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by Aethyna
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Pepper Panic Saga 9 rate Join Pepper Puppy in his quest to explode as many peppers as he can in this match-3 game with a twist – Pepper Panic Saga! Grow the peppers big enough and unleash a flurry of explosions to activate the crazy Pepper Panic mode! Are you on fire yet? No? Hop into Pepper Panic Saga to get yourself hot and smoking now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join Pepper Puppy in his quest to explode as many peppers as he can in this match-3 game with a twist – Pepper Panic Saga! In this game, you will need to match-3 peppers of the same color to make them grow. When they get big enough, they will explode, sometimes triggering a chain reaction of explosions that will activate Pepper Panic mode! You can also complete longer matches to gain special growth patterns. There are various level types in this game and the level objective can even change in mid-game! If you encountered any particularly difficult levels, you could purchase boosters to help you out. Travel across more than 460 fun-filled levels, popping peppers as you go, in this exciting match-3 game, Pepper Panic Saga! Try it today!


Mr Claw and Pepper Puppy used to be friends. During one of Pepper Puppy’s visits to Mr Claw’s shack, it resulted in an accidental addition of pepper into Mr Claw’s signature frosty drink. To his surprise, Mr Claw realized that he could earn a ton load of money if he sells this pepper-added drink as it is unbelievably delicious. However, he’ll need peppers… lots of them and he knows exactly where to get them!

This is where you come in! Can you stop Mr Claw from stealing Pepper Puppy’s grown peppers by collecting them first?


In Pepper Panic Saga, you will need to match 3 or more peppers of the same color to combine them into 1 bigger pepper. You will then need to keep combining big peppers to get 1 super-hot fiery pepper. When matched, this fiery pepper will explode while spreading their pepper growth powers to all other peppers with the same color on the board. Do take note that combining peppers does earn you some points, but exploding them will earn you more.

Long or special matches, such as 4-pepper matches, 5-pepper matches or L- and T-shaped matches will grow and clear peppers in a more advantageous way. For 4-pepper matches, they will grow an entire column or row of peppers, while for 5-pepper matches, they will explode to grow all peppers of the same color on the board (similarly to performing multiple matches of bigger peppers)! Matches that are done in the L or T shape will instead grow peppers in both column and row directions.

If you managed to explode 10 peppers in a row (like a combo), you’ll also trigger the Pepper Panic mode. In this mode, any pepper that is even slightly grown on your board will spontaneously explode, earning you a huge chunk of points!

Interestingly, the level types in Pepper Panic Saga changes pretty often and are consisted of a huge variety of different level objectives, thus, it is important to read what you have to do to win before you start the level. Some of the more basic level types have no move limits and may merely request you to get an ‘X’ amount of score or explode a certain amount of peppers to win.

Some, however, can be much more challenging as you are given limited number of moves and tougher to achieve objectives, such as triggering multiple Pepper Panic in a round, explode or collect certain colors of peppers, or complete certain required matches. These level types may even change their objectives mid-game so you should really keep an eye on the objectives section to know of any new changes to your game objectives. Any moves you may have left in these level types will explode randomly selected peppers on the board, hopefully triggering another pepper panic for more bonus points!

The hardest and most exciting level is the Mr Claw level. In this level Mr Claw’s greedy mechanical claw is always nearby… ready to snatch a whole row of peppers from you! With this annoyance, you do not only have to achieve the objectives needed, you will have to be able to do them fast so your fiery peppers won’t be stolen by Mr Claw!

Each level has a star-based grading system. You will need to get at least 1 star to proceed to the next level. Thus, getting a great score is as equally important as achieving the game objectives. Thankfully though, if you did achieve all the level goals, you should have no problem getting at least 1 star on that level. It’s best, of course, if you can get a perfect score to get all 3 stars!

However, there will certainly be times when you just didn’t manage to do your very best and you’ve lost a life (from a maximum of 5 lives) as a result. Don’t despair though! You can easily regain lives by waiting for 30 minutes each or by asking your friends for lives. If you have the real cash to spend, you could also get more lives using real money too!

With gold bars, which can be purchased with real money, you can also get yourself some boosters to help you with the tougher levels. Some examples of boosters include flame grower, which will explode a pepper of your choice and collector, which will gather all peppers of a chosen color together for easy exploding! There is also a booster called the flameburst pepper which will grow all the peppers of the color you switched it with.


Pepper Panic Saga has a pretty decent community of 3.6 million likes on its Facebook fan page. Although it may not be comparable to the other much more popular titles in King’s reservoir of casual games, its community is doing quite well and those numbers are steadily rising every month! The page is also the perfect place for you to meet and add new friends so you can help each other out in the game by gifting lives. The developer company often organizes giveaway contests too! It’s a great idea to keep an eye on this Facebook page if you enjoy playing Pepper Panic Saga!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in Pepper Panic Saga looks acceptable and colorful enough. The hand-drawn backgrounds look amazing and the map is also very nicely detailed. On the other hand, the sound in this game is outstanding! You can listen to a catchy Mexican-themed tune at the map interface that will possibly get you to start dancing to it if you’re in a good mood. The music in Pepper Panic Saga has some variety as well. While playing a level in the second stage in the game, you’ll be listening to the relaxing sound of the beach, with the sound of waves lazily lapping the seashore. For the first stage, you’re listening to birds chirping instead! It’s absolutely amazing!


Pepper Panic Saga offers an interesting new twist to the basic match-3 genre. Instead of just clearing any matched peppers from the board, these peppers will be combined to form a bigger pepper. As the peppers grow bigger and bigger, a simple match may even trigger an avalanche of pepper explosions that may lead to Pepper Panic! Each level feels different due to their varying level objectives and sometimes your level goals may just change mid-game! Furthermore, there are also boosters that you can buy using real money. With a current total of 460 levels and that the game releases extra levels every fortnight, there will always be a level waiting for you to enjoy as well! So, are you on fire yet? No? Well, hop into Pepper Panic Saga to get yourself hot and smoking now!

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New Game Added: Pepper Panic Saga

by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Join Pepper Puppy in his quest to explode as many peppers as he can in this match-3 game with a twist – Pepper Panic Saga! Grow the peppers big enough and unleash a flurry of explosions to activate the crazy Pepper Panic mode! Are you on fire yet? No? Hop into Pepper Panic Saga to get yourself hot and smoking now! Frozen peppers in Pepper Panic Saga Pepper Panic Saga: Obstacles Exploding peppers in Pepper Panic Saga Read More
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