Secret of the Pendulum

by Aethyna
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Secret of the Pendulum 7.5 rate You are a descendant of the Order of the Chronos and by being part of that bloodline, well, you carry certain... burdens - the ability to re-live moments in the past through the eyes of the person that experienced them. With these powers, you'll hopefully be able to find out the secrets that lie behind the pendulum! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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You are a descendant of the Order of the Chronos and by being part of that bloodline, well, you carry certain... burdens - the ability to re-live moments in the past through the eyes of the person that experienced them. In Secrets of the Pendulum, you will be experiencing the story from the eyes of both Dr. Lily Avery as well as her sister Madison Avery as you try to piece together the story and the secret behind the mysterious time-traveling pendulum that was found in the statue of Chronos. Play and replay hidden object scenes to gather materials to unlock more exhibits and access new memories to progress the story! Will you be able to uncover the get to the bottom of the secret behind the beautiful pendulum? Play Secrets of the Pendulum now!


The story starts when Dr. Lily Avery used her computer to access the Museum of History’s Archive Database and read her email from Dr. Glen Douglas about a shipment of Greek antiquities that are arriving at the Museum of History from the donors, the Constantinides family, on that day. Guess it’s best to get to work! However, to Dr. Lily’s surprise, the statue she was piecing back together suddenly revealed the long-lost and almost mythical Pendulum! One thing led to another, including the point where Dr. Lily noticed that someone was poking around her research without her consent, Dr. Lily was killed at gun point due to her discovery. Then, the message appeared... do you ever wish you could turn back time?


The game starts you off with a Memory from Dr. Lily Avery, an expert curator at the Museum of History, whereby she was tasked to restore a Greek exhibit. Memories are episodes of the entire story that you’ve uncovered using your inherited ability to re-live moments in the past through the eyes of the person that experienced them. As some of the exhibits around the museum have become imbued with the memory of what happened there, you will be able to access these memories by repairing new exhibits as well as having 1 star from playing hidden object scenes (which will be explained later).

Furthermore, exhibits do more than just providing you with more memories to experience – they are also your most steady source of income! Unlike in other hidden object games where you’ll earn coins from hidden object scenes, in Secrets of the Pendulum, you can collect coins over time from the exhibits you restored. The more exhibits you have, the more coins you can collect! You can also upgrade your exhibits so that they will produce more coins at a higher rate or complete quests to earn a lump sum of coins as well. However, to either restore an exhibit or to upgrade it, you’ll need to collect materials from hidden object scenes.

You can easily identify a hidden object scene that is available to play by the sparkles that surround it, though sometimes, you’ll get a puzzle instead. The goal of a hidden object scene is to find all the objects (usually 7 items per scene) listed in a box below the scene. After finding them, you’ll need to click on them to remove them from the scene. At the end, you’ll collect a vital piece to progress the story. You’ll then have to find the place where your collected item can be placed or used. To use the item, just drag and drop the item into the place you want to use it at.

After you’ve unlocked the scene by playing it through a memory first, you’ll be able to re-access the scenes to replay them and earn materials, though which material you get is randomly given. Replaying scenes is rather expensive and will cost you 1 thousand coins per game, but thankfully, you can easily up your score as the positions of objects do not change in each of your playthroughs!

Besides memorizing the positions of the items in an attempt to increase your score points, there are other easier methods. One of which includes the combo system. By finding items continuously, you will earn multipliers for your score. However, if you click wrongly even once, you’ll lose all your accumulated multipliers. Not to mention, the combo will also lose effect over time, so if you want to stack them up, you should find these objects as quickly and as continuously as you can!

In addition to combos which contribute to your final score as a skill bonus, there is also a time bonus that you can get in this game. Although time is not a prime factor in getting through a game, it can help you raise your high score by quite a significant amount. So, speed and accuracy are paramount in getting a good score in Secrets of the Pendulum and getting a good score means that you can earn stars much faster and at a lower cost. Stars are then used to access new memories and progress the story!

On several occasions, you’ll be presented with a mini-game-like puzzle, such as piecing jigsaws back together, connecting wires in the correct sequence or piecing a porcelain statue together. These puzzles usually require a certain object that you can get by playing hidden object scenes. However, there will be times when you’ll need to find the items in the in-game environment instead! These items will be shown as blueprint sketches in your inventory. These sketches should be able to help you to identify the item when you see it so you’ll know to pick it up.

If you’re ever stuck, there are a variety of indicators to help you. For instance, if you see a glowing orb on an object, this usually means that you can use your pendulum on it, which will bring you back in time and allow the story to continue. However, if you’re totally at lost as to what to do, there are hints to help you find out what you should do next. Besides hints, there are also a variety of items at the cash shop that you can use in hidden object scenes to help you solve them at a much faster rate. Some examples of these items include the spyglass which instantly highlights one hidden item when used as well as the bomb which instantly removes a hidden object from the scene. There are also the radar that is able to locate up to 6 hidden objects for you and the combo booster which supercharges your combo meter so your combo last longer and you don’t get penalized for clicking on a wrong object.

As you progress in the game, you’ll uncover plenty of locations that you’ve visited while experiencing a memory, including the museum exterior, Lily’s apartment, subway/ basement, and shanty town. Each location has both day and night versions available - though shanty town doesn’t have 2 versions, just one, and in these locations, there are many rooms that you can discover. All of these locations can be conveniently revisited via the map.


The community for Secrets of the Pendulum is not exactly huge – the game has around 10 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, though it has a lot more monthly active players. The game developers provide monthly updates on the fan page as well as any announcement and news about the game. So, be sure to give their fan page a “like” to keep yourself updated!

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Secrets of the Pendulum is amazing! The music is quite varied and can evoke the feeling of mystery that perfectly suits the game. The game also offers voice overs for the characters in the game – a feature that is very rare for hidden object games. The graphics in the game is fantastic as well! Each scene in the game is beautifully drawn to the point where many of its hidden objects are challengingly well-hidden.


All in all, Secrets of the Pendulum is a very entertaining and addictive hidden objects game whereby you play the role of a descendant of the Order of the Chronos with a unique power to re-live moments in the past through the eyes of the person - in this case, both Dr. Lily Avery and her sister, Madison Avery - that experienced them. With a time-traveling pendulum thrown into the mix, you get a very engaging story. By playing the many hidden object scenes and experiencing the memories of the 2 characters in the game, you’ll be able to slowly piece together the mystery behind the powerful pendulum! So, head on over to Secrets of the Pendulum and use your power to solve this intriguing mystery now!

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New Game Added: Secret of the Pendulum

by Aethyna Jun 10, 2015
You are a descendant of the Order of the Chronos and by being part of that bloodline, well, you carry certain... burdens - the ability to re-live moments in the past through the eyes of the person that experienced them. With these powers, you'll hopefully be able to find out the secrets that lie behind the pendulum! Lily's apartment in Secret of the Pendulum Secret of the Pendulum: Opening the box Supply crate in Secret of the Pendulum Read More
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