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Pokemon Mega 10 rate Set off on your very own Pokemon journey to become the best Pokemon trainer there is in the browser-based, Pokemon-themed game, Pokemon Mega. With tons of fun events to play in, Pokemon from all generations to collect, and a casual idle-like gameplay, this is a game that many players may enjoy. Give it a try! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pokemon Mega is a very addictive and entertaining Pokemon-themed game which may not draw many similarities between the traditional Pokemon games on the Nintendo handhelds but is, in fact, a whole new game of its own. It has a somewhat idle-like gameplay on top of plenty of game content including instances, gym battles, arena fights, special events, Pokemon hunts, and more. There are many ways you can improve your team of Pokemon too, be it equipping them with gear and artifacts, or simply getting a new, higher-quality Pokemon by turning in Pokemon shards. Sounds just like the perfect casual MMO for you? Well, drop by now and check the game out!


There isn’t a lot of story in this game, unlike the actual Pokemon games by Nintendo. Instead, what you got was a rather humiliating defeat by none other than Ash Ketchum himself at the Indigo Plateau Conference Final (it’s a Pokemon tournament of sorts). Apparently, when you lost the battle, you lost all your Pokemon and will have to start over.

Yes, the story may not exactly make sense, and frankly, I think this game doesn’t really put any sort of emphasis on the plot – the story seems rather shoddily made up on the spot. This half-hearted attempt at creating a storyline is probably better than nothing for some, but I personally think that it might have been better if the game simply skips over the starting scene and let players experience the fun gameplay instead.


To begin your journey as a Pokemon trainer, you’ll first need an avatar to play as. You can choose a pre-made male or a female avatar, which you, unfortunately, cannot customize. Then, you’ll get to choose a starter Pokemon. Oddly enough, although the game basically is a melting pot for all generations of Pokemon, you can only choose from the first-generation starter Pokemon, namely Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Anyway, once you’ve made your choice, you can dive right into the gameplay.

Now, as mentioned before, Pokemon Mega is NOT designed to be some form of emulator of the traditional Pokemon games. Instead, I find that the game’s innovative combination of the features we’ve all known and love in the originals with the constant buzz of activity and satisfying progression that you might know if you’ve played any of the casual browser MMOs work incredibly well for this title.

Featuring a somewhat idle-styled gameplay, the turn-based combat system in Pokemon Mega is almost completely automated, except for when you’re out hunting for Pokemon to catch. Basically, the game implements a party-based system where you can deploy up to 6 main Pokemon on your team. As you progress, you’ll eventually get to unlock 6 more slots where you can bring along “assist Pokemon” to help bolster your overall Battle Rating (BR).

Pokemon may also have synergistic effects when certain types are fielded in a team together. You can take a look at the formation chart provided to get an idea of the best-recommended configuration. However, I’ve noticed that if you have better Pokemon, it might not be worth it to swap that out for a lower level one just to cash in on the synergy. The effect isn’t very pronounced especially once you reach higher levels.

Interestingly enough, you can also capture new Pokemon from the wild to bump up your BR. You don’t need to add them to your team of 6 to cash in on the tiny BR increase. How can you catch Pokemon from the wild? Well, in this game, there are 3 methods – you can go to the Pokemon Center (lower level) or the Safari (higher level), or you can click on Pokemon encounters on the main screen (a.k.a. what I like to call “the region map”) whenever one pops up.

On a side note, while you’re on the region map, you may also notice that your character will automatically battle wild Pokemon and other AI Pokemon trainers. This is actually the idle part of the game. You can leave your game on just like that and wait for the gold and the experience points to roll in.

Like the original Pokemon games, to capture a new Pokemon, you’ll need to first reduce its health as much as you can without outright defeating it. There are also 3 types of pokeballs that you can use, each of which has their own rates of success. Pokeballs are generally really hard to come by as well, so you might end up finding yourself spending diamonds (premium currency) to buy more pokeballs or even some of the better balls.

A quick tip for you – you should only use the better pokeballs on legendary or mythical Pokemon only. These are the 2 grades of Pokemon that you can never (the chance of success is painfully low) catch using normal pokeballs.

Not to mention, did you know you can also travel to other regions? There are 4 other regions, in addition to the Viridian Forest which you should be currently in, on the Kanto map. You can access any of them simply by clicking on the minimap. Different regions will provide you with different types of Pokemon to catch since their biomes are distinct.

Aside from Pokemon hunting, there are many other different forms of encounters as well. You can battle “bosses” by clicking the Battle button. The boss difficulty will gradually increase as you progress. Interestingly, an Auto-Challenge button will appear after you click on the Battle button at level 20 which will basically help you take on bosses automatically until you lose a battle.

