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Phantasy Star Online 2 10 rate From the creators of the popular sci-fi RPG franchise in Japan, and the sequel to the hit Sega Dreamcast game. Phantasy Star Online 2 will provide hours and hours of intense action and hundreds of items to collect. Ready your guns and swords for an epic adventure in Phantasy Star Online 2! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Phantasy Star Online 2 is an action role playing game developed by SEGA, it was based on the popular Phantasy Star Universe timeline where adventurers travel around different worlds to stop the menacing threat from dark forces. It also features a wide range of character customization, from cosmetics up to its aesthetics.


PSO2 focuses on the ever growing Phantasy Star Universe, where almost the entire alien races are venturing to space with the vessel called the Oracle. Their goal as Arks is to explore and discover habitable planets and prevent an evil dark force from returning that would cause another catastrophic war that have claimed millions of lives. What makes the game great on the story department is that it features cut-scenes with voiced dialogues to help out in expanding the story, plus content updates in the form of patches help add more lore to the series and introduce new characters as well.


The best part in Phantasy Star Online 2 is its gameplay, it focuses more on action and team play. It features a ton of quests and raid missions to keep players hooked for hours, and some nifty side options that are outside of the usual quest hunting sessions.

The game lets you pick from four different races, each provide some advantages to certain classes. From the balanced Human, the magic wielding Newmans and the cybernetic beings called CASTs, a new race was also introduced as the Dewmans. There are several character classes available for use, from the standard fighter class to the popular Wizards and the range expert Gunners, these classes can only use specific weapons but can unlock more options to other weapons when their class gets promoted. And the best with the classes is that you can switch to other classes at any time without any restrictions.

Character customization is one of the best highlights for PSO2, all characters that you created can be customized with a wide range of options. Initially in your first attempt to create a character, you can choose different presets for the appearance or just design your own. And each part of the face can be adjusted with different parameters, giving a unique character, plus you can also adjust the body size, not just from height or weight, but also some portions of the body like making it bulkier or sexier. You can also customize your character even after you have created them, there are NPCs that allow you to add customization parts to your avatar either from item malls or quest rewards.

The combat system is a lot different from your conventional MMORPGs. The battles and actions that you made are in real time and you can move while attacking, giving a chance to land a critical hit in some weak parts of the enemies. When using a ranged weapon, you can manually aim at a target to land powerful blows on weak spots, you can also evade incoming attacks from monsters and bosses with the roll or dash button. It can provide a whole new game experience to anyone who is used to the classic battle system in most MMORPGs.

Quests are the most important part in PSO2 when grinding to increase levels. There are different types of quests available in the game, there is the story quests, where players can unfold more plots in the PSO2 universe and unlock some new characters that will be your party members. Then there are the side quests where it may revolve in eliminating a certain number of enemies or collecting loot from them, these can sometimes be acquired at the quest lobby area or from NPCs that are scattered around the area.


Phantasy Star Online 2 focuses on lobby-based missions, meaning you must create a room when performing missions and quests, and you can choose to let other players join your room or limit it to just your friends. Although the game is already on its 2nd year, it only caters to the Southeast Asian players, and with the lack of major content updates, the community becomes smaller. But unlike some MMOs, PSO2 lets you complete missions by yourself, almost giving a console game RPG treatment. And you can recruit NPCs to join your party if you want to play solo. The chat system also feature emoticon banners that you can customize by yourself that will give you freedom to create cool banners.

Graphics/ Sound

Despite being a 2012 game, PSO2 still has some of the best visuals. With cool battle animations and detailed costumes, it lets your avatar stand out from the rest if you wear some of the rarest costumes. As for the sound effects, it provides memorable sound bites from the menu interface up to the weapon sound effects, plus it also features voiced dialogues for your avatar and to other NPCs. The music department is also impressive, featuring a ton of soundtrack that features JRPG-esque vibes and pop songs that will keep teens and young adults hyped for the game.


Phantasy Star Online 2 provide more hours of pure action and JRPG experience to players. If you are a fan of the Phantasy Star series, you will definitely not miss this, or even just a fan of sci-fi JRPGs. However due to the country restriction of the game, only few players can experience an English version of PSO2, as some players who cannot play it will have to resort to the Japanese version of the game which is purely in Japanese.

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