Riding Club Championships

by Aethyna
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Riding Club Championships 10 rate Enjoy showjumping with your beautiful horse in this 3D-rendered horse riding game, called Riding Club Championship! Dress up both your rider and horse with nice-looking gear. You can also use its course editor to create your own obstacle courses! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Riding Club Championship is a beautiful 3D-rendered horse riding game that focuses on both grooming and show jumping, though the game does not offer any horse racing or horse breeding options, or allows you to manage your own ranch. You can suit up both your rider and your horse with some gear, which can be purchased from the shop. These items can be upgraded as well, but you’ll need to put in some diamonds to make it work. The best part is perhaps that the game offers a course editor for players to create their own obstacle courses! Like what you read? Well, what you are waiting for then! Sign up for Riding Club Championship and enjoy some virtual riding today!


The game starts off with a tutorial that teaches you the controls and basics of the game. Although the tutorial said to use the arrow keys to move, you can also use the WASD keys to do the same thing. Press W to trigger auto-gallop and S to slow down. If you want the horse to gallop faster, you’ll need to hold down W. To stop, you’ll need to press 1. The other number keys 2, 3 and 4 allow your horse to walk, trot and canter respectively. To jump (perfectly, without any penalties), you’ll need to press “spacebar” at the correct moment, that is when the aiming circle on the ground turns white. The controls are easy to learn and are very realistic.

Wow, you’re doing great in the tutorial! You’re definitely ready for a horse to call your own! Customize your horse by changing its hair color, body color, gender and by giving it a name. You can customize your rider too by changing the gender and skin color. Once you’re happy with how both the rider and the horse look, then you can lock it in and enter into the game proper. However, do bear in mind that you will not be able to change your horse or the rider once you've confirmed them, unless you are willing to spend real money on the game.

Great! Now that you’re in this game, you can start by completing the many quests provided. Most quests will require you to collect items from certain game modes or to complete specific courses. Once the quest is completed, you will earn some extra experience points and money!

In Riding Club Championship, you are offered 4 different game modes, namely play alone, ranked match, weekly showdown and paddock. In “play alone” mode, you’ll be riding through the various other courses that the game offers in single player mode to challenge yourself to ride better. There are even courses that are created by other players using the course editor in the game.

The course editor allows you to create your own challenging tracks and upload it for other players to try them out. For free-to-play players, you are given 1 show jump course for free. In the course, you can choose an environment for your course, such as desert, in-doors, open stadium and winter. There are plenty of showjumping obstacles and decorations that you can choose from as well. Most decorations, except for trees and bushes, will cost you quite a lot of diamonds (premium currency), while all obstacles and scenery will cost you in-game money instead. Besides the free course that you can edit, you can also purchase more courses using a small amount of diamonds. Since you’re given some diamonds for free at the start of the game, you can try out designing a few courses of your own!

Besides single player mode, there is also ranked matches that you can participate in. These matches include only showjumping and you are not given the opportunity to actually race with other players. Instead, you’ll play through a randomly assigned course yourself and your score will be compared with the score your opponent gets. The opponent you face can be obtained via the match-making system, or you can choose to challenge your friends by spending social tickets. The match-making system in the game can be really bad though – there are plenty of times where a low level player is pitted against a player more than 6 times his/her level. Higher levels do have a huge advantage over the lower level players in terms of stats and thus, it can be really hard to be able to compete with someone of your own level.

Weekly showdown is the competition that only the best can participate as players for the showdown will have to win the qualifying round, or at least be in the top of the list. The last game mode, the paddock, is a free play mode whereby your rider and your horse will be let loose to ride around the enclosed area you've encountered in the tutorial – the paddock. Here, you can ride around to collect packages and leap over obstacles to collect stars. These items give you bonus rewards – sometimes in-game money or experience points and sometimes you may also get a little bit of diamonds. These stars and packages are only generated after you've rode around the place for a while, so don’t be disappointed if you didn't see these reward-giving items in your paddock at first.

