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Robot Tactics X 10 rate Recruit epic mecha robots, called SUMMATs and customize them to your heart’s desires. Improve and upgrade your pilots and SUMMATs to make them more formidable in battle. Then, gather your team and strategize your way to victory with limitless battle tactics. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Robot Tactics X is a strategy Gacha mobile game with a Japanese Mecha theme. It incorporates many popular elements such as adventure plot, role play, Gacha card pulling, collection of armors and characters, and turn-based strategy battle mechanism. Players can strategize their way to victory with highly customizable mecha, called SUMMATs, and limitless battle tactics.


In world of Robot Tactics X, people used to live on islands with limited resources. With the development of civilization, resources are gradually becoming scarce. They were forced to leave their existing homes to find new territories and resources. These people finally arrived at the only two existing continents on the planet – Asid and Eurosa, and established their new homes. Asid came under the control of the Root of Yggdrasil organization, whereas Eurosa is influenced by Light of Thales. War is part of any civilization, and without exception, Yggdrasil and Thales also fought endless wars with each other that ended in stalemates for decades. The pacifists intervened and a truce was signed between the two nations. Technological development flourished in the temporary absence of war and mankind developed the pilot-controlled machine called Universal Modularized Maneuverable Autonomic Terminal or SUMMAT. However, the truce did not last long, and soon the two continents were again consumed in the flames of war…


Robot Tactics X is a new title from the original Robot Tactics series that inherits the highly customizable mecha system and the turn-based style gameplay with extra new features including the effect of terrains that benefit certain mecha and the synergy between types of mecha. The gameplay has a certain degree of complexity due to a highly customizable mecha system with different pilots, parts and armors. However, players don’t have to worry as the tutorial for the first few missions is there to help new players to get used to the gameplay. The story is presented in chapters, in which each chapter consists of a series sub-chapters or missions. The details of the mission will be listed in the description together with the victory and fail conditions, and also the rewards for that mission. Clearing a mission will unlock the subsequent mission.

The battle in each mission always begins with an intricate storyline and visual novel-style dialogue between your allies and enemy allies. You and your enemies will then start the battle in the chessboard-style battlefield where you and your enemies take turns to attack each other with the powerful mecha units, called SUMMATs. Players can deploy up to four SUMMATs and they can only move in the area of blue colored grids followed by an attack or standby command.

In Robot Tactics X, the power of the SUMMATs depends on the equipped parts, armors, and pilots. Both can be promoted and upgraded to increase their attributes. The materials to promote and upgrade are obtainable through daily operations. Each part and armor have its unique skill. players can make use of the terrains to turn the tide of battle in their favor. Some SUMMATs are suitable for specific terrain, so doing battle at the right terrain will increase the power of the SUMMATs.

The type of attack players can make is based on the type of armor equipped, which is either a melee attack, or a long-ranged attack such as firing a cannon or a gun. Other than a normal attack, players can use skills or abilities of the equipped armor too to attack opponents. These abilities are powerful but they have a cooldown period, so using them strategically is key to tipping the scales of balance and increase the chances to become victorious in battle. Players will get a preview of how effective their damage is and the damage received from the enemy's counter-attack before a battle animation.

Moreover, pilots of the SUMMATs have special abilities too. These abilities can be offensive or support in nature. Similar to the armor abilities, pilot abilities have cooldowns as well, so players have to use them wisely. With these, players must plan to utilize the abilities strategically to optimize the damage caused to the opponent, while minimizing the counter-attack damage received. Like most other games, it is important to keep upgrading the parts, armors and abilities in your hangar to stay ahead of the difficulty curve as you progress through the game. Better parts, armors, SUMMATs and even pilots can be acquired through mission rewards and the Gacha pull system.


Robot Tactics X has a multiplayer mode and friend system despite being a mission-heavy turn-based strategy game. Players can add friends and send a random present to their friends. Players can unlock co-op mode too after completing chapter 2-1 of the story. There is a guild system too, whereby players can join a guild after completing chapter 2-5 of the story.

Graphics/ Sound

Robot Tactics X features Japanese art and anime-like characters, but the battle scene utilizes 3D graphics that could be improved. Although the SUMMATs are drawn in detail and could woo Gundam fans, the terrain rendering of the battlefield is quite spotty. Since terrains are the new feature that players can make use of, they should be more distinctive. The battle animation and the damage preview are nice and it is pretty fun to see the SUMMATs in action up close. The background music of the game is decent but is oddly absent when in battle. The abrupt sound effects used in battle is another aspect that needs improvement.


In short, Robot Tactics X is a decent game with all the customizable elements and an intriguing storyline. The micromanagement and the highly customizable mecha mechanism are the key selling point of Robot Tactics X. The presentation of the story-driven mission is engaging with a detailed description of the pilots and their own background stories. The combination of Japanese style turn-based strategy and card game is not uncommon, but the best part of the game is that players can customize their favorite version of mecha freely and test out their masterpiece in battle. Robot Tactics X is a good game to try out if you are a mecha/Gundam fan or a turn-based RPG enthusiast.

Robot Tactics X Blog

Robot Tactics X launched open beta

by Aethyna Jan 19, 2022
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New Game Added: Robot Tactics X

by tbleong Dec 11, 2021
Recruit epic mecha robots, called SUMMATs and customize them to your heart’s desires. Improve and upgrade your pilots and SUMMATs to make them more formidable in battle. Then, gather your team and strategize your way to victory with limitless battle tactics. Deploying SUMMATs in Robot Tactics X Moving SUMMATs across battlefield in Robot Tactics X Tutorial cutscene in Robot Tactics X Read More
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