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PlayGem Social Backgammon 5 rate With its stakes-raising betting features and beautiful boards to play the game on, PlayGem Social Backgammon is definitely THE Backgammon game to go to. So, be sure to check out PlayGem Social Backgammon today and see how many wins you can rack up in the game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Unlike slot games or bingo games, there aren’t exactly a slew of free-to-play backgammon-type games out there on the internet. This is why when a fun online Backgammon game like PlayGem Social Backgammon emerged; it has attracted and rallied up to a million enthusiastic Backgammon fans to the game! The gameplay is similar to the usual rules of this popular board game, but the game raises up the stakes by adding in a betting feature while pitting you against another player. PlayGem Social Backgammon has plenty of Backgammon boards for you to play on, and some extra bit of help, in the form of hints, that you can buy using premium cash. So, be sure to check out PlayGem Social Backgammon today and see how many wins you can rack up in the game!


It’s really easy to get started in PlayGem Social Backgammon. All you need to do first is to select a Backgammon board that you fancy. There are 7 different boards to choose from, such as Dark Angel, Treasure Island, Samurai Blade, as well as Las Vegas.

Then, you’ll need to select the game mode you’d want to play. There are basically 2 types of game modes, namely single game (1-on-1 challenge) and tournament, and unless you’re really good at Backgammon, it is generally recommended that you try single game first. For single game, there is quite a wide range of difficulty levels you can choose from, ranging from Beginner to Crazy Gammon, depending on how confident you are of winning. This is because you’ll not only have less time to plan out your moves, you will also have to shell over a sum of in-game chips to play, and well, each increase in difficulty will double the stakes for you.

In fact, for the Crazy Gammon level, the minimum bet you can place is a whopping 25 million worth of chips. If that’s not what people would call a “high stakes game”, then seriously, I’m not even sure what is! That’s not all, considering that you can later double your initial bet or go all-in while you’re playing the game, there might even be times when a supposedly low stakes game is able to bump up its bets to a whole new level.

Of course, if you prefer to participate in a tournament, you can as well! Like the single game mode, there are several ranks of tourneys you can sign up for, and naturally, the higher the rank, the tougher the challenge and the higher the pot prize! Each tournament rank even has 3 game sessions with each session having 4, 8 and 16 maximum number of players in them. Thus, if you don’t mind playing in a longer tournament, you could try the 16-player session; if not, you might want to go small and try the 4-player session instead.

As mentioned, the game mechanics and rules in PlayGem Social Backgammon are exactly the same as the traditional Backgammon game. So, to play, you’ll need to move all your pieces towards your Home, which is the bottom right corner of the board, while trying to prevent your opponents from moving their pieces to their Home that is located at the top right corner of the board instead.

Each player starts the game with 15 pieces, and you’ll move your pieces in a counter-clockwise pattern. Whoever wins the first roll will start the game first. Then, generally, players will then need to roll 2 die, and move their pieces accordingly. If you managed to get a double… say… a 6,6 roll, you’ll be allowed to automatically reroll the die, making your total number of moves in a turn to go up to 4 times. That said, this special condition can only happen once per turn, so don’t bank on getting consecutive doubles.

Not to mention, pieces on the Backgammon board can be blocked, and to know which pieces you can move and which you cannot, you merely need to click on a piece and see which positions are highlighted on the board. There is also some form of strategy in this game as you can attempt to block your opponent’s pieces from moving by placing 2 or more of your pieces in between them.

However, there’s a catch! If there’s a single piece on the board, you can try to “hit” it using a piece of your own. Pieces that are “hit” will be placed in the middle of the board. They can be rather troublesome as you’ll be forced to place these pieces first, if you have any, in any turn. In other words, you’ll be wasting your number of moves per turn. What’s worse is that you can only place the piece on your opponent’s Home… it feels a lot like having your piece return to the starting point after you’ve managed to nearly get it to the end of a Snake and Ladder game. It can be that frustrating! However, if you don’t have enough moves in a turn to put all the hit pieces back into play, you’ll lose your piece for that entire gameplay, making it harder for you to win the game.

Anyway, once you’ve painstakingly moved all your pieces into your Home, you can then start systematically removing them from the board. This process is called Bear Off (Please don’t ask me why). The first player who managed to remove all their pieces from the board will be crowned the winner. In addition to this normal-type of winning, there are 2 other different forms of winning – Gammon and Backgammon. For Gammon, you’ll need to remove all your 15 pieces from the board before your opponent can remove his first piece, while for Backgammon, you’ll need to remove all pieces while your opponent still has pieces inside your home. Getting a Gammon or a Backgammon is pretty lucrative for the winner as Gammon will double your earnings, while Backgammon will triple it.

If you would like to have some sort of an advantage over your opponent in PlayGem Social Backgammon, you’ll be glad to know of the bonuses the game has to offer. There are hints that you can buy using premium cash. These hints will point out the best possible move for you while you’re playing a match for a better shot at victory. That said, there are no guarantees that you will win though! Furthermore, there are also chips and experience (XP) boosters which will increase the chips and XP you earn per game you play within the activation period of these boosters.

PlayGem Social Backgammon also boasts of having certified random dice algorithms, so the die you play are not loaded in any way. This is a pretty nice credential to have as some games are a bit shady on their dice algorithms. They sometimes designed their algorithms in such a way that favors the game’s interests more than the players, making it more likely for you to lose.

The only downside – a pretty common one, at that – though is that its matchmaking system can be rather unbalanced. You’ll get matched with players of level 16 or 17 even when you chose Beginner level and are starting the game at level 1. Thankfully, the game helps out a little by footing the bill for your losses for your first match.


PlayGem Social Backgammon is a pretty popular Backgammon game on Facebook. It has more than a million likes on its Facebook fan page and well, it also has a rather active community of Backgammon players. The devs of the game are quite generous as well. This is because their Facebook page gives away a plethora of goodies on an approximately weekly basis.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game are pretty well-designed to reflect the classic look of Backgammon boards. However, the artists at PlayGem Social Backgammon went a bit more creative and come up with really unique-looking boards like the Dark Angel board. The pieces’ design for the Samurai Blade board looks special as well. In terms of sound, the game offers a jazz-like music to serenade you as you play the game. However, for players who prefer to play in silence, you can easily disable the music and the sound effects via their respective buttons on the board selection interface.


All in all, PlayGem Social Backgammon is an entertaining online Backgammon game that is very unique (as compared to classic Backgammon games) as it combines the thrill of betting with the careful strategic thinking needed in Backgammon. Not to mention, there are many game types and boards for you to enjoy, so it might be quite difficult for you to get bored with the game. To put it simply, if you’re a fan of Backgammon, you’ll definitely love PlayGem Social Backgammon. Go ahead and try the game out today!

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Play gem back gammon the worse scam site about no support predictable rolls NEVER spend money on this site they are all fucking cheatsFull Review
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I was blocked.

They blocked my account for no reason.
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Sick of it!

Ever since I started playing this game I have had multiple problem everything from jerks using cheating apps to playgem stealing my points, now I do my roll and it says I won 6400 I only get 2000 if I...Full Review
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