To give yourself an edge in competitions, you may want to consider upgrading your and your horse’s gear. The rider’s clothes and the horse’s gear will gain experience points as you use them during rides and they can “level up” too. Once the first level’s experience bar is filled, you’ll then need to manually unlock the level 2 version of the items. Upgrading your gear will cost you both in-game money and diamonds… a sizable amount at that. You can upgrade these items up to level 6. You could also head to the shop to purchase better gear for in-game money only. This is perhaps the better alternative for non-paying players.

As you’re having fun, your horse is getting more tired by the second. Thus, in order to keep your horse in good health, you’ll need to groom him/her well. You can choose to either groom him yourself, or pay an expensive fee to a groom to help you out. There are a variety of brushes, a hoof pick, cloth (for the final wipe-downs) and comb for you to use… and you’ll need to use all of them to properly groom your horse. You’ll have to pay attention to cover every part of the horse while grooming and when it’s done, the icon of the tool that you’re using will turn into gold color. Furthermore, if you accidentally used the wrong tool at the wrong place, for example, using the brush on the horse’s face, your horse will snort and stomp his or her hooves to let you know that you did something wrong. The best part about grooming is that you can use the 360-degree camera spanning to admire your horse as well! It is simply awesome!

Not to mention, besides health, your horse will also lose action points over time while you’re riding it in competitions or even in the paddock. When you ran out of points, these points can regenerate by themselves. All you’ll need to do is to wait. However, if you have the diamonds to spare, you can buy apples or other horse treats to replenish your horse’s action points faster. Horses at maximum action points will gain a +1 to all their stats.

Besides this, every level up will award your horse with 1 stat point which you can assign to your horse’s many stats, namely strength (how high the horse can jump), timing (how well the horse prepares for jumps), speed (how fast your horse can run), acceleration (how quickly it picks up speed), stamina (sprinting duration) and obedience (how fast the horse can turn). Depending on which type of rider you are as well as your play style, you may want to focus on increasing only a few selected stats on your horse, instead of putting your points into all stats.


The Facebook fan page for Riding Club Championship where most players gather has more than 215 thousand likes. It is perhaps the most popular 3D horse games on Facebook! If you need friends to play the game with, its fan page is definitely your best bet! If you need tips and hints as to how to improve your game, well, there’s also another community-driven wikia page that you can refer to. You can discuss about strategies with your fellow players over there as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is astonishing for a browser-based game, and more so for a casual horse simulation game! It may not be as polished looking as other stand-alone horse games like Star Stable, but its visuals are pretty darn close! The horses look amazing, particularly when you can view your horse from 360 degrees when you’re grooming it. The game has a variety of very cool and catchy pop/rock music as its background music. However, you'll need to manually enable the music to listen to it as somehow it is by turned off by default. It also has very realistic sound effects, such as the sound of hooves hitting the ground, or your horse whinnying and stomping when you accidentally brushed its face while grooming it.


In short, Riding Club Championship is an excellently-developed browser-based horse game that emphasizes more on showjumping competitions as well as grooming. Despite not having any aspects of horse racing, dressage, ranch management or even horse breeding, this game is still breathtakingly amazing! The game’s riding mechanics are almost flawless and its graphics is highly polished. This means the background scenery, the horse and the rider look very realistic, especially for a free-to-play game. The game also has great soundtracks as background music and believable sound effects… and that is not even the best part. The best part is that you are allowed to create your own courses and tracks for your riding pleasure as well as for others! If you love horses and riding, Riding Club Championship is definitely a game that you mustn't miss out on!

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New Game Added: Riding Club Championships

by Aethyna Apr 3, 2015
Enjoy showjumping with your beautiful horse in this 3D-rendered horse riding game, called Riding Club Championship! Dress up both your rider and horse with nice-looking gear. You can also use its course editor to create your own obstacle courses! Riding Club Championship: Obstacle Grooming in Riding Club Championship Riding Club Championship: Female equestrian Read More
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