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by Aethyna
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Psychic Clues 7.5 rate Use your powers as a psychic to “read” objects and find out the truth in this exciting crime-solving hidden object game, Psychic Clues! In this game, you’ll need to examine crime scenes to find important evidence and use the psychic and forensic tools at your disposal to gather enough clues to pinpoint the identity of the criminal. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Use your powers as a psychic to “read” objects and find out the truth in this exciting crime-solving hidden object game, Psychic Clues! In this game, you’ll need to examine crime scenes with your police buddy for significant evidence and use the psychic and forensic tools at your disposal to gather enough clues to pinpoint the identity of the criminal. Once the identity of the criminal is confirmed, make the arrest and get the credit that you deserved! However, do keep yourself on your toes as the cunning mastermind behind the attempt to blast you to bits is still at large and is taunting you every step of the way! Will you be able to utilize your powers and your relentless passion to solving crimes to best the criminals in Psychic Clues? Play the game to find out!


There had been an attempt on your life! A time bomb went off in your office and you’re injured, landing you at the hospital. Being in the very dangerous profession of being a psychic detective, you knew someday this day would come. Surprisingly, the criminal mastermind behind the time bomb visited you while masquerading as a doctor. Due to being bedridden, you can’t exactly stop him. However, he’s not there to finish the job… just yet, instead he told you of another “gift box” at Main Street for you to find. You’ve got to get the bomb before someone gets hurt!


The game starts off with a brief background story on how you ended up on the hospital bed, introduces you to your nemesis as well as points you in the direction of your first case (since landing yourself at the hospital). There’s also a tutorial on how to play the game too!

Similarly to all hidden objects game, Psychic Clues requires you to use your keen eyes as you scan the crime scenes for hidden evidences. The game offers a huge range of scenes, which are separated into 10 chapters for you to enjoy, with 8 more coming soon. You can earn up to 5 stars per scene and with every star you earn, the items that you’ll need to find will gradually increase. For instance, after getting 1 star, you’ll need to find 8 items instead of 6; while after getting 2 stars, you’ll then need to find 9 items and so on and so forth.

Scenes are usually not timed, but, of course, if you can complete them faster, you’ll earn more score points. After getting a certain number of stars, you will also unlock a bonus level with a timed scene, aptly named as “Time Attack!”. In timed scenes, you’ll need to find as many items as you can in 30 seconds. New clues may also pop up in the scenes that you’ve completed earlier so you may need to go back occasionally. Scenes in this game can be pretty challenging to play at first, but it gets simpler with every revisit as the items’ positions are unchanged with every play through.

To play a scene, you’ll need to spend 20 energy points from a total of 110 energy points. You can get more energy points by buying energy top-ups a.k.a. food stuff from the in-game shop. By leveling up, you will also get your energy bar refilled. Furthermore, the game also provides a nifty combo system that will add very nice multiplier boost to your final score. You can gain combos (up to 6 times) by clicking on the correct items consecutively! However, be warned that you mustn’t click wrongly or you’ll lose your combo instantaneously. Moreover, the combo bar will also diminish over time, so don’t wait too long before finding the next item on your list in order to keep the chain of combos running!

If you are having some difficulty in finding any item, the game made everything much easier for you by providing you with hints. Hints will highlight the location of the item for you, making the searching process so much easier! However, in order to get more hints, you’ll need to add more friends to your investigation team. Don’t despair though if you’re playing this game alone! You can also get some help with finding an item/ items by merely hovering your mouse cursor over the item name on your list to see the item’s shadow shape. If you place your cursor (still hovering) there a tad bit longer, the shadow shape will become fully colored and much clearer. This method may harm your time bonus, but it is a great way to find items that you have never heard of or seen before!

Ready to use that third eye of yours? Great, let’s begin! After getting the necessary evidences, you can start the clue-gathering process using either your psychic powers, which will lead you to a mini-game, or via conventional forensic means, such as autopsy. The forensic analysis usually requires you to wait for a period of time before completing. Scientific analysis takes time after all!

The unique aspect of Psychic Clues is the part where you use your ability to “read” evidences to find out what happened. Remember the stars that you’ve collected from each scene? Well, you’ll need them to use your ability. If you need more stars, you can always get more by replaying scenes. However, do take note that stars are not accumulative, so you cannot use stars from a previous chapter for your current chapter.

As aforementioned, each time you use your power a mini-game will be initiated. This game provides quite a variety of mini-games for you to enjoy while mining evidence for clues! Some examples of the mini-games include “Reveal the Fact” whereby you pick the correct image on the right based on part of the image shown in the circle; “Open Your Third Eye”, in which you are required to find a specific pair of the shape, and “Draw Upon Your Senses”, whereby you have to use your pencil to shade the sketchbook to reveal the full drawing. By playing these games, you will also get some energy points as a reward besides getting the clue that you seek. Sometimes, you may need to talk to suspects or witnesses to find out what they know and that will require you to spend stars as well! Once you gathered enough clues to identify the criminal from among the list of suspects, you can then make the arrest!

You’re probably wondering what to do with all the money you’ve earned from playing games right now. Well, you can use those in-game cash at the shop to customize your character’s look, by purchasing and changing your avatar’s clothes, eyewear and hairstyle. You can even get some plastic surgery done for your avatar and change his or her facial structure! In addition, you can also buy an owl pet using in-game money or real money, which will give you unlimited hints. There’s another pet – a well-dressed sloth that you can buy to double your experience points earned, but it will cost you real money.


Psychic Clues may not have a huge following like what Criminal Case has, but it does have a respectable 90 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! The game is very generous as well – they often have giveaways on their Facebook fan page, so be sure to like the page and check it out frequently! Moreover, if you encountered any difficult scenes, there are always other more experienced players on the page who are willing to help you out. If you needed friends for more hints, the fan page is a great place to meet and add new friends too!

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Psychic clues are rather good. The hand-drawn scenes are very well-done and incredibly detailed, though its graphics for the characters may seem a bit out of proportion, especially their facial expressions. Sometimes, you may feel like these crime-solving characters look like those eerie clowns that you see in horror movies. The game provides pretty nice rock music during the loading screen and sometimes for the scenes. The game also has great sound effects. For instance, when you’re at the hospital, you can hear sounds that are easily identifiable as being in a bustling hospital and while you’re at Main Street, you can also hear the sounds of busy traffic


In a nutshell, Psychic Clues is a CSI-themed hidden objects game that makes full use of your in-game psychic ability to “read” evidences as well as the more conventional forensic methods to uncover new clues that may otherwise be buried forever along with the truth! These psychic readings usually lead you to fun mini-games that allow you to take a breather from the more eye-straining hidden object games. The clues you find will then point you in the right direction when you’re trying to pinpoint the criminal from among a list of suspects and put him or her behind bars! You can also use the money you’ve earned to personalize your avatar’s looks too! So, put your Sherlockian power of observation as well as your psychic abilities to the test in Psychic Clues and help the police bring the criminals to justice!

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New Game Added: Psychic Clues

by Aethyna Apr 6, 2015
Use your powers as a psychic to “read” objects and find out the truth in this exciting crime-solving hidden object game, Psychic Clues! In this game, you’ll need to examine crime scenes to find important evidence and use the psychic and forensic tools at your disposal to gather enough clues to pinpoint the identity of the criminal. Psychic Clues: Time bomb Hightailing it in Psychic Clues Psychic Clues: the accident Read More
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