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by Aethyna
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Rings of Anarchy 9 rate Diablo, the Lord of Terror himself, and his demonic horde has invaded the realm. Only you, the Guardian of the world, is able to gather the 27 Rings of Eternity to defeat Diablo, banish his minions and once again bring peace back to the lands. Will you take up the call-to-arms and embark on this crucial journey? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Set off on an epic adventure to collect all 27 Rings of Eternity while fighting off the hordes of demons that are sent by Diablo himself to stop you in this brand-new mobile MMORPG, Rings of Anarchy. Featuring plenty of quests, events and boss challenges, the game will see you progressively growing your character’s ability and strength as you help the locals with their tasks. This game also has an offline leveling system where you can still level up your character while you sleep! Sounds like a game you’d like? Well, the game is available on Android and iOS now, so go ahead, download it and give it a try!


Set in a world that had been plunged into terror by the rise of Diablo and his ruthless demonic minions, you, being the Guardian of said world is charged to search for all 27 Rings of Eternity that are scattered among the 4 races, Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Gods. The story would have been pretty alright for a casual RPG except that it is exactly the same tale used in Blades and Rings. This is extremely disappointing to say the least.


The game starts off by giving you three archetype character classes to choose from, namely Warrior, Archer and Mage. They are all gender-locked though, so unless you choose the Archer class, you’ll be playing as a male character. Once done, you’ll be thrown right into the game’s fictional fantasy world.

Questing in this game is pretty much the usual kill X monsters, collect X quest items or bouncing you between NPCs. The game provides auto-pathfinding as well as auto-combat right from the start to help you level up faster. After completing a certain number of main quests, you’ll then unlock a special Boss fight where you’ll be able to add a new ring to your collection if you win.

To spice things up, you’ll also get a variety of other quests to do, including side quests which are best taken alongside main ones; bounty quests that usually grant massive experience points and gold and daily quests which are basically daily tasks that you can do to earn extra rewards. The game even has a very varied PvE aspect, providing players with challenging dungeons like Rune Tower where you can’t use potions or epic Boss Fights like Server Boss which is nigh impossible to solo.

However, I’d like to point out that it’s really odd that the game has not yet unlocked its PvP option, which I’m sure the game has, even as I’ve went beyond level 65. The level cap in this game is pretty high though – around 200 maybe? – but it would have been nice to lower the requirements for PvP so lower level players can get into the PvP scene even at a lower level.

That said, like other similar MMORPGs, Rings of Anarchy provides players with a wide variety of ways to improve their combat power (CP) and hence, their overall strength. One such way is by equipping better items and enhancing the said items. You can even socket them with gems. There are also runes that you can equip to add additional stats to your character. These runes can, in turn, be upgraded using fragments salvaged from runes you don’t need.

Skills can’t really be upgraded I think, since there is no option to do so even after level 65 but the each of the rings you collect gives you another special skill that you can then add to your skill bar. There are mounts, pets and a companion called Ward that you can upgrade respectively as well. These creatures usually add to your character’s overall stats and CP.

If you enjoy playing the game, you might want to consider getting some diamonds just so you can buy some extra stuff at the in-game shop. Interestingly, unlike most games, the diamonds you buy doesn’t instantly grant you VIP status although the game does implement a tiered VIP system. Instead, you have to use those diamonds to buy VIP cards. Different cards have different VIP durations and tier attached to them. Although this system doesn’t seem to be too advantageous to the player, the plethora of perks and privileges that is associated to a VIP status does make it seem worth it.

The selling point of this game though is that it provides players with an offline leveling option. So, you can simply purchase an offline A.C. card (note that different cards have different durations) from the game store and then use it to let your character start farming the mob in an area – there are multiple designated areas around the game that you can choose from... but be sure to choose one that fit your level. Of course, you mustn’t forget to stock up on potions because you don’t want to return to find that you’ve wasted your card. This is a great way to level up quickly even while you’re away doing some real life stuff, but I find it disappointing that a card is needed.


Guilds are a major part of the game mainly because you get a nice (and passive) experience boost simply by joining a guild, partly because you’ll unlock access to a ton of amazing features, including Guild Boss, Guild-vs-Guild wars and the Guild Vault. You can add items into the vault to earn contribution points (or by donating diamonds or gold to the guild) and you can use those points to withdraw items that you need from the vault.

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics-wise, Rings of Anarchy has some pretty nice visuals, I really like that the items you have on your character can be visually seen on your avatar. The music in this game is alright, but they aren’t very memorable, unfortunately. It’s also quite nice to see that the game has some voice acting, but some of these voice acting isn’t exactly good.


As much as I’ve enjoyed this game, the uncanny similarity between Rings of Anarchy and Blades and Rings, both published by the same company, is very off-putting. Everything just feels the same... aside from looking the same, though I’m sure there have been some changes done. That said, the game is still quite entertaining to play in a casual sort of way. You get an awesome mount, pet, Ward and even wings later on. So, if you’ve loved playing Blades and Rings, you might want to hop into this game while it is still hot out of the oven just so you can get ahead of the game and maybe secure a top spot.

Clarification from the developers: Rings of Anarchy IS basically a renamed "Blades and Rings" but this game (Rings of Anarchy) is only available in the European regions.

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New Game Added: Rings of Anarchy

by Aethyna Sep 29, 2017
Diablo, the Lord of Terror himself, and his demonic horde has invaded the realm. Only you, the Guardian of the world, is able to gather the 27 Rings of Eternity to defeat Diablo, banish his minions and once again bring peace back to the lands. Will you take up the call-to-arms and embark on this crucial journey? Rings of Anarchy: Rune Tower battle Mount in Rings of Anarchy Rings of Anarchy: Divine form Read More
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