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by Aethyna
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Pet Rescue Saga 9 rate Welcome to one of the cutest block destruction games you will ever see, where here you have to rescue the cute little pets from the stacks of boxes. Enjoy popping huge piles of blocks and a large range of boosters as you face different fun challenges on each of these brilliant levels. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pet Rescue Saga has a simple yet brilliant idea that is really fun to play and full of cute little animals for you to bring down to safety. In a twist on the match 3 gameplay instead of moving the blocks, you need to click on groups of 3 or more. When you click on them they blow up, and everything above them falls down, including the pets. When a pet reaches the bottom is is saved and will run to safety.

One of the nice things is that in most cases when you blow up some blocks they stay blown up, that way you can see how many you have left. When your stacks of boxes are higher, you will see them from the top, and work your way down to the ground floor. This can be quite useful as you can see what you have left, but sometimes you could do with a couple of extra red or blue boxes.

As you pop the boxes you will also score points and charge up a special booster button. These points count towards stars, and you will need at least one star before you can finish a level. Sometimes one of your challenges will be to simply score a certain number of points rather than rescue pets so getting rid of big groups of colors is one of the best ways to clear a level.

The booster button is on the bottom right of the screen and can be very useful for you. As you blow up the blocks the booster charges up, when it is full you can use the special ability. It will then begin to refill again so you might be able to use it more than once. The bigger the group of blocks you pop the faster that the booster recharges. This booster also changes depending on the level that you are playing.

There are several different boosters, and each of them has a unique special power. The Block Buster is used to remove a single block of any color from the board. The Column Blaster will clear an entire row of blocks, it will also blow up any cages and pet carriers releasing the animals trapped inside. A Color Pop can be used to remove all of the blocks of one color, though it only works for the ones on the screen, anything below the line you can see will not pop. A Line Blaster will blow up everything in a line, these also often appear in the levels as well so you can use a lot of them. They also handily blow up the pet carriers and cages too.

The last of the boosters are the Mesh Masher, Master Key and Paintbrush each of which can make the difference in a level. The Mesh Masher will remove all of the wire boxes from the screen. A Master Key will unlock all of the blocks and the Paintbrush will color up to 5 blocks to be the same as the first block you choose. This can be used to move awkward boxes that sit in your way.

As well as appearing on the booster bar they are also unlocked as you play and you are able to pick and choose to use them at any point in a level. You will be given 3 for free when you unlock them and then once they have been used you can purchase more with either Pet Coins or Gold Bars.

As you progress through the levels you will find that some of the blocks will change into cages, or pet carriers that have the pets in them and they need to be unlocked. The keys will appear in the patterns too and when a key reaches the bottom, or is blown up by a bomb or booster it will open some or all of the cages. There are also some fun patterns and other useful items like balloons that pop all of one color or bombs that blow up all of the blocks around them.

These extras add a whole new level of fun and keep the game interesting to play, there are also different styles of level to enjoy too. From clearing a lot of blocks to saving all of the animals from the cages there is so much you can do here. You will also be able to share lives with your friends, and instead of having to wait for 30 minutes for a life, you can play again after only 5 minutes.

This style of game is a refreshing change, and it works very well as there is a huge range of patterns and schemes you can use to make a bright, colorful and engaging game. As you would expect the game looks great and feels good to play. With over 700 levels of block breaking fun waiting for you full of cute animals and fun tricks you will not be bored of Pet Rescue Saga any time soon.


There are millions of people all over the world who play, across all of the available platforms. This means that there is always someone to share lives with. The community is vast, and there are a lot of useful tips and videos around to help you if you get stuck on a particular level.


Pet Rescue Saga looks and feels great when you play, the pets are very cute and the design is very bright and colorful. The layout of the boosters and recharging ability are easy to use and you can clearly see what is going on in the game. The motion of the blocks and special items is really smooth too.

There is a catchy tune that runs in the background, and the blocks when they blow up make a satisfying popping sound, the bigger the group of blocks the better the noise, which is a nice little touch. You also have a nice little cheer when you rescue a pet too.


With a wonderful theme, bright and vibrant look and some pretty little animals this game is really appealing. The theme of the game is very simple, and yet it can be quite a puzzle to solve when you get deeper into the game. Both addictive and fun it is no surprise that Pet Rescue Saga is as popular as it is.

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New Game Added: Pet Rescue Saga

by Aethyna Dec 17, 2014
Welcome to one of the cutest block destruction games you will ever see, where here you have to rescue the cute little pets from the stacks of boxes. Enjoy popping huge piles of blocks and a large range of boosters as you face different fun challenges on each of these brilliant levels. Pet Rescue Saga Caged Pets Waiting to be Saved in Pet Rescue Saga Pet Rescue Saga Mesh Blocks Level Read More
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