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Rage of 3 Kingdoms 9 rate Placed in charge of addressing the formidable Yellow Turban Rebellion, you need to grow your strength and recruit more Generals to your side. Engage in strategic warfare by deciding which unit types to deploy. Give your Generals the equipments and training they need, and dominate the kingdoms in Rage of 3 Kingdoms. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Based on the famous Chinese classic literature “The Three Kingdoms”, Rage of 3 Kingdoms is an MMO strategy/RPG that is not only entertaining but also can convey some historical facts about the epic war between the powerful Shu, Wu and Wei kingdoms. In this game, you’ll be playing as an up-and-coming Supreme General who has the command of generals and armies under your thumb. You are placed in charge of addressing the troublesome and formidable Yellow Turban Rebellion as you grow your strength and recruit more Generals to your side. Engage in strategic warfare in the battlefield by deciding which formations to use and which unit types to deploy. Don’t forget to give your generals and their troops the equipments and training they need as well. Will you be able to win the war for the kingdom of your choice or will your name fade into obscurity in this mighty clash of titans? Find out now by playing Rage of 3 Kingdoms!


If you’re familiar with the story of the Three Kingdoms, you should be able to spot familiar names, characters and scenes in this game. However, if you have not and is a fan of epic Lord of the Rings-style battles, you’ll definitely be in for a treat!


Rage of 3 Kingdoms starts you off by giving you 1 of 2 choices – to create a male or a female Supreme General. The male General’s called Liao HaoTian while the female’s called Wen FengQing. Both are equally unrivalled in the art of warfare and honestly, they don’t exactly provide players with any different perks. So, in this case, you can simply choose a character that you think best suits you and you can get right into the thick of action!

Once you’re in, you’ll be guided through a series of step-by-step tutorials. Although the tutorial does seem a bit restrictive as you won’t be able to click anywhere else except the place it wants you to click on, the good thing is you can skip the entire tutorial whenever you like. However, as the game can be pretty tricky to comprehend on your own, it’s best to just patiently follow the tutorial and learn what you can about the game.

Being a strategy/RPG, Rage of 3 Kingdoms has a town for you to call home. The town is where you’ll be doing most of your administrative duties as a Supreme General and leader. You can construct and upgrade buildings that you need to advance your war campaign, increase the upgrade limit for your generals’ equipments, and more. Building upgrades mustn’t exceed the town hall’s level while your town hall’s level is restricted by your character’s level. In other words, only by leveling up will you be able to level up the buildings in your town.

All forms of construction are interestingly instantaneous. However, there’s a bit of a catch – each construction you do will cost you some cooldown time and these cooldown time can accumulate and fill up your building slot. Once both free slots are filled up, you won’t be able to build or upgrade any of your buildings in town unless you are willing to spend some premium cash (Gold) to reset the cooldown.

Well, enough of managing your town, it’s time to get into combat! You can head over to the battlefield by clicking the Scene button at the bottom right of the screen. The button will then show you a battlefield filled with your enemies’ troops. All you need to do is to click on the highlighted platoon to attack and the game will automatically resolve the battle for you in an animated, turn-based combat scene.

You don’t exactly have a lot of battle customization in this stage of the combat process – since it is automated and all, but if you want, you could head to the Hero button, select the hero you’re deploying, and change the army type depending on your need. There are 5 different types in total for you to choose from (Range, Strategist, Rider, Spearman and Swordsman), though each general will only offer 2 out of the 5 choices each.

Besides deciding on the most strategic army type, you can also ensure victory by increasing your generals’ power level and hence, improving your Combat Power overall. To do so, you can train your generals. Trained generals will not only be stronger; they will also be able to field more soldiers. You can even recruit new generals to your army. Interestingly though, unlike most browser-based MMO games, you can only recruit generals who you’ve defeated in combat. Generals can be reborn with better stats once they reach level 60.

