre set battle arena. The aim of the game is to clear away all of the monsters in front of you, and then you have a chance to recruit one as your ally to assist you in for the rest of your journey.

You begin by picking one of the main heroes, Sacred Warrior, Silencer and Phantom Assassin, each of which uses a different main statistic, either Strength, Intelligence or Dexterity. Each main hero has 2 abilities, and you can pick whichever suits your play style.

Once you select your hero you are able to go into your first battle, when you arrive you will see a 9 squares laid out in a 3 by 3 pattern, each one of these can hold your hero. There is a certain attack order, if you are in position one, you will attack before a character placed in position 2 and so on. Once battle commences you will attack or use your special ability on your turn, and proceed until one team is defeated.

At the end of the battle, there is a chance that you can recruit one of the creatures you fought as an ally to then join your side, and become available to join you in the battles to come. These additional characters have a rarity value labeled by color: white, green, blue and purple. The higher the color, the harder they are to recruit, but the better they are as a character too.

As well as collecting allies to help you, there are also items and recipes that can be collected from the different battles you fight in, these items can be equipped by your hero and the other characters, and have a powerful impact on how tough and how much damage you do in a battle.

Each character including your hero counts as a card, and cards can be improved or destroyed for coins and the chance of items. To improve a character you need another copy of that card or a wisp of the same color as the card you wish to improve. This process is called compounding and it is the only way to improve the abilities of your characters.

If you have lots of character cards that you are not using, you can resolve them for some coins, and the chance of receiving an experience boost or wisp fragment. As you play you will have the chance to collect a lot of cards, and resolving is a great way to use them up and not clog up your allocations.

There are also gems that you can collect from battles, and a gem master npc that can improve or socket the gems into your items to increase your statistics. You can also increase your items by strengthening them, which costs gold, and the more you add to an item the lower your chance of completing another increase becomes.

When you enter into a level to fight, your hero must always be present, and you can then bring any 4 of your other characters, some of these have different roles, falling into the traditional RPG style of Tank, Healer and Damage Dealer. Bringing the right character types for the level is important, and there are some pretty powerful abilities your characters have that can turn the tide of battle.

If you are more into the PvP side of the game, there is a ranking system, where you can take your team up against another players. In these battles, if you win you move up to the rank of the person you defeated, and the top 3 places win prizes on a weekly basis. There are also tokens and reputation points as well, which can be spent on new items, crafting materials or new heroes if you have enough points.

There are lots of different battles that you can fight, each of which will give you experience, and coins to spend, you can also sometimes receive diamonds to spend too. There are 3 main types of battle, the story battles, dungeons with tougher mobs and the ranking or arena battles.


This game is growing in popularity quite fast, and there is an expanding base of players too. You can join a league, or guild and play with friends, as well as take them on in the ranking system too. Once you are in a league you can take on some of the toughest bosses in the game, with your fellow members and reap the rewards for playing in a larger group.

For the solo player, there is still a lot to do. You can chat through the game, add new friends and there is an active forum system in place where you can share tactics, ideas and stories. For a small game there is a nice feeling here, though the only time you see another character is in the arena or ranking systems.


The graphics work quite nicely for the game, each character is a 3D model, and they move in combat pretty smoothly. Each card has its own unique artwork, and some of these are really nicely done. In the battles you can easily see what is going on and everything has its own feel when you play.

The music is exciting, especially when you are in a battle. Unfortunately the sounds of combat seem to lag slightly behind, though you can of course turn down all of the sounds as you need. The music can get a little repetitive if you play for long periods of time, but overall it adds a nice atmosphere to the game.


For a new game there is quite a lot going for Sentinel Heroes, it manages to combine elements from both RPG’s and strategy games in a really nice blend of action and planning. The arena is a nice feature and adds a competitive edge to the game. There are quite a lot of levels to play through, with more new content being added in stages too. You can choose to play casually, and still enjoy the game or play it a lot and top the rankings. In either case this game is fun to play and offers a unique experience in today's market.

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Nov 17, 2014
Become a great hero in the fight against the scourge, save the people from the evil sweeping the land in a stunning turn based RPG strategy game. Collect heroes to fight by your side and take on the world's most fearsome creatures. Sentinel Heroes Daily Gifts Bristleback in Sentinel Heroes Sentinel Heroes Phoenix Read More
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