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Revelation Online 10 rate Inspired from the books of the renowned Chinese writer Jiang Nan, Revelation Online is a breathtakingly-beautiful fantasy MMORPG with a strong oriental theme, and a varied and fun gameplay. Don’t miss out on possibly this year’s biggest free-to-play MMORPG by playing Revelation Online today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Revelation Online is currently in Open Beta. Unless the game has undergone huge updates, our review of the game will stand even after the game is finally and officially released.


Inspired from the books of the renowned Chinese writer Jiang Nan, Revelation Online is a breathtakingly-beautiful fantasy MMORPG with a strong oriental theme and a varied and fun gameplay. In this game, you play as a character who has the powers and potential to become one of the Guardians of the world, the people who are tasked to aid the last Wardens in their fight against the corrupting influences and devastation brought on by demonic beasts.

Enjoy running dungeons, participating in massive 20-vs-20 battlefields, or crafting goods to sell at the auction or your own player stall. Experience the exhilaration as you dodge and avoid the abilities cast by the boss monster you’re fighting or swoop and dive while flying with your newly found wings. Don’t miss out on possibly this year’s biggest free-to-play MMORPG by playing Revelation Online today!


The Wardens have always kept the world safe from harm and using their power for the good of the people. However, power corrupts and from the corruption spews forth evil beasts that are strong enough to defeat most of the Wardens until only 5 of them were left.

The leader of the remaining group decided to sacrifice himself to absorb the evil that has been unleashed, giving the world some semblance of peace that you can see today but at a very high cost.

Now the last four Wardens will have to face the horde and their own brother as they try to wrestle back the world from the grasp of evil and banish the monsters to the abyss, but they can’t do it alone. People with powers have been appointed as Guardians to continue the Wardens’ fight and to stem the tide of darkness, and from a tragic Darkfall invasion that had befallen your idyllic little village, the Guardian Demonslayer Akuta, noticed your latent abilities.

Setting you on the way to join the Adventurers’ League, it’s now up to you to hone your powers so that one day, you may be able to join the ranks of the Guardians and avenge your slain townsfolk.


To begin playing, you’ll first need to create a character. Revelation Online offers 6 different character classes for you to choose from ranging from the damage-dealing Blademaster, Swordmage and Gunslinger to the support classes, Occultist and Spirit Shaper. If you’d rather play a tankier character, the Vanguard might be a more suitable choice.

Each character can be customized prior to entering the game. The customization options provided are pretty extensive and in-depth. You can change the gender and almost each part of the body in extreme detail. For instance, you can even modify the bust and butt sizes of your avatar along with its leg length and muscle structure.

Once you’re done with your character, you’ll be treated to a riveting story intro where the troubles of the world are made known to you. As mentioned, you start your game in your idyllic hometown where you are supposed to help out with the Sea God Festival. Instead, tragedy struck and you are forced to defend your people.

Similar to most MMORPGs, questing is among the main ways for a player to advance in Revelation Online. Also known as “Jobs” in the game, there are several types of quests available. For newbies, there are the Road to Greatness quests which basically functions as a practice tutorial that aims to guide you through the initial leveling process. There are also Curiosity Quests which allow you to get better game features for free such as the bag expansion quests.

The story part of the questing process is also very intriguing – naturally so, because of the interesting storyline - and the quests themselves are varied enough to offer a bit of change than simply kill X mobs or collect X items over and over.

In fact, even quests that bounce you between quest givers are interesting mainly due to the movements you can do in the game - you can glide, sprint, run across roofs, and eventually, fly in addition to being able to simply ride your mount. Basically, you can do a ton of cool actions to amuse yourself while you’re on your way to your next quest giver.

Overall though, questing in Revelation Online is very much like a combination of the common browser-based questing features, namely auto-pathfinding, with that of larger MMOs. However, you can opt to not use the game’s auto-path feature and manually move your character instead - since it’s so fun to do so – by following the virtually-highlighted path showing the way to your next quest location or NPC. It’s interesting to note that loot from slain mobs are auto-looted as well.

Aside from the cool movements that you can do, Revelation Online also feature a fluid action-based combat where timely dodges are as important as the damage you deal, especially if you don’t want to die. Granted that the actions are unrealistic at best, but the actions and animations are oh so awesome! There’s even a Target Lock feature which you’ll definitely need to use when you’re dodging blows right and left, so you wouldn’t lose sight of your main target.

Flying is among one of the best things you can experience virtually in Revelation Online. Admittedly, we didn’t get the chance to check out the wings as much since wings are only unlocked at level 30 but you get to have a taste of wings earlier on during a quest. From what we can see from all the aerial movements available, it is possible that there is aerial combat in this game. However, you might want to take note that you can take fall damage. That said, considering that you can glide in this game, you could hardly put your character in a position to get fall damage in the first place. You can simply glide your way to safety even if you fall.

