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Rocking Pilot 9 rate The war has gone on for far too long, and it is now up to you, the pilot of a helicopter, to single-handedly win the war in this brilliant, top-down arcade shooter, Rocking Pilot. With many enemies to defeat, upgrades to unlock and game modes to experience, fans of twin-stick shooters will definitely enjoy playing this game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The war has gone on for far too long, and it is now up to you, the brazen and cocky, rogue helicopter pilot, to single-handedly win the war in this brilliant, top-down arcade shooter, Rocking Pilot. Play various levels, each with 3 rounds of non-stop shooting fun, and a wide range of enemies and generals to defeat, to unlock new upgrades for your helicopter and also gain access to new levels. There are many other game modes for you to play in as well! Fans of twin-stick shooters will definitely enjoy playing this game.


Rocking Pilot is set in a dystopian world where wars, be it in Kwatar, Zuhulu or Wakislavia, are constantly perpetuated by an evil TV corporation, WYNC, just so they’d have something exciting to broadcast on their channel.

However, one man has had enough of the endless wars! Taking up his trusty helicopter, he embarks on a daring and possibly suicidal task of ending the war on his own and eliminating the source of revenue that had made WYNC the powerful entity it is today. Of course, in this game, you’ll be playing the dashing pilot himself.


Being an arcade shooter, the gameplay is intentionally designed to be simple to grasp. Basically, what you’ll be doing in your helicopter is to use the rotor blades to slice and dice up enemies; deflect bullets and troops alike using an automatically recharging overload system; and not forgetting, to shoot at the enemies using an arsenal of weapons at your helicopter’s disposal. Sounds easy enough? Well, the challenge here is to master it enough to get through some of the tougher levels!

Furthermore, Rocking Pilot features a wide variety of enemy units, ranging from the normal foot soldiers to the heavier machinery like drones, tanks and turrets. Each unit has their own special attacking abilities. For instance, drones may look harmless since they do not shoot at you and simply follow you around, but they are actually set to detonate upon impact. So, it might not be such a good idea to try to get close and personal with drones as getting surrounded by drones can be pretty deadly.

Soldiers, on the other hand, periodically shoot at you and may be very formidable in large numbers, but you can easily mow them down using your helicopter’s rotor blades rather than shooting at them. Best yet, with this method of mass destruction, you can even gain combos because your kills are likely to be chained.

Slain enemies will also drop yellow orbs that can be collected to earn points which charge up a special skill. The special skill you get vary depending on the skill token you’ve collected from the battlefield... and yes, these tokens are randomly dropped by defeated enemies as well. Overall though, I’d say the combat in Rocking Pilot is rather frantic and intense, and yet it has a sense of strategy to it since you can’t just bully your way to victory simply by shooting at everything that moves and avoid getting shot at - There are actually level objectives to complete.

Each level consists of 3 rounds and each round has its own victory requirement that you’ll need to fulfill. For each round you complete, you’ll gain a specific reward, be it a key or a trophy. Keys usually allow you to unlock new levels or maps, but like trophies, they can be accumulated to fill up their respective meters at the top part of the game interface. Once a meter is filled, you’ll earn a crate containing a new helicopter upgrade and sometimes a bonus level.

Interestingly, the upgrades that you get are all automatically and permanently affixed to your chopper. This is very unlike other similar shooter games where you are forced to choose a limited number of upgrades via a loadout screen... a lot like the equipment menu for a character in an RPG. In some way, this greatly simplify the customization aspect of your helicopter, allowing you to make full use of every upgrade you’ve managed to unlock... and if you’ve ever seen the gameplay in a video, you’ll definitely need every little bit of extra help you can get!

Not to mention, one important point to note about the game levels is that the rounds are continuous. This means that if you happen fail in round 3 and want to do a retry, you’ll have to play the entire level from the very beginning - round 1. This further bumps up the difficulty of the later levels since you’ll only have 3 lives per level to spend.

If you do manage to get to all 3 rounds, you may even get to unlock a special game mode, called the Score Mode, for certain levels. In Score Mode, you’ll only get 1 life to get as much points as you can. Your highest score will then be compared against other players on the leaderboard and a rank will be award to you. In addition to the challenging boss levels that are introduced at the end of every map, there are other unique game modes, such as the survival arena, as you progress through the game too.

However, I’ve noticed that the levels for the second map seems a tad bit buggy. Although you’ve obtained the key from the previous level, you still can’t play the next level. Thankfully, I’ve found a quick fix that you can use to hopefully bypass the bug – you simply need to continue playing the previous level after getting through the first round. Even if you failed in round 2 or 3, the next level will somehow register that you’ve completed the required first round and get itself unlocked.


Rocking Pilot is a rather new indie game and as such, the community in the game is rather small. However, if you fancy meeting your fellow players, the Steam’s discussion board for the game is likely your best bet.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics and the art style in Rocking Pilot is quite unique and suits the whimsical theme of the game. That said, the rock music used in this game may not be everyone’s cup of tea even though it’s fitting. This is mainly because the music is rather hard-hitting (on the eardrums) and fast-paced. Personally, I think the pace of the gameplay alone is sufficient to get the adrenaline flowing and having a music that does that as well seems a bit too much.


Rocking Pilot is a very well-made, top-down arcade shooter which features an intense and somewhat frantic gameplay that certainly pays homage to age-old twin-stick shooter games. Though, most of the time, you’ll be trying to find creative ways to make the most of the arsenal you have and complete the level goals. The game is definitely not as easy as it looks, so if you’re up for a challenge, Rocking Pilot is a game that will push your reflexes and shooting skills to the very limit.

You can purchase Rocking Pilot on Steam for $5.99. If you enjoy twin-stick shooters, this game is definitely a steal!

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New Game Added: Rocking Pilot

by Aethyna Jun 14, 2017
The war has gone on for far too long, and it is now up to you, the pilot of a helicopter, to single-handedly win the war in this brilliant, top-down arcade shooter, Rocking Pilot. With many enemies to defeat, upgrades to unlock and game modes to experience, fans of twin-stick shooters will definitely enjoy playing this game. Rocking Pilot: Many levels to play New upgrade unlocked in Rocking Pilot Rocking Pilot: Score mode Read More
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