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Secret World Legends 9 rate Featuring a unique noir approach, Secret World Legends is an MMORPG that deals not only in the supernatural and the magical, but also the shadowy world of secret societies set in modern times. The resulting blend provides the optimal platform for the game’s riveting storyline to be built on. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Secret World Legends is an MMORPG that’s very different from any MMO you might have played before in your life. Featuring a unique noir approach, the game deals not only in the supernatural and the magical, but also the shadowy world of secret societies set in modern times. The resulting blend provides the optimal platform for the game’s riveting storyline to be built on. So, if you’re up for an MMORPG that’s one-of-its-kind, you should definitely give Secret World Legends a try. It will slowly but surely reel you into its worlds.


At the beginning, the game’s story is quite confusing and is admittedly rather weird, though it does have an “alternate world” vibe to it Apparently, your character is granted powers somehow while you’re sleeping and now, people from the powerful secret societies are busting into your place, wanting you to join them.

It also seems like the world is currently under attack by a mysterious dark force that twists the human form it infects, turning them into monstrous creatures. A subway in Tokyo was recently hit by this dark force. However, the government tries to keep it under the radar of their people by calling it a “terrorist attack”, implying that it is an attack carried out by humans and not the other way around.

That said, the storyline for each region is a lot clearer and easier to follow. The first zone, for example, will see you helping out locals while investigating the true cause of the zombie-like plague that has hit a small coastal town in England. In fact, the game’s incredibly steeped in the narrative and this is made obvious through the many dialogues, animated cutscenes, legends that you can find and collect, and even the story snippets presented via the other side missions. Thus, if you’re the sort who enjoy a good story with their MMOs, Secret World Legends will not disappoint!


Being a free-to-play game, Secret World Legends only provide you with 1 free character slot, but well, if you really want to, you could always either buy additional slots for 1000 Aurum (premium currency) each or simply create a new account. The character creation process in this game is pretty in-depth though.

You’ll get to not only choose what your character look like, from the clothes he/she wears to your character’s appearance, by using presets or customizing everything yourself; you’ll also get to choose the faction you want to align yourself with, namely the scheming and deceptive Illuminati, the uncompromising Templars and the Yakuza-controlled Dragon, as well as the character class you’d like to play as. There are 9 classes in total in this game and each of these classes can be classified into one of three roles – healer, tank or DPS (or damage dealers).

All in all, the choices you’re given, be it customizing the looks of your character or the class, are more than sufficiently varied especially considering that Secret World Legends isn’t exactly a brand-new game. Oh, and you can change your avatar’s clothes whenever you like via the Dressing Room later on.

Secret World Legends is a fairly unique game and as such having a comprehensive tutorial is pretty important. In some ways, the game nailed the tutorial head-on as they have managed to introduce the basics of the game’s gameplay, including controls, questing, puzzles, and combat while giving players an insight into the rather dark storyline that await them once they are actually plunged into the game world.

The combat system in this game though is something else entirely. Whenever you fire off a shot – I play a Gunslinger during my review by the way, it feels like I’m playing a game of chance. Take the pistols for instance. Pistols in this game functions on this speciality called Chamber Roulette. As you fire your pistol, the chambers of the gun will spin. Now, each chamber is assigned a different color and symbol, and if you managed to match up the patterns, you’ll get a damage boost.

The same goes for the speciality for a Gunslinger’s secondary weapon – the shotgun. Shotguns usually have limited ammo and as such you’ll probably be reloading quite a bit. However, the shotguns in this game can use 4 different types of munitions (bonus damage, armor piercing, damage-over-time, and restore health per damage) and which type you’ll get when you reload is completely randomized.

Each weapon type has their own, chance-based specialities that although is very unique, some players, such as those crazy-dedicated World of Warcraft players who did all the DPS spreadsheets, may not like to rely their DPS output on chance. However, for me, I think this is a great way to keep a player on their toes.

That said, aside from these specialities, fighting mobs in Secret World Legends can feel rather clunky, mainly because the game has an old-school type gameplay that may pale in comparison to current and more sophisticated action-based gameplay. And yet, the game has active dodge which you’ll need to use whenever you need to avoid a particularly dangerous (and highlighted) spot on the ground while fighting a creature. You can also queue abilities later on.

Now, the abilities you can use during combat can be unlocked and augmented through a special skill tree for your class’ weapons. Yes, you’ve heard right – the skill tree is not for the class you chose but rather the weapons your class is able to use. There are 2 types of skills as well, namely actives and passives. Both actives and passives can be unlocked using different tokens – AP or SP.

