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Save Room 10 rate Save Room is the quintessential puzzle and inventory management experience. With dozens of levels, it makes you go through puzzles where you have to place, combine, and organize items to make them fit a limited space. Use your spatial skills, logic, and common sense to breeze through the levels. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There are games wherein small bits of their gameplay mechanics stood out and crushed it. Some may involve dungeon challenges, platforming sequences, and various sets of minigames and side activities (hello casino games in RPGs and little shoot’em ups in in-game arcade machines).

Back in the day, there was one game that redefined an entire franchise, which was Resident Evil 4. Sure, Leon’s golden hair, Ada’s mysteriousness, the chainsaw enemies, and Ashley’s annoying screams are what we mostly remember. However, there was also one gameplay element that stood out: its inventory system wherein instead of a list, it became a sort of puzzle game where you have to arrange items in square grids to make them fit Leon or Ada’s small yet ever-growing briefcase (thanks to The Stranger!).

Though it is without parasite-riddled zombies, shootouts, and other monsters, Save Room is as exciting as the original RE4. Inspired by the main game’s inventory management mechanics, this puzzle experience, published by Ratalaika Games, provides just that. Now available on the Switch, you’ll adjust, place, and pack various items inside a suitcase. The thing is, it’s not as simple as it sounds: your spatial recognition skills and other elements will be challenged.


Save Room does not have a set plot or any story behind it. However, we can assume that we’re arranging and fixing Leon and Ada’s messy suitcase in-between levels. Jokes aside, the lack of a story works since you can focus on the puzzles.


Save Room was made with the idea that RE4’s inventory management would work as a full-fledged game. It works as a stress reliever and a “pick up and play” experience. It’s not the most challenging puzzle game out there, but with over 40 levels and unique ways to make things fit, you might end up scratching your head a few times throughout your playthrough. Every stage presents different items along with unique spaces where to place them.

As said earlier, the goal of Save Room is to place objects inside your suitcase and ensure everything fits perfectly. The playing area is full of squares where you’re supposed to put different items ranging from guns, bullet boxes, herbs, a whole fish, and an egg. They all come in shapes and sizes, with some straight while others, like the submachine gun and sniper rifle, have irregular figures, which makes them rather tricky. Inserting them into the case may require you to change their orientation. Who knows, turning your shotgun upside down might be the only way to place it snugly among the plethora of grenades, bullets, and other items.

When you reach higher levels, the game exposes you to a few of its quirks. Apart from the usual object placement mechanic, you will also be able to merge things. For example, if there is no more space for a box of shotgun shells, you can insert them into your trusty shotgun. Moreover, you can also combine herbs and gunpowder to help save space. Plus, you could also consume the herbs you mix to heal yourself - your HP is shown via a heartrate signal on the upper left side of the screen.

Save Room’s user interface works well, and the controls are relatively intuitive. Just to add, there are also a few additions, like lore and item descriptions, if you’d like to read what the items are all about. Don’t think of anything too in-depth since most of these are quite short.


Save Room is solely a single-player experience with no multiplayer capabilities. However, adding a time-attack mode or something similar, along with a multiplayer leaderboard, would have been fantastic.


In terms of presentation, Save Room absolutely nails the RE4 aesthetic, though some of the item models look like modernized versions of the in-game items. The music accompanying the gameplay works well and delivers an atmosphere conducive for puzzle-solving.


Save Room is a packer’s dream video game. Though it does not offer much in the way of gameplay, it’s a relatively inexpensive and fun puzzle experience that delivers one of the beloved elements of a celebrated game on steroids. With over 40 levels to complete and countless items to fix, it’s a must-try for anyone looking for a unique puzzle game.

Now available on the Nintendo Switch, give it a shot today.

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New Game Added: Save Room

by Mikhail Nov 22, 2022
Save Room is the quintessential puzzle and inventory management experience. With dozens of levels, it makes you go through puzzles where you have to place, combine, and organize items to make them fit a limited space. Use your spatial skills, logic, and common sense to breeze through the levels. One grenade away in Save Room Starting a puzzle in Save Room Neatly arranging a rifle in Save Room Read More
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