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Rime 10 rate Play Rime and explore a beautiful and vast island full of secrets, ancient monuments and dangers that lurk its beautiful locales. Wander around the coastlines as a young boy with no memory of his past, to be guided by fox. Solve puzzles and bask in its beautiful scenery. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Rime is part of PlayStation 4’s free PlayStation Plus lineup for February 2018, alongside Grand Kingdom and one of its launch titles, Knack. Developed by Tequila Works, its themes and styles are comparable to games like Abzu and Journey which are both give outstanding experiences in their own right. A lot of love has been poured into the indie game, and from the moment you launch it, you’ll be treated to game that is dishes out one of the best gaming encounters you will come across. So, should it be something you need to download and play?


Rime treats you to a rather intriguing opening cinematic. A storm in the middle of the sea. Lightning strikes, strong waves, and powerful gales cause a shipwreck. A boy washes up ashore, somehow without his memories, chasing a shadowy figure which is somehow ascending to the top of a tower. The scene plays out without a word, and interestingly enough, you’re left to fully comprehend and interpret everything without a word of exposition. Thankfully though, everything is easily understandable, and the cutscenes are set in a way that you don’t need words to fully understand what in the world is going on. There’s not much of a backstory for our protagonist, but somehow, he will be guided by a fox that helps in making everything smooth and seamless by pointing you to the right direction.


Rime is a relatively short game, lasting only six to eight hours at most, unless if you prefer to explore everything and appreciate its vibrant world. During the course of those hours, you will be moving around ancient monuments, solving puzzles. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something that boggles your mind and that feeling when you think you had it all solved, Rime’s puzzles won’t give that feeling. The developers are unfortunately content in giving a rather stale experience, preferring to dish out a loop of carrying orbs with powers, turning switches, and using keys. The puzzles aren’t as deep hardcore puzzle gamers would like. Thankfully, there are interesting ways to solve some of them using your voice, the world’s light and shadow, etc.

If you’re not solving puzzles, you will be exploring the island, climbing stone pillars, exploring open fields and coastlines, as well as running around seemingly uncharted frontiers. All in all, the movement is smooth and fluid. The controls are relatively simple on the PlayStation 4, and one look at the settings would be enough to get used to everything. Originally made as an action-RPG, there are no battles in Rime, and enemies are rare or just elements to move the plot forward. You don’t have to worry about fighting: all you need to do is move around, solve puzzles, and enjoy.

The game conveys its puzzle-solving mechanics and environmental interaction aspects are explained without a word. In addition, you’re pointed to your goals without any text cues. It’s a golden example of innovative game design. Unfortunately though, traversing through the environment can be a bit of a chore. It involves climbing walls slowly and getting to your goals using a single path. It can get a little tedious and dull, but the environments make it all worth it.


Rime is totally a single player experience with no multiplayer element. Fortunately, the game does have a decent fanbase. If you want to rave about it, the best place to do so would be its subreddit, /r/rime. In addition, you can also write up a post about it on the /r/ps4 subreddit, considering that it is positively-received within the PS4 community.


Rime is a beautiful game, no doubt about. It does not have realistic graphics, but the cell-shaded visuals are absolutely stunning. The world is vibrant, full of blue coastlines that seemingly stretch endlessly, while stone pillars that tower over everything in sight dominate the land. The view from above these elevated places is stunning, and there are definitely moments that will take your breath away. The exploration aspect is the game’s strong point, and it would be better to bask in the scenery and enjoy the wondrous views.

Rime takes inspiration from games like Abzu and Journey in choosing the musical score. Created by David Garcia Diaz, is a masterpiece. Some songs have Spanish lyrics, while most are relaxing instrumentals, which are perfectly in-sync with the feel the visuals provide. It’s pleasant and harmonious auditory experience. Oh, and if you somehow fall in love with the OST, complete tracks are available in various streaming sites.


Overall, Rime is a must-play game for everyone. If you are a PS Plus user, then you don’t have any excuse not to play it. Although the puzzle elements are rather dull, its fantastic visuals are a joy to eyes, complemented by the soundtrack. The environments are nothing short of beautiful. Though it may not be a game you’d play for the puzzles, its world makes it worth a shot.

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by Mikhail Mar 14, 2018
Play Rime and explore a beautiful and vast island full of secrets, ancient monuments and dangers that lurk its beautiful locales. Wander around the coastlines as a young boy with no memory of his past, to be guided by fox. Solve puzzles and bask in its beautiful scenery. Running towards a tall pillar in Rime Climbing sequence in Rime Solving a puzzle in RIme Read More
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