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Rage War 7 rate Build and develop your very own village, amass an army of tribal warriors, and set off to conquer or bribe your way to obtaining new provinces for your empire while as you search for the missing fragments of your time machine so that you'll one day be able to return to your time period. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Search for and find a way to retrieve each time machine fragment, reassemble it and travel back to the time period where you belong in this brand-new MMO strategy game, Rage War! Build and develop your very own village, amass an army of tribal warriors and set off to conquer or bribe your way to obtaining new provinces for your empire. Advance through the ages by researching the sciences and subsequently unlocking new buildings and units. Battle other players and destroy their castles to climb up the rank ladder and earn yourself some amazing rewards. Play Rage War now and lead your tribe to enlightenment!


You’ve accidentally went back in time, back to the stone age, when you’re experimenting with your time machine. Now, the machine has been fragmented across the ancient continents and you’ll need to find all the pieces to reassemble your time machine so you can return to your time period. However, each of the provinces in the continents houses various hostile tribes that will not let go of their “God-given” loot easily... you’ll need an army!


Rage War has a pretty unique gameplay that may require you to go through a rather lengthy training map later on when it comes to combat, but the empire-building aspect is fairly straightforward and thus, the tutorial for this part is quite short. Not to mention, most of the learning process is quickly taken over by the series of quests you’ll need to complete.

These quests are incredibly important as you’ll need to go through them to unlock the other game features like guilds and tactics (where you can plan the defense of your village). You can also unlock new buildings and units simply by investing enough science points into a branch in your science tree and then having enough resources to activate it. By advancing your sciences, your village will then be able to progress from the Stone Age towards a more prosperous era.

Like most MMO strategy games, you’ll need to build up your village before you can start conquering other players’. There are many types of buildings you can construct in this game, each of them have their own specific purposes. For instance, you’ll need to build shelters to obtain workers while drymeat is needed to produce gold coins.

These buildings can be built whichever way you like, though you won’t be able to rotate the structure to save some space, particularly for buildings that aren’t square in shape. Interestingly, in addition to allowing you to build multiple structures at the same time, the game also rewards you with some bonuses if you build roads to connect the buildings.

Buildings in Rage War can’t be upgraded so instead, if you want more of something, you’ll need to build more buildings. The same goes for its military structures such as the Clubmen Lair, the Hunters’ Encampment, and the Tiger Den. Each of these buildings can house up to 5 groups of units, and uniquely, each unit you recruit will cost you differently with the 5th group of units costing you gems (premium currency). There are also special buildings like wonders which you can only build once you’ve collected all the pieces of the blueprint.

Running out of space? Well, you can clear up plenty more land simply by removing the many obstacles that litter your village. You can also buy up neighboring plots of land using gems or resources, though the land expansion you’ll get is rather small when you consider the cost needed to buy that piece of land.

Resource management is another aspect of the game that most MMO players will be familiar with. However, the types of resources available in this game – at least the core ones – are surprisingly few. You just need to make sure you’ve got sufficient workers and gold coins to develop your empire. You can get plenty of resources by having a lot of resource-producing buildings, or simply by completing quests. Sometimes, your citizens will even give you a pop quiz (as indicated by a question mark sign above their heads) and if you answer the question correctly, you’ll win some resources.

In addition to workers and coins, there are special resources like flint, bones, fishes, herbs and fruits that will later be unlocked too. You’ll have the ability to produce these items, but it’ll cost you gold to place orders. Thankfully, if you have an excess of another special resource, you can rather easily trade that resource for the one you want at the market without needing to shell out a listing fee. These items are important for you to build special structures like wonders and to bribe local officials so you can win over a province without having to go to war with them (like in Elvenar).

However, there will be times when bribing is not possible. When this happens, you’ll need to send your troops to grab the province by force. The combat system in this game plays out in real time though you’ll have a preparation phase prior to combat where you can decide where to deploy your troops, how to arrange your formations, and which wave of attack would you want your troops to be in.

Some villages will even have traps and other defenses like towers and walls to try to stop your army’s advancement. So, you’ll really need to think through all of these factors strategically after taking account of the enemy’s base layout as well as the location and composition of their army.

One thing to note though – you can try attacking a village as many times as you want as long as you’ve got sufficient heals. Unlike most MMO strategy games where you’ll have to rebuild your army once they are all wiped out, in Rage War, you simply need to heal them all up before sending them at the enemy again... and this time around, the enemy will have much lower hit points than before (mainly because you’ve eroded their HP in your first attack), making it somewhat easier for you to win the battle and capture the province.

Rage War offers both PvE and PvP where PvE is offered in the form of a huge campaign, while the PvP aspect is provided through a random matchmaking system. The matchmaking system is pretty fair since you’ll be facing an opponent of the same rank as you are, and if you win, you’ll be able to climb up the rank ladder and maybe even enter a higher league. Each league you get into will earn you some nice boosts, so be sure to work on your climbing skills so you can eventually get to the very top.


Being an MMO strategy game, it’s imperative for you to join a good and active Kingdom (a.k.a. a guild) as soon as you can. By being a member, you’ll not only gain access to the kingdom’s many kingdom-wide boosts; you can even visit your fellow rulers’ castles to help out and earn some extra resources in return. However, you’ll also be expected to pull your weight and contribute to the Kingdom’s treasury – you can donate either workers or coins. If you’ve built a wonder, you can even donate science points to your Kingdom through the building.

Graphics/ Sound

Rage War has some really nice graphics even for a browser-based game. Each model is very well designed and detailed. I really like the ambient sound in this game too. If you listen really closely, you can detect the gentle gurgle of running water behind the cacophony of bird calls. The game even has some voice acting for each unit during the preparation phase prior to combat. It does give the player an old-school RTS feeling.


Rage War is an MMO strategy game that doesn’t only look good, but is also fun-to-play. The game features a rather unique gameplay that is amazingly and strategically in-depth, where the positions of each building in your village is as important as the positions of your units before a battle commences. Although there are still some room for improvement, mainly in the “player convenience” department, Rage War is a decent and solid MMO strategy game that will appeal to many MMO players looking for a challenging strategy game to play.

The game is available on both PC and Mac, and can also be played on your mobile devices.

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New Game Added: Rage War

by Aethyna Jul 26, 2017
Build and develop your very own village, amass an army of tribal warriors, and set off to conquer or bribe your way to obtaining new provinces for your empire while as you search for the missing fragments of your time machine so that you'll one day be able to return to your time period. Rage War: Build up your village Campaign map in Rage War Rage War: Combat gameplay Read More
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