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by Aethyna
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Pyramid Solitaire Saga 9.5 rate Enjoy levels after levels of themed pyramid solitaire in this exciting game, Pyramid Solitaire Saga! Can you help Helena to reveal the secrets of the Golden Tomb? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pyramid Solitaire Saga is an exciting and unique pyramid solitaire card game developed by the king of casual games, King. In this game, you’ll need to uncover and collect all the golden cards in order to complete a level. There are plenty of challenging levels in this game and if you encountered any difficulty in solving any of them, you can purchase power-ups to give yourself a leg up. Not to mention, the graphics are very well-done and the Egypt theme fits the game perfectly. If you enjoy pyramid solitaire, this is definitely the sort of game you’ll enjoy! So, don’t wait! Try it today!


Helena, the explorer, is steering towards a location west of the Nile trying to find the coveted Golden Tomb. She spotted the Eye of Horus among the sands. However, her plane stalled and both plane and Helena crashed landed in the middle of nowhere in the desert! Being the determined woman that she is, Helena wanted to continue her search for the tomb. Can you help her find it and uncover its secrets together?


Before you start, you should take note that this game is not classic solitaire, but is instead, like the name of the game, pyramid solitaire. Thus, the gameplay is quite different as compared to the former.

Don’t worry though! If you don’t know where to start, the game provides a very detailed tutorial to guide you through the process! In this game, you have to match the cards on the board to the open card at the bottom. The only cards that can be matched must have a value that is higher or lower than the open card. For example, if the open card is a 2, then you can match it with cards that have an A or a 3. Likewise, if the open card is an A, you can match it with a 2 or K. You don’t need to bother yourself with the suits and colors of the cards – they are not important in this game. What you need to take note of are just the values!

If there are no more matches to be made, then you’ll need to draw a card from your deck (at the bottom) by clicking on the deck or pressing ‘spacebar’. The card drawn will be placed on top of the open card at the bottom and the process of matching the cards on the board to the open card resumes. However, you should be aware that your deck has limited number of cards. Thus, if you ran out of matches and your deck is empty, you’ll lose the game! Any leftover cards from your deck, on the other hand, will provide you with bonus points at the end of a game.

The objective in this game is not to only to complete matches, but you’ll also need to collect all the golden cards that are hidden underneath the cards on the board. There will be times you may encounter special cards, like the blue cards, which will add a 2x multiplier to your score for the 10 subsequent card matches. There are even obstacle cards to make the game much more challenging. One example is the mummy cards. You’ll need to perform 2 matches in order to collect a mummy card. Not to mention, the first time you click on a mummy card, it will also change the open card at the bottom to another card too. However, obstacle cards are not required to be collected in order to win a round. You’ll just need to uncover enough of those cards to collect the main prize – the golden cards!

Each level will have a maximum of 3 stars for you to earn and you are allowed to replay levels in order to earn them. If you can clear all the cards on the board, you’ll gain bonus points which may help you get that 3 stars ranking. If you didn’t clear the cards, you will still get some bonus points, but they are not as much. Sometimes, random scarab beetle will crawl across your board. Click to catch them before they get away for even more extra points! However, whenever you lose a level, you’ll lose a life. The game provides a total of 5 lives for you and they can be regenerated over time if you lose any of them.

If you need some help, Pyramid Solitaire Saga provides quite a number of Joker cards on the board - well, most of the time - to help you out! You’ll also get a free Joker card per round that you can use – it is positioned right next to your deck. How it works? Well, the Joker card is like a Wild card in UNO, except that colors don’t matter in this game. So, whenever you placed a Joker card, you can pick a card… any card… to start a new chain of matching. The Joker card is a very convenient card to use, but it’s probably wise to use it only when absolutely necessary. This is because whenever you use the Joker card near your deck (but not the Joker cards on the board), you’ll lose a sizeable amount of score points.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga also provides plenty of power-ups. For instance, the extra joker booster provides you with an extra joker card that you can use at any time or the bonus card booster, which will add 5 extra cards to your card deck. There is even a booster, called the ‘unwrapping of mummy cards’, which will turn mummy cards into normal cards without any matching required! Unfortunately, all of these boosters require gold bars (real money currency) to buy. You are not given any boosters for free either!


The community at Pyramid Solitaire Saga is pretty huge - There are almost 5 million likes on its Facebook page! This makes it one of the top 5 games from the Saga series by King. At the game’s fan page, you can meet with your fellow players and pyramid solitaire enthusiasts as well as receive updates and tips from the developers at King. You could even add new friends so that you can gift each other lives in the game.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Pyramid Solitaire Saga are very well-done. Its background images, cards and even the map manage to highlight the Egypt theme of the game perfectly. As you progress, you’ll also encounter plenty of wonders (stunning sceneries) in the game that ranges from the Terra Cotta army to the mythical Kraken! The game also contains a very pleasant Egyptian-themed music, further increasing the immersion of the game!


In conclusion, Pyramid Solitaire Saga is an entertaining yet challenging pyramid solitaire game! It provides a huge variety of levels, filled with interesting obstacle cards, such as the mummy cards. There are also power-ups and Joker cards that you can buy to get through the harder levels much more easily. The game also has an interesting theme and an exciting storyline that will keep its players engaged! If you’re up for an adventure, join the many players at Pyramid Solitaire Saga and help Helena to uncover the secrets of the Golden Tomb today!

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New Game Added: Pyramid Solitaire Saga

by Aethyna Mar 9, 2015
Enjoy levels after levels of themed pyramid solitaire in this exciting game, Pyramid Solitaire Saga! Can you help Helena to reveal the secrets of the Golden Tomb? Pyramid Solitaire Saga: Uncover golden cards Mummy cards in Pyramid Solitaire Saga Pyramid Solitaire Saga: Glowing cards Read More

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This is the best game around fun and makes you think. I'm almost finished I hope I can find another as good. Thanks again for a great game of cards.Full Review
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