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Rise of Mythos 9 rate The city of Silver Heron Ridge is under attack, and it is up to you to save them. Choose your champion and step into their path as you use characters and monsters to make a deck worthy of the name. With your skill you will be able to defeat the story line, and other players for glory and riches. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Looking for some card action? Well, you’ve come to the right place – Rise of Mythos has everything you’ll ever need in a browser-based MMOCCG game! Choose 1 from the 4 archetype classes and build your own decks by compiling unit cards from 7 unique factions, such as elves, humans and goblins! The game offers challenging PvE campaigns as well as exciting PvP arenas with other players. There is also a challenge hall, whereby you can team up with fellow players to take down powerful bosses, as well as an ascension tower, in which you can fight your way through each level in the tower (up to 50 levels) for a chance to gain increasingly powerful rewards! Do you think you have what it takes to be the best in Rise of Mythos? Try it today to find out!


After selecting your character’s gender and name, you’re ready to start your tutorial with Tutor Egeria! The gameplay is fairly easy to understand, particularly if you’ve played any MMOCCG games (like Hearthstone or Summoner’s Legion) before. What you have to do is to reduce your opponents’ health to 0.

How? Well, first of all, you will get to draw a card at every turn. Each card will have some important information on it. The number at the bottom left corner of the card indicates the attack power, while the number at the bottom right corner of the card indicates the health points of the unit. The stars in the top middle part of the card show the quality of your unit. The more stars, the better! Sometimes, you may even see an elite insignia on the top right corner of the card. These cards are exceptionally powerful and each player may only control one of each elite creature at any time.

Most importantly, the number at the top left corner of the card shows the countdown of the card. Every time you draw a card, you will have to wait for the countdown to go down to 0 before you can play the card on the board. The countdown number will be reduced by 1 on every turn. If you do not want to play a card that has a 0 countdown for that round, you can easily press end turn to ignore it. However, this means that the countdown for that card will be reset and you’ll have to wait all over again to use it.

Once the countdown is 0, you may place the card on the network of grids on the battlefield. Most maps in this game have 2 to 3 lanes of grids. However, only 3 grids, counted from your end, can be used to place your units. This means that you can place a maximum number of 3 units for each row, per turn, as long as your cards’ countdown number is 0. After placing the card, a tiny model of the unit will be spawned on the grid you’ve assigned it. If there are not enough space on the board for you to place your cards, then you will have no choice but to skip that turn by pressing the ‘end turn’ button.

Cards by default can only move 2 spaces per turn if their path is not blocked by an enemy and have an attack range of 2 grids. However, some cards may have special abilities on them. For instance, cards that have the vigilance ability can attack enemies around and behind them while armored units with the defensive ability will be able to reduce all physical damage received by 1. Some cards may even heal themselves or others each turn and some may contain flying units that can fly over grounded units on the board! Furthermore, horse cards usually have increased moves per turn while archer cards will have extended range, allowing them to pick off incoming enemy units from afar!

The combat system in Rise of Mythos is pretty much summed up in the previous paragraph. However, there’s one little thing - Unlike in Hearthstone, your units do not take damage when attacking other units. The game also provides an automatic combat option for the computer to ‘auto-play’ your easier games for you. Most of the time though, you’ll need to manually be present to decide on which card to use as your opponent, even though they are merely AI, may draw and play an unexpected card that you may need to deal with quickly in order to maintain your lead.

After a playing few games, you will then be allowed to choose your hero class. There are 4 archetype classes for you to choose from, namely warrior, rogue, mage and priest. Each class will provide you with some class-specific action cards (cards that will cause something, usually damage, to happen on the board instead of spawning a unit). These action cards can only be used against summoned units on the board and not directly on your opponent... unless the card stated that it can be used in such way. Once chosen, you will not be able to switch classes, unlike in Hearthstone, unless you spend some real money.

Since each stage you complete will reward you with a new card, you may soon need to rearrange your deck of cards to add in some of the more powerful cards in order to increase your deck power. Deck power is the strength of all the cards in a specific deck, by the way. You can also get new cards by earning enough money and purchasing card packs at the shop. Each pack will give you 6 cards, and there’s a good chance that you may get some better cards too.

To edit your deck, you will need to bear in mind the deck size. You can only add a limited number of cards to your deck and this limit will gradually increase as you level up. You can then choose to let the game to auto-pick your cards (it’ll just put all the highest power cards into your deck) or you could manually pick your own cards. You can even create multiple decks so that you can easily swap decks before a fight to deal with the different enemy types. Bear in mind that although deck power is important, it will not guarantee you a victory. Strategy is equally, or even more important than deck power some times. Having a good hand is also vital too, but that’s up to your luck and cannot be controlled.

If you need more money to buy more card packs, you can try completing the many types of quests (main, branch, guild, event, and daily quests). There are also timely events, such as world boss fights or cargo escorts, which will earn you a sizable amount of money as well! For PvP lovers, you can PvP and earn some money by taking on opponents at the PvP arena (2 vs 2). You will have to create a room for the match and for each match, you can invite up to 3 other players. If rare loot is what you’re looking for, then head on over with 3 of your friends to the challenge hall to take on powerful bosses or solo-fight your way through levels of enemies at the ascension tower! Don’t forget to head back to your city now and then to visit your city hall. You can earn some silvers daily there and you can also upgrade the building to increase the money you earn!


The community in Rise of Mythos is pretty large - Both of its Facebook fan pages boast of a total likes of approximately 250 thousand! Most of the players in the game join guilds to meet new people and to foster a sense of camaraderie in this game. There is even a chat box for players to communicate and help each other out. The game developers also keep the game fresh and the community engaged by periodically releasing new cards.

Graphics/ Sound

Its graphics may seem a bit old-school, but it is quite acceptable for a browser-based game. The anime-like character and unit models are really adorable when placed into play. The sound in Rise of Mythos has some variety. For instance, the combat music in this game is upbeat and contains a bit of techno in it. It feels like the sort of music you’d hear in the intro music of some anime TV series. On the other hand, the music in your city is inspirational and relaxing and is a total contrast to the game’s combat music.


In short, Rise of Mythos is browser-based MMOCCG that has a rather surprising depth. The game offers a challenging and yet interesting gameplay that has given rise to other browser-based MMOCCG, like Summoner’s Legion. It also provides up to 4 classes for you to choose from as well as a range of MMO features like PvE and PvP encounters (challenge hall, arena and ascension tower), and events (world boss fights). There are even a huge variety of cards from 7 different factions that you can mix and match to build up your own deck! So, what are you waiting for? Choose your realm and join in the battle in Rise of Mythos today!

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New Game Added: Rise of Mythos

by Aethyna Dec 17, 2014
The city of Silver Heron Ridge is under attack, and it is up to you to save them. Choose your champion and step into their path as you use characters and monsters to make a deck worthy of the name. With your skill you will be able to defeat the story line, and other players for glory and riches. Rise of Mythos Charging Knight Chimera in Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos Monsters Read More
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