Besides quests, there are also tons of raiding and instance running that you can do. Whether solo or in a group, you can definitely expect to have a challenging fight in your hands, particularly during boss fights where constant awareness is necessary for you to avoid landing your character in hot water. Solo dungeons are generally easier to complete though, since its sole purpose is to move the story along with some interactive questing and amazing cut scenes.

The Player-vs-Player aspect in Revelation Online, on the other hand, isn’t very strongly emphasized, but what they have, namely the team-based arena PvP and the massive 20-vs-20 Battlefields, is sufficient to tide PvP-loving players over. After all, there are just so many other things to do.

Moving on... in Revelation Online, you’ll develop your character mainly by leveling up, but also by investing points in your stats and skills. There also a ton of equipment that you can upgrade so as to match your character’s level. There’s even a special costumes tab that separates the functional armor with the cosmetics, so your character appearance won’t take a hit if you opt for an ugly-looking but stats-beneficial armor over a nicer-looking one.

As you go through the story quests, you’ll eventually get yourself a pet too. Pets in this game are called Revelation Helpers, and though they do not help you during combat nor offer to lend you their strength, they are mainly there to help you make sense of the beautiful world around you in the game.

Exploration is also another major suit in Revelation Online mainly because of the beautiful game world you can enjoy. Going sight-seeing in the game is possibly one of the best stress-free (no itinerary to plan, bags to pack or flights to book!) “vacations” you can enjoy whenever you feel like it. Not to mention, sometimes you may even come across chests containing some random reward as well as plants, minerals and trees that you can forage for crafting materials.

Consisting of 6 different types with 2 of which considered as “side professions”, crafting makes up maybe around half of the economy in Revelation Online since the items you create can then be sold via your own player stalls (similar to Ragnarok Online 2), and through the auction or mobile auction. Of course, there are plenty of achievements and collections (garments, mounts, spirit feather ornaments, etc) that you can collect to boot.

Being a freemium MMORPG, Revelation Online has an in-game shop selling a variety of items for real money and/or premium currency. Most of them are convenience items, boosts and cosmetics; nothing too game-breaking by drastically skewing the player dynamics between spenders and non-spenders. It’s just that spenders can progress through the game much faster than a non-spender.


Revelation Online is an MMORPG and naturally, it will place some form of focus on getting players together in guilds. You can create your own guilds at level 30, but you’ll need substantial financial investment. If you just don’t have the cash, you can join an existing one instead.

Contributing to your guild is crucial for the guild’s well-being and advancement. To do so, you can either donate gold or items, or complete daily Guild Quests on your guild’s private island. Items can be obtained completing tasks on the work board or by rewarding your workers with food and drinks. Participating in any PvP and PvE activities will also give you extra items to donate to your guild.

The game also features a mentoring system where high level players are allowed to take on apprentices. Group activities carried out by both mentor and mentee will grant both parties rewards. It’s basically a win-win!

There is apparently an Intimacy feature which we haven’t had the chance to explore during our review. However, the existence of this little feature may be hinting at possible romancing options as well as weddings in the game.

Graphics/ Sound

When it comes to the graphics in Revelation Online, you’ll hardly hear any complaints about them! After all, with its soft light and bright colors, the graphics look absolutely breathtaking... even at a low resolution. However, here’s a quick tip for you to help your computer hasten the rendering process of your visuals and hence, improve your frame rates - simply press F10 to hide other players.

Players may also enjoy the game’s amazing cut scenes, which are specifically added to help illustrate the storyline as you play, especially in solo dungeons and during the course of the main quest.

Revelation Online even sounds as brilliant as it looks. The game has a ton of awe-inspiring and most definitely “epic” musical scores which are often mixed in with some nice and suitable ambience. That said, the voice acting in the game is still in Chinese, but there are English subtitles for you to read instead.


There are very valid reasons why Revelation Online is on many MMO gamers’ “most anticipated MMOs” lists and this review has just proven many of them as being true. In addition to impressive graphics and sound, the game offers a fun action-based gameplay, be it during questing, raiding or PvPing, coupled with a storyline that’s rich and engrossing.

Granted that it is by no means a revolutionary game since most game features it has are pretty common among the Asian MMO-sphere, Revelation Online is designed well enough to attract the attention of MMO players worldwide and also to keep them coming back for more. So, if you do call yourself an MMO gamer, this is one game that you shouldn’t miss out!

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New Game Added: Revelation Online

by Aethyna Apr 7, 2017
Inspired from the books of the renowned Chinese writer Jiang Nan, Revelation Online is a breathtakingly-beautiful fantasy MMORPG with a strong oriental theme, and a varied and fun gameplay. Don’t miss out on possibly this year’s biggest free-to-play MMORPG by playing Revelation Online today! Revelation Online: Elite monsters Beautiful wings in Revelation Online Revelation Online: Boss fight Read More
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