Best yet, at level 21, the Quick Combat button becomes accessible. This nifty button lets you skip over all the animation and right to the rewards screen. However, you can only perform 1 Quick Combat for free per day. Subsequent Quick Combats will then cost you diamonds. You may also spot randomly-spawned players whom you can then challenge to a duel. These players are usually around your BR, so they should pose a pretty tough challenge, but at times, I’ve noticed that the game seems to lag behind and present you with players with much lower BR to defeat.

Similar to a browser MMORPG, there are tons of PvE and PvP content as well! There are Maze Monster, Gear Instance, Gym Challenge, Path of Champions, PvP Arena, Battle Subway, cross-server Tournaments, and more. You will have plenty of stuff to do in a single sitting, that’s for sure!

Now, surely like Ash Ketchum, you’ll want to be the best Pokemon trainer ever! There are many ways you can do so, but primarily, you’ll want to focus more on your Pokemon, especially those you deploy in your team. Pokemon can be leveled up using experience fruits and not by using them in battle. They can also be evolved to increase their star rating, and for certain types, you can even do a Mega Evolution to greatly boost their stats. Once you reach level 50, you can possibly turn your Pokemon into a much more powerful “Shiny” version.

Unlike the traditional Pokemon games though, you can actually equip your Pokemon with 4 types of gear, namely a weapon, an armor, an amulet and a ring. This is a far cry from the special item or berry that your Pokemon can hold onto in the original games. As you might expect, gear contributes a whole chunk of BR points so it’s wise to keep upgrading them, be it through enhancing, enchanting or embedding gems.

Any old or extra gear that you don’t need can also be recycled into Gear Coins, which can then be spent at the in-game shop to buy some other items. Similarly, duplicate Pokemon that that you don’t really need for your collection (there is no limit as to how many Pokemon you can own) can be recycled into Pet Coins. These Coins can also be spent at the shop. Once you reached a higher level, your Pokemon can even be equipped with an artifact and, if you have them, unique artifacts.

Your BR can also be increased on the Trainer side of the equation. You can equip titles, some of which may add a nice stat boost to the team; you can also level up your mount. There are Signs which work like a talent tree with nodes that you can unlock one by one. Badges that you’ve earned from defeating gym leaders can be upgraded as well. If needed, you can even spend real money to boost your party’s stats via ZPower.

What I really like about this game though is that despite having several features which are basically pay-to-win, the game is generous enough to its hardworking free-to-play players by giving them a free VIP upgrade every 10 levels up to level 30. So generally, you can achieve VIP 3 without spending a single cent. However, the game does require you to spend at least $1 to rank up to VIP 4 though.

If you’re interested to spend some real money on Pokemon Mega, you might be interested in the many bundles it has on offer. The game sells passes as well. Each pass will grant you a different range of perks.

The only major qualm I have with this otherwise very addictive game is that it lacks a proper Pokedex for players who enjoy collecting Pokemon. It’d be nice to have something that keeps track of the Pokemon you’ve caught before, instead of having to keep them around in your Pokemon inventory.


Like most MMORPGs, Pokemon Mega provides guilds for its players to form communities around. This feature is unlocked at level 26, and you have the option to join one or to create one (2,000 diamonds needed).

However, I’ve noticed that at least on the server that I play in, guilds are a pretty rare commodity. The handful of guilds available are packed to the brim while the ones with vacancies are packed with guild applications instead. It might be hard for you to join a guild so you might want to consider saving up as much free diamonds as you can get to create one of your own.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Pokemon Mega is pretty appealing, mainly because everything just looks so adorable and secondly because it’s Pokemon… enough said! Well, it’s really nice to see that this spin-off of sorts retains the art style used in the original games, despite making huge changes to the original gameplay.

The sound in this game, on the other hand, is quite catchy and fits perfectly in the background of the game, but it is looped so often, making it rather unbearable to listen to in an extended period of time. There isn’t a settings menu to turn the music off either, so you’ll actually need to mute the entire browser tab to mute the game.


In short, Pokemon Mega may not be anything like the original Pokemon games, but the innovative yet addictive gameplay it brings is one of the more appealing parts of the game. Of course, let’s not forget about the tons of content it offers, be it instances or gym battles; the wide variety of Pokemon you can collect or the many ways you can improve them. If you’re a fan of Pokemon or Pokemon-like games, this is definitely a game you’ll want to try.

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New Game Added: Pokemon Mega

by Aethyna Dec 13, 2017
Set off on your very own Pokemon journey to become the best Pokemon trainer there is in the browser-based, Pokemon-themed game, Pokemon Mega. With tons of fun events to play in, Pokemon from all generations to collect, and a casual idle-like gameplay, this is a game that many players may enjoy. Give it a try! Pokemon Mega: Bumping into Gary Catching wild pokemon in Pokemon Mega Pokemon Mega: Path of Champions Read More
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