Of course, like any good RPG, you’ll be able to equip your character with a selection of weapons and items. However, the weapons you can use is restricted by the class you chose. So, if you happen upon items that you can’t or don’t want to use, then you can use them as upgrade materials for your current equipment instead. Interestingly, you may notice that there isn’t any stats or attributes that you can invest points into in this game as well. Secret World Legends is unique this way.

As an MMORPG, Secret World Legends is also filled with missions that you can complete to earn experience points, game currency and anima shards that you can use to upgrade your equipment. However, interestingly, there are a rather nice variety of quests available, including sabotage, dungeon, investigation, side and of course, story missions. You can pick up 1 of each type of quests, except for the plethora of side missions where you can grab 3 at the same time.

Different quest types will obviously have different experiences to offer. For instance, sabotage missions are more stealth-based and hence, will reward you greatly if you managed to evade enemies and avoid discovery during the course of the mission. For investigation types though, these are more puzzle-oriented where the clues themselves may sometimes require you to do some googling on the side (you can use the game’s in-game web browser to do this).

Being heavily story-based, the game will have at least a small story snippet for you to uncover for every mission you take. Some of these missions, especially the story ones, even have cutscenes and voice-acted dialogues that gave them a rather unique feel. The NPCs themselves have extra dialogues that you can click on if you’re curious (or if it’s part of the mission requirement) to learn more about the factions, the other NPCs, and the world. Missions that are completed can also be instantly turned in via your mobile phone so there isn’t a lot of backtracking involved.

For players who enjoy hunting down “elite mobs”, Secret World Legends provides special champion creatures that you can only see, marked, on your mini-map. Battling these creatures will guarantee you a loot bag containing a random item, in addition to adding the creature into your “collection” where you can read all about the champion mob’s backstory.

There are plenty other PvE activities such as challenges which you can complete to earn valuable Marks of Favor via the Challenge Journal, the Elite Gatekeeper Challenge for max level players, and even a wide range of dungeons. There are 2 main types of dungeons, mainly story mode and scenarios, but for scenarios, you can choose to play it solo or in duo. For the more PvP-oriented, there are arenas or shambalas that you can participate in to test your mettle against other players. There is no open world PvP in this game, but you can help out a fellow player if you spot them trying and somewhat failing to kill a tough monster.

Aside from all the monster slaying, Secret World Legends also boasts of a thriving in-game economy where players can trade items they can’t use or don’t need through the auction house. Interestingly, you can also buy and sell Aurum using Marks of Favor, so in a way, players can buy premium currency without needing to spend any real money. Of course, there are many other features as well such as achievements, pets, mounts and more.

If you’d like to support the game, you can subscribe to the game’s Patron system. Patrons get a ton of perks, including being able to teleport between anima wells on the map for free, as well as a daily reward bonus.


Secret World Legends has guilds, though these guilds are generally called “Cabals”. Cabals are more sophisticated than being simply a guild in this game because you can actually choose how to “govern” your Cabal, if you opt to create one, by choosing a government type out of the many available.

Not to mention, the community of players in this game is incredibly friendly and helpful. If you encounter any problem with a mission, rest assured that if you ask in chat, you’ll get an answer. Best yet, the publisher, Funcom, seems to really listen to their players’ feedback and so, if you’ve got suggestions for them, you can drop them a feedback and you can be certain that they will read it.

Graphics/ Sound

Being a revamped 5-year-old game, the graphics in Secret World Legends is good enough for a free-to-play game but the visuals are not exactly top-notched. Personally, I’ve noticed there are frame drops from time to time, and some loading screen freezes especially after a downtime. However, I’d like to commend the game on having beautiful loading screen art that starts off being grayish and gradually fills up with color as the game loads.

In terms of sound, the game features a pretty dark (noir-like) theme and hence, the music it has is as equally ominous in nature, fitting perfectly with the game and its theme. The voice acting in this game is very high quality as well. It makes the stories a whole lot more immersive than you might expect.


In short, Secret World Legends is quite unlike any other MMORPG that we’ve reviewed before and that speaks volumes in regard to the quality and uniqueness of the game. Although the game is pretty old and has not aged particularly well in terms of its graphics and also the clunkier combat, this game has one of the most engaging noir storylines that is steeped mystery and intrigue. We can’t recommend this game highly enough, that’s for sure! So, if you get the chance, do give Secret World Legends a try.

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