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Rescue Quest Gold 10 rate This time around the Spritelings that provide the world of its magic have apparently been sprite-napped and as a result, the magic in the ether is fading. It is now up to you, the apprentices, to save the Spritelings, defeat the evil villain and his minions, and bring magic back to the world. Will you able to do it? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: This is a beta review of Rescue Quest Gold. The game is slated to be released next month.


Set off on a brand-new match-3 puzzle adventure with the magician’s apprentices Boom and Zap in this amazing remastered game, Rescue Quest Gold! This time around the Spritelings that provide the world of its magic have apparently been sprite-napped and as a result, the magic in the ether is fading. It is now up to you, the apprentices, to save the Spritelings, defeat the evil villain and his minions, and bring magic back to the world. Will you able to do it?


Since time immemorial, the Spritelings have generously provided the world with its seemingly endless supply of magical power that the people in the world have used to cast spells and do marvelous things. However, the magic in the ether is fading and the Spritelings are nowhere to be found!

However, the older wizards are just too old for the journey needed to find out the cause of the Spritelings’ disappearance and save as many of them as possible. This immense duty now falls on the shoulders of the younger generation – the apprentices, Boom and Zap. Help these brilliant wizards-in-the-making as they travel across the realm and try to release any trapped Spritelings they encounter. Of course, more snippets of the storyline will be revealed along the way, and with time, you’ll uncover the true villain of the story!


The gameplay in Rescue Quest Gold is utterly unique. As opposed to matching tokens with abandon, you are actually required to guide either Boom and Zap, depending on which character you’ve decided to go with, through the tokens-filled grids to reach the caged Spritelings so you can free them from their prison.

Since this game is essentially a match-3 game, you will need to match 3 (or more) tokens to clear them from the board and clear up a path for your apprentice to move. The path you forge doesn’t have to be direct either. In fact, sometimes, it’s easier to use a detour rather than the shortest route to reach your objective. Thus, you are allowed to right click on a free token – a token that has been matched – to mark a new path for your apprentice.

However, take note that even if you managed to reach the cage, you may not be able to complete the level. You must earn at least 1 star before the level will end.

Sounds easy enough? Well, the game spices things up by adding in limited moves, obstacles and various other challenges. Sometimes, you may find yourself facing mischievous imps that will pile up more tiles (you can defeat them by matching the tokens at their feet); and at other times, you may encounter blockers which functions more like locks that can only be opened if enough of the corresponding tokens are matched nearby. This is all in addition to the more common obstacles like darker tiles that will require multiple matches to clear or rocks that can be broken down into smaller pieces by matching near to them.

Interestingly, Rescue Quest Gold seeks to innovate its gameplay by providing unique challenges such as racing your sibling to the Spritelings (you’ll have unlimited moves then) or requiring you to make a detour to grab a key before you can open the cage. This is just the tip of the iceberg though! As you advance, you’ll face even more challenges that will truly boggle your mind!

Thankfully, to combat these challenges, you are given an arsenal of special tokens, spells and bonus powerups. Special tokens are generally obtained by matching more than the minimum requirement of 3 tokens together. By matching 4 tokens for example, you’ll get either a Slash or a Row powerup which will clear entire columns or rows respectively.

Matching 5 tokens are a bit different since it depends on the shape of the match. If the match-5 is formed in an L or T shape, then you’ll get a Bomb token that will clear all the tokens around it. On the other hand, if it’s matched in a linear form, then you’ll get a Wild token that will clear all tokens of the same color as the token it is swapped with. Best yet, you can combine 2 nearby powerups to create an even greater effect!

Not to mention, bonus powerups will be granted to you for every level you’ve successfully completed for the first time. These bonuses can then be used during a game to randomly change a few normal tokens on the board into special tokens equivalent to the powerup in question.

Being a magician’s apprentice, you’ll also have several spells at your disposal – 5 to the specific. These spells will slowly be unlocked as you progress through the map, but, unlike most games where these “spells” are simply add-ons that you can choose to use (or not) in your gameplay, spells are actually a crucial part of the game. Without using them, you may never get to complete a lot of the later levels. These spells will need to be charged up first as well, and you can do so by matching tokens of the corresponding color.

All of these helpful bonuses, powerups and spells are incredible helpful in your journey in Rescue Quest Gold and only by using them strategically and effectively will you be able to turn a seemingly losing situation into an at least 1-star level completion.

Another thing of note about Rescue Quest Gold is its maps. Unlike most match-3 puzzle games which forced their grids (usually by shrinking the visuals) to fit the screen, Rescue Quest Gold allows you to move the screen around and to zoom in or out whenever you want instead. This is a great compromise between the developers and the player since we will not need to squint when playing the game and the developers can create a puzzle grid that’s as big and complex as they like.

Since the game itself is a paid game, there isn’t an in-game shop where you can spend real money for virtual items, but instead, you are given a nice cache of bonus content, including avatars, wallpapers, concept art and even the game’s brilliant soundtrack. There are achievements that you can earn and you can play Rescue Quest Gold in any of the many languages it is available in too!


Rescue Quest Gold is yet to be released, but judging from the popularity its prequel, Rescue Quest, have enjoyed, you can definitely expect a huge community of players to emerge once this game is launched. The Steam platform as well as the game’s Facebook fan page are also conducive to providing the game’s active players a sense of belonging. Through these social channels, the players will have the opportunity to provide feedback and interact with the Booomzap team as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Rescue Quest Gold offers cartoony graphics that is perfect to appeal to players of all ages. Similar to the playful style of its art, the game’s soundtrack is rather cheeky too. It sounds like something you’d hear whenever mischief is around.


In a nutshell, Rescue Quest Gold is a uniquely fun yet challenging, buy-once-to-play match-3 puzzle adventure game that provides its players with a refreshing new way to enjoy the hugely popular casual game genre. The game itself truly feels more like a match-3 adventure than any other similar games out there due to the engaging and, at times, rather humorous storyline. Of course, the game is also very well packaged with amazing graphics and sound, and ribboned with a trove of bonus content.

So, if you enjoy casual match-3 puzzle adventure games that offer a bit of a challenge and a ton of innovation, Rescue Quest Gold is definitely a game you’ll want to check out.

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New Game Added: Rescue Quest Gold

by Aethyna May 30, 2017
This time around the Spritelings that provide the world of its magic have apparently been sprite-napped and as a result, the magic in the ether is fading. It is now up to you, the apprentices, to save the Spritelings, defeat the evil villain and his minions, and bring magic back to the world. Will you able to do it? Rescue Quest Gold: Siblings' race Pulverize spell in Rescue Quest Gold Rescue Quest Gold: Level complete Read More
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