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Planet Horse 10 rate Start your horse racing adventure today in Planet Horse. Train to your horse for show jumping and many kinds of races while earning generous rewards. Don’t forget to take care of your horse between races to keep him in top shape and get helpful items from the Shop to help you win the next race. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Planet Horse is another excellent horse simulation game that is sure to captivate horse lovers the world over. In this beautiful virtual world, you can select a horse breed, enter training mode, earn coins and join races to rank on the top spot. Spend your money on nifty riding clothes and gear for your horse to prepare for your next competition!


Planet Horse can be played in a Demo version, and then you have the option to purchase the full game after. In this horse racing virtual world, you get to create your equestrian profile, choose a horse breed, give him/her a name, choose between mare, stallion or gelding, and then start with one or two activities from the main menu.

Once you have a profile and a horse, you can go to The Pine Cones activity, where you’ll learn how to ride and steer your horse to pick up objects along a path. In this case, the objects are pine cones, which you need to click for the horse to go and “pick up”. Moving your horse is quite straightforward, as you only need to click on an object or a spot on the ground in front of you and the horse automatically moves to that direction. There is no need to press anything to slow down or stop the horse, as it also does this as it reaches the point where you clicked. The farther ahead you click, the faster the horse will go. You can also opt to hold down the mouse button and drag the arrow to where you want the horse to go, but you still get the same results as simply clicking ahead.

After completing the first activity, you’ll earn a decent amount of money, but you will have to do other activities first before you unlock the Shop. The next activity is Show Jumping training, where you need to jump over a few obstacles on a track. There’s a helpful tutorial to guide you along. The important thing to remember is that the horse will refuse to jump if you approach an obstacle on an angle. Position your horse so that it faces the obstacle directly before you make the jump. Doing this takes practice, but don't rush and get the perfect position to execute jumps perfectly.

To jump, you need to click on the three marked steps on the ground. Try to click at least two steps successfully for the horse to jump completely over the obstacle. Sometimes, the horse will jump but will knock off a bar on the obstacle. This usually happens when you fail to click on all three steps. When a bar is knocked off the fence, you’ll get a penalty and it will be taken against your final score. After this activity, you are rewarded more coins, provided you place at least 3rd in the rankings. Keep practicing until you master how to jump over obstacles and rank 3rd, 2nd or 1st to earn coins.

The next activity is Care, which lets you clean your horse. You only need to move the mouse over your horse to clean and remove all the dirt. Once done, you can go the Shop to buy items for your horse with the coins you earned. In the shop, you buy Equestrian equipment for your horse. This includes ear nets, saddles, shin boots and saddlecloth. When you buy from the Shop, you need to return to the main menu and go to Stables to put on your horse’s new gear.

Now you’re ready for more training, and you can go back to the first branch of activities and you'll notice that you’ve unlocked Practice race. Here, you will race on a countryside and you need to follow the arrows while clicking ahead to move your horse forward. Be careful not to click too close to the bushes when making a turn – this can sometimes make the horse hit the bush and stop him on his tracks. At the end of the race, you’ll be shown your place and you’ll get the appropriate coins for your reward. Now you can buy Riding clothes from the Shop and access them from your Locker. You can buy gloves, tops, trousers, helmets, hats, gilets and boots. Once paid for, go to the Locker and put them on.

When you complete your Practice race, the Cross Country training will be unlocked. Here, you need to jump over obstacles through a country road in a natural environment, as opposed to a race track. You need to move your horse through the road and click on three stone steps to jump over an obstacle, the same way you do in the Show Jumping training. Unlike racing on a track, you can jump over obstacles from any angle.

More activities are unlocked as you successfully accomplish previous ones. These activities also create a strong bond with your horse, increases his abilities like stamina and speed, and allows you to unlock items in the Shop and actual races where you compete with other players. When you’ve won competitions, you can even get another horse. Keep completing all activities while taking care of your horse and improving his abilities to unlock more of the game’s features.


Planet Horse has great graphics for a horse simulation game, but there’s nothing spectacular that we haven’t seen from other games. That considered, the image quality at its fullest is still on par with other games in its genre. The music and sound effects are generally pleasing and allows you to enjoy the game’s beautiful environment.


In a nutshell, Planet Horse is great for girls who love horse racing. With great focus on training and participating in different kinds of races, you won’t run out of challenges and rewards to win. Whether it’s training or an actual competition, there’s always a reward to look forward to, in addition to increased horse abilities. If you want a horse racing game that focuses on the actual competitions, then Planet Horse can deliver this to you in its charming virtual world.

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New Game Added: Planet Horse

by Kim Jun 3, 2016
Start your horse racing adventure today in Planet Horse. Train to your horse for show jumping and many kinds of races while earning generous rewards. Don’t forget to take care of your horse between races to keep him in top shape and get helpful items from the Shop to help you win the next race. Planet Horse: click ahead show jumping in Planet Horse Planet Horse: a perfect jump Read More
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