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Rayman Adventures 9 rate Rayman Adventures offers a new way in the platforming genre and even in endless runners. Choose from the different casts of the Rayman series then run and jump your way to different stages and levels. Tag with the Incrediballs to aid you in your adventures and save their kind to restore the Sacred Tree. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Rayman Adventures is a side-scrolling mobile platforming game where get to play as some of the popular Rayman characters including the titular character. You will be able to control your character by swiping or tapping on the screen to perform actions like jumping sliding or wall jumping. There are some cool features such as sharing gameplay footage to the social media and game achievements that you can share to your friends.


Focusing on the timeline of Rayman Legends, the game started with a scene where several Lividstones that were on flying ships were stealing ancient eggs from the Sacred Tree. The eggs help to sustain the tree itself and without the eggs, the Tree will die.

However, one egg fell down from one of the ships and onto Rayman or Barbar (depending on which character you chose as your starter). After rescuing the egg, it finally hatches and explained what had happened to the Sacred Tree to your hero. Their journey began when they meet up with the Captain who agreed to help them out and save the other eggs.


Gaemplay-wise, Rayman Adventures still has that feel from the previous Rayman games namely Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. Though not the first Rayman mobile game as there are several Rayman mobile games released but in a much simplistic form. Since moving to a mobile platform, a lot of features were added or changed to make it appealing to mobile users, and some where borrowed from other Rayman mobile games like Jungle Run and Fiesta Run, but enhanced to provide a deeper game experience.

At the start of the game, you will be given an option to choose from two starting characters, so it is either Rayman or Barbara; who made her debut in Rayman Legends. Each character has their distinct personality and style, but their playing style are somewhat identical, making the character choice more for the sake of cosmetics.

The game runs somewhat like an endless runner game, but instead of just tapping to jump, there are other functions or moves that you can do in Rayman Adventures. You can swipe to change directions, or tap on walls to do wall jumps. And the big change on the gameplay from some endless runner games is that you can explore the levels without any restriction of just focusing on one lane, here in Raymans Adventures, you can go different pathways that could entire be a dead end or a hidden area with power ups or bonus items to collect.

There are a ton levels that you can complete in Adventure mode, where every level you complete unlocks a new one, however do take note that you cannot repeat the same levels if you start off a new adventure. Completing levels can give you up to three rewards, depending on how well you performed and how much Lums or time was left after completing. There are types of levels in the game; the exploration levels, the Lum levels where you must race to complete the level with the fastest time, brawl levels where you will be battling enemies and time challenges where you must finish the level within the time limit.

One of the biggest features is the Incrediballs, these little furry critters will become your sidekick and can provide support to your character. They can be acquired after completing areas in the game and you can collect a lot of varieties of these creatures. Incrediballs come in different types, the Seekers can search for hidden items such as Teensies and Skull Coins, Protectors who become your shield to reduce damage and Inhalers that inhale any nearby Lums. You can have up to three Incrediballs in your line up, but take note that you cannot use any of them if they are tired, in order to make them active again, players need to feed them food which they can earn from completing levels.


Though it may lack any multiplayer content, but it features social network integrations to encourage players to share their gameplay experience on their favourite social network sites, and with a lot of players trying the game, more contents are being shared online. You can share your gameplay progress by sharing it on Facebook thanks to the Everyplay feature, what it does is they record the level playthrough once you complete it and you will be given an option to share it or not. Syncing your game save to your Facebook account will also allow you to add friends who also play the game and send gifts to share such as food and gems.

Graphics/ Sound

The game uses a mix of 2D and 3D design that is very eye candy, featuring well animated characters with their colourful design and personality, it keeps you hooked and invested to the characters and with the different costumes, their personality flourishes well with the combined art direction. Soundtrack is also sounds great, with some familiar tunes from the previous games, you won’t be discouraged in muting the volume just like in some mobile platform games.


Overall, Rayman Adventures is a fun and colourful mobile game that recreates the usual endless runner into something more of a platformer. Using the Rayman characters to provide a quirky set of casts, those who are fans of popular platforming games will definitely enjoy this game and even endless runner games. It doesn’t even need a constant internet connection just to play it so anymore can play it offline.

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New Game Added: Rayman Adventures

by Richard Apr 16, 2017
Rayman Adventures offers a new way in the platforming genre and even in endless runners. Choose from the different casts of the Rayman series then run and jump your way to different stages and levels. Tag with the Incrediballs to aid you in your adventures and save their kind to restore the Sacred Tree. Rayman Adventures: Combat New incrediball unlocked in Rayman Adventures Rayman Adventures: Boss fight Read More
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