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Red Crucible 2 8.5 rate Pick up your weapons or a "vehicle of mass destruction" of your choice and start scouring the battlefield for enemies in this exciting, adrenaline-pumping, browser-based MMOFPS, Red Crucible 2! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Developed on the highly popular Unity engine, Red Crucible 2 is an exhilarating browser-based MMOFPS game that focuses more on vehicular combat. In this game, players can fight other players in large-scale battles on huge, open maps to see who the better shooter is. Since the game has a huge variety of vehicles to take control of, there isn’t any true need to go full ‘FPS’ and start racking up headshot counts… in fact, you may find yourself facing down the barrel of a tank instead! The game also provides 5 different and thrilling game modes as well as an in-game store for you to customize your character and his loadout to your liking! Sounds like your kind of fun? Well, you can play Red Crucible 2 for free now!


After signing up, you’re ready to start getting your kill/death ratio (KDR) up in Red Crucible 2!

The game does not provide any tutorials and thus, allowing you to jump right into combat. If you’re an experienced FPS gamer, you should find yourself easily picking up the control keys as you go along in the game. For instance, to move, you’ll be using the basic WASD keys while the left and right mouse buttons are assigned to your primary and secondary weapons respectively. You’ll be using the usual ‘spacebar’ to jump, 'C' to crouch and ‘shift’ to sprint as well! To interact with items in the game, such as entering vehicles, you’ll be using ‘E’. These may seem to be some pretty standard controls, but some of its controls, particularly for vehicles, can be pretty difficult to get used to even for an experienced gamer. Thus, it may perhaps be a good option for tutorials to be implemented or at least a tutorial to teach you how to operate a vehicle effectively.

The game also provides up of 5 different but pretty generic game modes, namely Free for All, Last Man standing, Team Deathmatch, Attack & Defend and Demolition, which can be further customized to fit your needs. Most game modes involve a total of 16 players – with 8 players on each side, but this number is also changeable if you want to customize your matches. There are up to 11 different maps, which are mainly tropical or urban-themed, for you to play on as well!

Furthermore, there is an in-game store which allows players to purchase stuff like cool new skins and apparels that they can customize their character with. You are able to buy primary and secondary weapons, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, handguns, bayonets and shotguns, as well as consumable items, like grenades, which can then be used to customize your loadout. There is a huge cache of weaponries that you can buy in Red Crucible 2!

All of these items can be purchased using either in-game money or real money, though if you use in-game money to purchase the weapons, they will only be available to you on rent for a certain number of days while if you spend real money on them, you can buy them permanently. This makes the game rather pay-to-win, but currently, the game offers another alternative route for you to purchase weapons permanently – via the honor points system! In addition, do take note that you can only carry up to 4 different types of consumable items on your character at any time, so be sure not to buy too many items to the point where you cannot use them, due to the limited space.

One of the best aspects in the game is perhaps its vehicular combat. The game provides huge amount as well as types of vehicles that you can play with in most of the maps. They include tanks, armored personal carriers and even fighter jets and helicopters! These vehicles will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Of course, considering that they are the only 2 available flying ‘vehicles’, there will be a rush for the helicopters and jets as soon as the match starts. Flying vehicles are, after all, much harder to be dealt with from the ground!

Not to mention, even the maps in this game caters to the use of vehicles! Red Crucible 2 features sprawling open maps that are definitely too large for players to cover by foot. Even with vehicles and 8 opponents to take out, you may take quite some time as well as some blind roaming around before you’ll actually stumble upon an enemy… and chances are, your opponent will be in an armored vehicle of his or her own (unless of course, the infantry only option is checked for the game)! Due to its emphasis on the use of vehicles, Red Crucible 2’s actual FPS aspect can be considered as rather redundant.

The game is not without its flaws, however. For instance, vehicles in the game is easily blocked by objects in the game… objects that, let’s say a tank, should be able to easily flatten and roll over. These objects include waist-high walls or even trees – trees in this game seem to be made from titanium or something equally durable since it is able to stop your mighty tank in its tracks!


Red Crucible 2 currently has over 1 million monthly active users though a much less amount of likes on its Facebook fan page… perhaps its players are too busy killing each other, virtually to actually visit its fan page! Anyhow, due to its launch on various app stores, the player base in the game is seen to have grown for quite a bit. That being said, besides the in-game chat and its fan page, there is no other “social aspect” in the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Red Crucible 2 is a game that is developed on the Unity engine and thus, do not, thankfully, have that distinctive “Flash game” cartoon style. In fact, the graphics in this game look something like what you’d see in Combat Arms or Call of Duty, albeit at a lower resolution and quality... it is a browser-based game after all! The realistic-looking graphics add to the game’s immersion and allows you, the player, to feel as though you are truly a soldier fighting for his or her nation! In terms of sound, the game has a very inspirational anthem in the lobby and while in-game, you are treated to the different sounds of gunfire instead!


In short, Red Crucible 2 is a thrilling free-to-play, browser-based MMOFPS game that seems to be set in the Cold War between Russia and the United States. Despite its genre, the game instead emphasizes more on vehicular warfare, especially when its maps are too huge to be covered on foot and that the map is scattered with a huge range of vehicles, including helicopters, for you to play with! Going around in FPS mode will only result in your character’s very premature death. Putting that aside though, the game is easy to pick up if you have some experience with this sort of games. Furthermore, there are 5 game modes for you to enjoy as well as a huge variety of weapons to buy! You can also customize your character looks by purchasing new skins and outfits as well! If you are looking for a free-to-play shooter game with no installation required, then Red Crucible 2 is a great option for you! Play it now!

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New Game Added: Red Crucible 2

by Aethyna Mar 18, 2015
Pick up your weapons or a "vehicle of mass destruction" of your choice and start scouring the battlefield for enemies in this exciting, adrenaline-pumping, browser-based MMOFPS, Red Crucible 2! Red Crucible 2: Shooting at the enemy Red Crucible 2: Sniper Jet fighter in Red Crucible 2 Read More
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