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by Aethyna
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Seekers Notes 9 rate As you have a very keen eye for lost things, you are appointed as the Seeker of the city of Darkwood. Help the people of Darkwood find their lost items, and hopefully with some insights on the cause of the curse, you may just be the only person around who is able to lift the terrible curse that has befallen the city. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Trapped in a cursed city with no way to leave it, you are thankful for the warm welcome you’ve received in Darkwood. It also turns out that you have the rare gift of searching for lost things. Due to this, you’ve been appointed to the honored title of Seeker... which leads us to the name of this amazingly intricate hidden object game, Seeker’s Notes. Help the people of Darkwood find their lost items, and hopefully with some help and insights on the cause of the curse, you may just be the only person around who is able to lift the terrible hex that has befallen the city.


You woke up in a mysterious city that so happens to be cursed. The curse is so potent that all the roads into or out of the city has inexplicably disappeared. Anyone who tried to leave the city somehow ended up right where they’ve started. In other words, everyone who is currently in the vicinity of the city of Darkwood is completely trapped.

That’s not all; various objects within the city are apparently also vanishing into thin air. Somehow, you are the only people with a keen enough eye to find them. Due to your amazing talents at finding things, you are appointed as the Seeker of the city.

Not to mention, you may also wonder - How did you end up in Darkwood? You’re not a local, that’s as far as you can tell. However, because of the amnesia you’ve had, you can’t remember anything prior to waking up in Darkwood.

The game starts you off by filling you up with plenty of questions... questions that you’ll be eager to find the answers for. By completing collections and quests, you’ll gradually uncover the story behind the curse and maybe – just maybe – you might be able to retrieve your memory and find your way back to home wherever that may be.


To start your adventure, you’ll first need to create your avatar. Select a name and one of the 15 portraits available (out of which 5 are males and the other 10 are females). Don’t worry too much about picking the best portrait – you can return and change it later on for free.

Being a hidden object game, Seekers Notes offers a truly diverse range of hidden object scenes for you to enjoy. There are so many game modes that you’ll randomly encounter such as word lists, outline (or silhouette) mode, night mode and a unique matching-pairs mode. Each scene is also timed and you’re only given 3 minutes to find all the hidden objects required.

You’ll need to spend a certain amount of energy points which vary from scene to scene in order to play. Energy will regenerate itself over time, but if it’s too slow for you, there are plenty of foodstuffs like Truffles, Cake, Salad, Grilled Fish, Belgian Waffles and Coffee a la Vienne that you can buy to quickly restore your energy. You can even buy boosters which will increase the rate of energy regeneration. Sometimes, you can even get free energy by playing scenes too.

In the scene itself, you’ll quickly notice that there isn’t a combo system, unlike say... Criminal Case, so you don’t need to try to chain up your finds. However, completing a scene faster will usually result in more goodies at the end. There’s also a penalty system in place which will deduct 10 seconds from the timer if you tapped on the wrong objects too many times.

By completing each scene, you’ll gain certain items along with experience points and coins. The scene will also gain rank points that will, once the rank meter is filled, bump the scene up to the next rank that is naturally a lot more challenging to play. Due to this, you’ll definitely be replaying the same scenes multiple times. The list of hidden objects you need to find tends to stay the same, though the positions of the hidden objects in the scene may change from one game to another.

In addition to scenes, the game even provides a wide range of puzzles to break up the monotony of finding hidden objects over and over again. Similar to scenes, these puzzles cost energy to play and can be ranked up too. Some of the puzzles available include a match-3 game named the Treasure Box, a mosaic puzzle where you need to rearrange the fragments of a picture, and a card-matching game dubbed as the Ancient Cards.

Need some help with a scene or a puzzle? Well, I don’t blame you – some of the scenes and puzzles in this game can be pretty challenging. Thankfully, the game provides a nice selection of tools that will most definitely be helpful to you. They include the Eyeglass, which will direct you to an object in your list and highlight it in the scene, and Flying Time that will add 45 seconds to the time limit. There are also Lightning in a Bottle, which will remove any 3 items from your list, and the Magic Lantern that is very useful for Night mode scenes since it can illuminate the entire scene for 35 seconds.

Seekers Notes can be a pretty complicated hidden object game for players who are new to it. This is because the game has so many collectibles that you’ll need to gather. Once collected, the collectibles can then be assembled with sufficient number of fixers to complete the collection. Usually, each completed collection will reveal a new quest that will lead to the unlocking of a new scene.

Some of the collectibles are not assigned to the Collection section though. Instead, they are grouped under Artifacts. Assembling artifacts is as equally important in this game since a completed artifact will give you powerful items which will grant you incredible bonuses like increasing your chance of earning collectibles and fixers for collections (Gargoyle Pendant) or even make your energy regenerate 10 times faster for a day (Golden Chicken). You can even get your friends to chip in and help by putting up the collectibles you need on your wish list.

There are also plenty of reagents that you can trade with the roaming NPCs for another reagent. Some of them can also be used as crafting ingredients by merchants like the Fortune Teller or as banishing tools to vanquish monsters like the Twinkling Lights, Living Shadows and Werewolves. Due to the many “loose” parts in the game, it can get rather confusing especially for players who are just starting out in the hidden objects genre.

Last but not least, the in-game store in Seekers Notes is stocked to the brim with collectibles, fixers, crafting ingredients, banishing tools, hint tools, energy-laden foodstuff and more. Most of them obviously cost rubies (premium currency), but considering that you can easily earn rubies by completing achievements and leveling up (aside from spending real cash, of course), you should be able to earn enough free rubies to spend on some of the stuff in the store.


Having lots of friends is kind of important in Seekers Notes. This is because you can visit them, help them out with up to 5 locations on their map, and claim some fantastic rewards. You can even hire him or her temporarily to give yourself a nice bonus. Different friends will have different (randomly-assigned) talents. For example, the Joker talent will reduce your energy consumption by 10%. Don’t forget that you’ll need their help from time to time with clearing your wish list and you can also send them gifts, which they may decide to return the favor.

There’s a future update announced in the game as well that will add in Guilds to Seekers Notes. There aren’t any details about this feature as of yet, but from my experience, it is possible, the game will use it to organize special guild-only (group-styled) events.

Graphics/ Sound

The incredible intro music in Seekers Notes is infused with a feeling of mystery and intrigue, which is spot-on for a hidden object game. The ambient sounds for each scene are also different. These sounds really bring out the scene while immersing you in it. In terms of the game’s astonishing graphics, they are so well drawn that the hidden objects that you’re supposed to find are so perfectly blended into the background, making it sometimes quite a challenge to find them all without any help.


In short, Seekers Notes is a very in-depth hidden object game that perfectly mixes an intriguing storyline with fun hidden object scenes and puzzles. It can be quite challenging to keep track of all the items, collectibles, crafting materials, banishing tools, and, in general, stuff that are available in the game, but these complexities definitely add a substantial amount of value to the game. So, if you’re a hardcore hidden object gamer with a taste for something challenging, Seekers Notes might just be the game for you. Give it a try today!
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by Aethyna Jun 8, 2016
As you have a very keen eye for lost things, you are appointed as the Seeker of the city of Darkwood. Help the people of Darkwood find their lost items, and hopefully with some insights on the cause of the curse, you may just be the only person around who is able to lift the terrible curse that has befallen the city. Antique shop in Seekers Notes Seekers Notes: Banish monsters Train station - Pair-matching mode in Seekers Notes Read More

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Fun, but I'm totally lost

Each individual section is fun for hidden objects but the overall quest is vague. I need some sort of instruction or game play guide. I just play each venue and enjoy those.Full Review
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