Positions are very important in a battle as well. Thus, you’re allowed to position your generals depending on their strengths and weaknesses via the Squad interface. You can unlock new slots in your army formation along with a variety of troop upgrades by researching at the Research Center. Merits are required for research and you can earn that by battling other armies in the campaign.

Similar to other RPGs, getting the best equipments is crucial in ensuring victory in Rage of 3 Kingdoms. Each general can equip up to 7 items including a mount, scripture, weapon, armor, shield, artifact, and cloak. Most of these equipments can be obtained by either defeating platoons and collecting the loot or by visiting the shop and buying the gear you need using in-game currency (silvers).

Each item can then be further upgraded – using silvers, as well - to boost up their stats. How high can you upgrade will depend solely on the level of your shop. You can also insert powerful Jades to boost the power of the items or remake the item into a better form using the Cast Item option. There are even medals that you can collect by gaining achievements in battle. You can equip up to 5 medals at any time.

All of these upgrading will cost you quite a lot of silvers and the best way to earn loads of them is by completing quests. Quests basically involves tasks that you’ll already need to do, so it won’t be too much of a trouble to get extra silvers by completing them. You could also collect taxes from your people via the Town Hall or simply stay online and collect the online rewards. You can also capture a silver mine or a farm to get the resources you need.

Besides PvE battles, Rage of 3 Kingdoms also do offer a PvP aspect. However, you can only access this feature once you reach level 60 and above, which is a pretty high barrier of entry. There’s even a larger scaled PvP event, Nation War, which only accepts level 100 players. This can be pretty disappointing for players who enjoy PvP since they will have to wait for a pretty long time before they can reach level 60... unless, of course, they are willing to spend Gold (or real cash to buy Gold).

There’s also another downside to Rage of 3 Kingdoms. The topmost menu on the game interface is pretty cramped with texts overlapping each other and as a result, looks very messy. Considering that there’s no full screen in the game (the full screen option in your web browser doesn’t help), you can’t exactly make it any less messy-looking. Thankfully, you can choose to minimize the menu if you can’t stand playing with a crowded interface.


After completing the first campaign, you’ll be separated into 1 of the 3 kingdoms in the game, namely the red Wu, the blue Wei and the green Shu. Of course, if you don’t really mind which faction you go to, since there isn’t any faction perk in this game, you can choose the Free option, get randomly assigned to a kingdom and earn yourself some free bonus Gold. The only impact this decision will cause is that you can only join a clan of the same kingdom. Be warned though – you can’t change kingdoms once you’ve made your choice!

Similar to most browser-based games, being in a clan can further enhance your gaming experience and of course, let’s not forget about the many perks you can get, such as access to guild wars and more.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Rage of 3 Kingdoms are admittedly a hit-and-miss in my opinion. There are times when the scenes can blow you away, but the interface designs look so old-school. Perhaps all of these are intentional as they are trying to up play the game’s ties to the popular historical book, The Three Kingdoms. The Chinese-themed music, on the other hand, is spot on. Soothing with a tinge of battle-readiness, the sound is simply perfect for the game.


To sum up, Rage of 3 Kingdoms is an enjoyable MMO strategy/RPG that fans of the classic Three Kingdoms literature would love. Although not exactly accurate to a point, the game does introduce the historical parts of the story in a more interactively fun way. Not to mention, the amount of strategic thinking and endless upgrading of your generals, troops and town will give you a virtual experience of being a General in the epic clash between the 3 powerful kingdoms. So, choose a kingdom to pledge your allegiance to and start teaching your rivals that you don’t mess around in Rage of 3 Kingdoms!

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by Aethyna Jul 17, 2016
Placed in charge of addressing the formidable Yellow Turban Rebellion, you need to grow your strength and recruit more Generals to your side. Engage in strategic warfare by deciding which unit types to deploy. Give your Generals the equipments and training they need, and dominate the kingdoms in Rage of 3 Kingdoms. Rage of 3 Kingdoms: Defeating armies Liao HaoTian in Rage of 3 Kingdoms Rage of 3 Kingdoms: Your city Read More
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