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by Aethyna
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Robots in the Wild 10 rate A runaway asteroid had devastated a spaceship controlled by a variety of quirky robots, causing major system failure and scattering their “hearts” to planets both near and far. Help the robots locate and protect their precious hearts from possible dangers in the wilderness of the planets so that they could retrieve it. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Robots in the Wild, a spaceship, filled with high-tech robots, was traveling through space when an asteroid hit the ship. The asteroid had caused a major system failure that has not only nearly destroyed the spaceship, but has also dispersed the valuable “cargo”, hearts, that the ship was carrying to various planets both near and far. While the robots are getting themselves back into shape, they need your help to find and protect the hearts, by building turrets and towers in a Tetris fashion, on these planets from the aliens-slash-monsters that lurk in the wild... at least long enough until the Rescue Rocket can retrieve the hearts. Will you be able to do that?


With a pretty sweet introduction by Neil Tyson Degrasse, you’re launched straight into the game’s rather wacky storyline whereby a spaceship that is filled with robots was hit by an asteroid and was left severely damaged. Worst yet, the precious cargo that the ship was carrying, blocks of hearts, have been knocked off the ship and dispersed among the many planets nearby and also the planets that are afar. They need your help!

Aid these quirky robots by locating the Hearts, and protecting them from all manner of dangers in the wild while waiting for the Rescue Rocket to arrive and to pick them all up. To do so, you’re given the tools needed to utilize the many Tetris-like blocks that are currently orbiting the planets to build defensive structures in order to prevent the monsters (or aliens, whichever you prefer to call them) from consuming or destroying the Heart. Are you up to the task?


In Robots in the Wild, you can choose to straightaway hop right into a game, or you could go through the tutorial mission provided first. Being a rather unique game – a game that I dare say you’ve never played before in your life, it’s best to start easy and slow with the tutorial.

Robots in the Wild is really a very simple game as it is very much like the classic arcade game, Tetris. However, the game revolutionizes this block-dropping genre by adding in some amazing features that will definitely get any fan of the age-old classic excited! In the tutorial, you’ll be introduced to the game’s controls, such as moving your blocks, destroying unwanted or misplaced blocks, and of course, how to rotate these blocks. You’ll also learn about block combos which will allow you to get more blocks whenever the combo is triggered. You can even zoom out to view your block masterpieces from afar and zoom in again to work on the details.

That being said, moving blocks around and arranging them is only half of the gameplay. In Robots in the Wild, you’ll need to build up defenses to protect the Heart from incoming monsters from the wild. Your defenses come in the form of robots. There are up to 8 different types of robots in this game, and each of them performs different functions. There’s the simple, laser-shooting Pew Pew Bot that can be built using 3 blocks shaped in the form of an “L” shape, and the Dwelling Bot, which contains 4 battery bots and is the most vital structure you’ll need in the game in order to power up your defenses. Let’s not forget about placing block-paths to link up all your robots, allowing the battery bots to flow to any new robots you may have built and power them up.

These are only some of the most basic bots that you can build. Of course, with time and plenty of practice, you’ll be able to build better robots, such as the more powerful Blaster Bots, and also the Recycler Bot which converts extra blocks into useful battery bots. The complete list of robots available as well as their respective building configurations (the robot-building blueprints, so to speak) can be easily viewed by clicking and holding your left mouse button at the Heart block in the game.

As you may now know, the main objective in Robots in the Wild is very straightforward. All you need to do is to help the Heart survive the number of days and nights required until the Rescue Rocket can arrive to pick the Heart up. You’ll know when the Rocket is nearby – a blue targeting ring will appear on the Heart block, and by clicking on it, you can signal the Rocket to retrieve the Heart and proceed to the next planet. You can also choose to stay a bit longer and continue playing the same mission.

As simple as it may sound, you’ll need to practically build a fortress of sorts and fill it with defensive robots using the blocks provided in order to survive the night or nights on the various planets you’ll be sent to. Not to mention, the game also spices things up by adding quite a variety of monsters (or aliens) that you’ll encounter on these unknown planets. You’ll start off with the basic Squmpers, the somewhat tall, long-legged monsters that are able to stack on top of each other to form a pretty tall “pillar”. These monsters are pretty simple enough to defeat as long as you have sufficient number of turrets shooting lasers and whatnots at them. However, soon, you’ll go head-to-head with another type of monster, a flying monster, which will slowly descend on your little block-made fortress from the skies.

Interestingly, the game won’t be providing you with any tip or hint as to what this new flying monster can do, and if you’ve not decided to build a thin line of blocks upwards in an effort to stop this monster in its flight, you’ll definitely be in for a surprise! Similar to the robots that you can build, different monsters will have different abilities that you’ll need to figure out and counter before it’s too late. This adds a nice and thick layer of challenge to Robots in the Wild, and for players who love finding stuff out for themselves, they will definitely enjoy this aspect of the game.

Furthermore, the game even has a day and night cycle that is not just there for show. Instead, the nights in the game can be pretty dark, and you’ll need to build Lampbots in order to see where you’re actually placing your blocks at as well as what types of monsters are currently nearby.

You’ll also be spending quite a lot of time planet-hopping in this game. Therefore, the game tries to mix things up by procedurally generating various types of planets that you can visit. You’ll also be given up to 4 planets to choose from and if you don’t like the selection of planets you’re presented, you could easily click on the “Different Planets” button to get a fresh list of planets.


The community surrounding the game is currently pretty small, partly due to it being an indie game and partly due to its demo being released just recently. However, the interesting and one-of-a-kind gameplay used in Robots in the Wild has attracted quite a lot of attention, and this, in turn, will contribute to the potentially rapid growth of the game’s player base. That said, if you’ve enjoyed playing the game, be sure play a critical part in the growth of the game by letting your friends know about Robots in the Wild,.

Graphics/ Sound

Admittedly, the graphics in Robots in the Wild aren’t exactly the top-notch type. However, its art style is very unique and provides a refreshing change from the usual styles that you see being used in games nowadays. Of course, let’s not forget how cute those little robots, particularly the battery bots, are! In terms of sound, the game features some pretty catchy background music that contains some really nice beats.


In short, Robots in the Wild is a very unique and innovative game that had dared to walk into the game-developing unknown. It has revolutionized the age-old game of Tetris by combining it with some elements of tower defense and virtual block building. The day and night aspect as well as the lack of tips regarding any new types of monsters that you’ll encounter added a generous dash of challenge to the overall strategic gameplay. The game is made even more fun with the humorous prologue facilitated by the robots on board the spaceship. Robots in the Wild is definitely an indie game that players, who love playing games with novel game mechanics and concepts, would enjoy. Be sure to check out the demo version of Robots in the Wild on its website today and experience a game like no other!

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by Aethyna Jan 26, 2016
A runaway asteroid had devastated a spaceship controlled by a variety of quirky robots, causing major system failure and scattering their “hearts” to planets both near and far. Help the robots locate and protect their precious hearts from possible dangers in the wilderness of the planets so that they could retrieve it. Exploding monster in Robots in the Wild Robots in the Wild: Huge incoming monster! A successful night in Robots in the Wild Read More
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