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Quest for Infamy 10 rate Quest for Infamy is a point-and-click adventure RPG by Ratalaika Games. Play as Mr. William Roehm and go on missions that involve boosting your reputation as an infamous villain. You’ll get to pick between three anti-hero classes: Rogue, Brigand, and Sorcerer, and be treated to a rich setting with a stellar cast of characters. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Point-and-click games were the norm back in the day. Gamers went on thrilling adventures on pixelated digital worlds and had a lot of fun doing so. After all, they told rather compelling and absorbing tales, which made even the simple gameplay a lot more entertaining.

Quest for Infamy is a throwback to these classics but with modern current-gen twists. This point-and-click adventure title is similar to the old games but has more moving parts, delivering a comprehensive experience. It manages to go past the story tropes, handing out a hilarious tale while providing a plethora of gameplay elements, giving you lots to do, and avoiding the monotony of pointing and clicking.

Now available on the Nintendo Switch, is Quest of Infamy an adventure something you’d want to dive into? Well, before you start lying, cheating, and stealing your way to infamy, let’s take a look at what it has to offer:


In Quest for Infamy, you’ll play as Mr. Roehm, a rather dashing and charming man with a less than stellar reputation. Having escaped the clutches of a baron whose daughter he took liberties with, he managed to escape to Volksville, a relatively quiet village with a number of interesting inhabitants. Without diving deep into spoilers, you’ll explore the town along with the local countryside and interact with several people. Some may save your hide, and others will stop at nothing to make your life miserable, while some will grant you skills to make your road to being a disreputable man a lot easier.
The story is relatively lighthearted but with a few heavy themes, one of which involves lopping someone’s head off. That aside, the characters are pretty unique and fun; though it is set in a medieval world, it’s far from the serious tale we’re accustomed to. Instead, we’re treated to a story akin to Monty Python, thanks to the well-written hilarious dialogue and character designs.


Quest for Infamy is primarily a point-and-click adventure. In the case of the Switch version, you’ll use your joycons instead of the mouse to point at and interact with objects. In a way, this can get rather tedious, considering that there are several ways you can interact with the environment, and you need to change how you do so by pressing the R button. Getting from one point to another requires you to place the cursor over the location and press A, and you can change how Roehm moves (walk, run, sneak) by tapping the ZR button. Thankfully, the user interface is quite intuitive and ported well to the hybrid console.

Quest for Infamy’s gameplay revolves around William Roehms (mis)adventures in Volksville and the surrounding areas. Though it’s far from being a sandbox, the choice is yours: will you be forthright and antagonize the sheriff or use your charms to lie? Meanwhile, you can have Roehm pick between three anti-hero classes: Rogue, Brigand, or a Sorcerer. Your class will determine your playstyle, storyline, and adventure, enhancing replayability. As a Rogue, you’ll need to sneak around and be quiet, while being a Brigand makes you relatively strong and make a straightforward, AKA physical, approach. Finally, being a Sorcerer, which you can unlock from the town’s magic shop, lets you use spells.

Being an RPG and set in a medieval world, Quest for Infamy involves lots of fights, both against beasts and human enemies. The combat is turn-based, and you take turns with your opponent in making moves. Armed with a sword, you can slash, stab, or lunge, but this is further diversified if you’re a sorcerer since you can use spells to get the job done. Apart from fights, you can also perform minigames like the drinking game at the bar or a memory game in the magic shop.

Quest for Infamy requires a bit of patience when playing, especially if you’re relatively new to the genre. You’ll need to manually find and memorize the routes and their respective locations, which is a must since you’ll be traveling a lot in between quests. At the same time, there’s no map, but thankfully, the game labels where you head off to when you approach a route.


Quest for Infamy uses pixel graphics, yet it manages to look fantastic. The locales look like a hybrid of early versions of 90s adventure games to storybooks set in fantasy worlds you might have read as a kid. Apart from this, the voice acting and character designs stand out. The ladies, in particular, look dashingly beautiful, and their voices are enough to make anyone forget their worries. Meanwhile, the men range from having a British cockney accent to something that sounds like they were born in rural America, which makes the dialogue rather fun to listen to.


Overall, Quest for Infamy should be a famous adventure game, and it’s undoubtedly something you’d want to try out. The experience it provides is akin to the games of old, though with more variety and with better presentation and voice acting. There are fun minigames to immerse yourself with and dozens of characters to get to know. Give it a shot today, and start your quest for infamy!

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New Game Added: Quest for Infamy

by Mikhail Mar 1, 2022
Quest for Infamy is a point-and-click adventure RPG by Ratalaika Games. Play as Mr. William Roehm and go on missions that involve boosting your reputation as an infamous villain. You’ll get to pick between three anti-hero classes: Rogue, Brigand, and Sorcerer, and be treated to a rich setting with a stellar cast of characters. Talking with the magistrate in Quest for Infamy Combat in Quest for Infamy Execution in Quest for Infamy Read More
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