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Rush Racing 8.3 rate Race against challenging AI in campaigns and challenges or go head-to-head with other players in multiplayer or turf wars! Besides the huge variety of upgrades, you are also spoiled for choice in terms of customizing your race car! Are you ready to take to the streets and prove that you are the best drag racer in Rush Racing? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Sign up and join the thrilling world of drag racing today in Rush Racing, one of the hottest drag racing games to hit Facebook this year! Race against challenging AI opponents in campaigns and driver’s challenges or go head-to-head with other players in multiplayer or, if you’re a team player, in turf wars. Win races and use your winnings to tune your car to its maximal performance! Besides the huge variety of parts that you can upgrade in this game, you are also spoiled for choice in terms of customizing your race car! You can even unlock and purchase new and better cars as well. Don’t forget to maintain your car so it can serve you better in races and will not underperform! Are you ready to take to the streets and prove that you are the best drag racer in Rush Racing? Play it now!


You are a rookie drag racer who has caught the eye of Alex, the team manager in charge of finding the next great driver. You’ve shown great potential on the streets and he wants you on the team! Now that you’re a proper drag racer with your own team... it’s high time to ditch the habit of borrowing cars to race in and get yourself your very own race car!

Rush Racing provides you with 3 starter cars to choose from – the 2003 Bora VR6, 1995 Eclipse GSX or 1997 Civic. You can view the cars in the showroom in 3D. This means that you can drag your mouse around to turn the car. As you progress in the game and win lots of races, you’ll be able to return to the showroom to purchase some of the other cooler cars. The game offers quite a range of cars from various brands and these brands are fictional ones based off on the branded cars that you can get in Grand Theft Auto. Some examples include Obey, Overflod, Vapid and Grotti. There are also special cars, which are updated frequently, that are sold complete with visual upgrades so that you won’t have to do it yourself! The best part is that you can own more than 1 car in Rush Racing, provided that you can afford it!

After you’ve chosen your car, you are given quite a stash of in-game cash to upgrade your bland race car to your liking! There are 2 sorts of upgrades that you can do in Rush Racing – customization (or visual upgrades) and functional upgrades. The customization feature in this game offers a ridiculously huge list of options, including paint job, wheels, underglow, rear spoiler, hood and roof scoops, and many more! For each option, you get to choose from a crazy number of choices. For example, for wheels alone, you have 7 different branded choices and for each brand, you can get from 5 to 10 various rims to select from. The underglow also offers up to 10 different colors. And let’s not even talk about the colors provided for coloring your car’s body, hood and every possible external car component that you can think of! All of these supposedly “visual upgrades” are not just for looks either... at least the ones that are not merely paint jobs. For instance, by adding a rear spoiler, a hood scoop or a roof scoop, you may improve your car’s power and torque, but these parts will slightly increase the weight of your car.

Hold on! Before you spent all your money on customization, you may want consider saving some of that dosh for functional upgrades or tuning instead! There are simply too many components that you can upgrade, such as engine internals, drivetrain, intake system, tires, suspension and others (there are 11 parts in total). Some parts can even be broken down into sub-parts, for example, the exhaust can be separated into the header, pipes and muffler, and catalytic converter. You can also choose which type of conversion kit you prefer on your car – turbo, nitrogen or supercharger!

Each of the components available is very detailed as each of the items you view will show how it will affect your car in terms of the power, torque, stress and weight. This is important as some components you buy may add weight and stress to your car and you’ll need to balance out the stats by buying components that will reduce those 2 factors. Furthermore, each item you buy will subsequently unlock the next stage (and a much better version) of the item. So, although the individual components may not seem to cost a lot, but accumulatively, they are rather expensive.

Ready to race? Let’s hit the streets then! Rush Racing offers 4 different game modes for you to enjoy, namely the campaign, driver’s challenge, multiplayer and turf war. Campaign involves the world drag racing tournament, where you’ll start competing from the class D cars bracket to the higher classes. There are 5 races per tournament and you’ll need to defeat them all in order to win the hefty cash prize at the very end and proceed to the next class bracket. For driver’s challenge, you’ll still be competing with AI drivers, but this time, instead of using your own car, you’ll need to race with a loaned car. You’ll have no idea of the specs this car has and you’ll have to rely on good starts, accurate shifts and perfectly-executed nitros to win. It’s called a “challenge” for a reason!

For multiplayer, you’ll have graduated from driving against AIs to racing against other human players. In this mode, you’ll be racing in real time with other players that have a rating that is similar to your own. Besides racing, you can even place bets to ramp up the stakes too! In the last game mode, turf war, you’ll need to be in a team with other players to participate. Each team consists of 7 players and these teams will then race each other to lay claim to the roads in major cities, such as New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, or wrest control of the city from the other teams.

The controls during a race are very easy to learn and remember. In fact, you just need to know to press “spacebar” when the starting lights turn green to accelerate and press the right arrow key to shift up when the speed reaches the green dot on your dashboard. You mustn’t press spacebar before the green light is on or you’ll be fouled and you should try not to accidentally press the arrow key up too fast as well. Besides these handy notes, all you need to win are very good reflexes and excellent hand-eye coordination.

After each race, you should check your maintenance tab to check the engine damage sustained and whether your car will need repairs. The amount of engine damage sustained depends on the stress of your car and stress can be increased by tuning your car. The stress you have will cause an equal amount in damages on the health of your engine for every race you participate in. Thankfully, your engine’s total health is 1000, so it may take some time before you can feel the effect of having a damaged engine. Once the engine indicator turns yellow, your car will underperform until you give it the necessary repairs.


Rush Racing has almost 10 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and it was recently released 2 months ago. This is an impressive feat indeed, particularly for a game that wasn’t promoted on the front page of Facebook’s games library. The very active fan page is also a great place for you to meet up with fellow car and drag racing enthusiasts and make new friends. You can also sign up to join a race team (up to 7 members in a team) and help your team win cities in the turf war! Do give the page its well-deserved “like” if you’ve enjoyed playing the game as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Rush Racing is fantastic! The cars look so well polished that they practically gleam under the neon lights during races. The game also provides a nice techno music, which may remind you of Tron, which may sound a bit repetitive after awhile. The sound of the engines as you drag race your way through the street is also realistic enough.


In summary, Rush Racing is a free-to-play drag racing game that is very simple to learn but challenging to master! The game relies heavily on having good hand-eye coordination and reflexes, especially when every second counts in drag racing. Get a great start and the perfect shifts should set you up to win in every race that you participate in (as long as you are matched with someone with similar car stats). Use your winnings to upgrade your car whether visually or functionally, or if you can afford it, buy yourself a brand new race car! So, what are you waiting for? Race your way up the class brackets in tournaments or wage war with other drag racing teams across major cities around the world in Rush Racing today!

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New Game Added: Rush Racing

by Aethyna Jun 15, 2015
Race against challenging AI in campaigns and challenges or go head-to-head with other players in multiplayer or turf wars! Besides the huge variety of upgrades, you are also spoiled for choice in terms of customizing your race car! Are you ready to take to the streets and prove that you are the best drag racer in Rush Racing? Ready to race in Rush Racing Rush Racing: Customized car Pfister 911 Turbo in Rush Racing Read More

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