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Paragon 9.5 rate An epic combination of CCG and MOBA gameplay, Paragon offers highly competitive team-based battles in a unique third-person view on an immersive 3D arena. Work with your team to come up with the best strategies and be the first team to destroy the opposing team’s Core! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion This is a first impression review of the Closed Beta/Early Access version of Paragon. The review will be updated if there are any changes to the game once the game is launched.


Joining the ever-expanding list of MOBA games, Paragon is an amazing MOBA fused with elements of a CCG developed by one of the biggest emerging company in the games industry, Epic Games. Playing in a third-person view in an immersive 3D arena, you’ll not only be closer to the action, you’ll be able to more fully experience the rush of every skirmish you encountered. Combine that with an in-depth collectible card system which you can customize and optimize to fit your play style, Paragon has all the right ingredients to rival established MOBA games like Smite. If you’re an avid MOBA player, Paragon is definitely a game you wouldn’t want to miss!


Due to the differences in this game as compared to other MOBA games, Paragon starts the game off with a pretty basic tutorial, showing you how to play the game. However, once you get into your first match, you’ll realize that there is some stuff that the tutorial has somehow neglected to mention, such as the fact that you can upgrade your cards... which we’ll cover in just a bit.

That being said, despite being a new game and all, Paragon already has quite a selection of heroes right off the bat. The game has 15 heroes in total and all of them are available straight up for free. From what I’ve gathered, all of the heroes will remain free to play even after the game moves into launch. Instead, the game will earn a living by selling a variety of hero skins, card packs and XP boosters. Every hero in this game differs from each other in unique ways as they have their own set of abilities, including an ultimate ability which will be unlocked once you reach level 4 in a match.

Even players who picked the same heroes will eventually become different via the game’s hallmark card system. You can easily build and customize your deck prior to entering a game via the card editor menu or you can simply use the game’s prebuilt decks – the Assassin and the Caster decks. The deck you build can then be accessed in a match.

As you gain more experience in a match (no “last hit” required), you’ll not only unlock new and more powerful abilities for your hero, you’ll also earn points which you can then invest into the cards in your deck. You can invest points into as many cards as you like, but you can only add up to 6 of them into your card slots. Thus, be sure to pick cards that you really need. The total card power of your equipped cards must not exceed the card power limit as well.

What most players may not notice, especially in their first play-through, is that these cards can be upgraded. Once all 6 card slots are filled, you can then work on improving the cards you already have by investing more points into them to get some nice bonus stats. Some cards do not provide bonus stats, but instead offer new abilities, such as the health and mana potion cards will grant your hero the ability to regenerate mana and health while in battle. There’s also a Harvester’s key which you can place on the ground like a totem to help you gain points more rapidly over time.

All of these may sound complicated at first, but it should get much easier once you get the hang of the game after playing a few matches. Not to mention, the cards in Paragon can be earned by playing matches. So, technically, you can play Paragon without spending a single cent if you like.

Due to the game’s inclusion of major elements in a classic MOBA, such as the towers, the 3 lanes, the 5 players on each team, the mindless minions, and each team’s “Cores”, you’ll still get the experience of playing an actual MOBA game. The objective in the game is the same as well – your team will need to be the first to bring down the opposing team’s Core to win. So, basically, you’ll need to work together with your team to stop your opponents from pushing lanes, destroying towers and spawning elite (and stronger) minions. There are also “jungles” in this game where a player can farm the monsters there for more experience points. Paragon does not provide in-match shops like in DotA 2 though.

However, as you’ll be playing the game in third person, Paragon is able to add in a few extra elements of its own to further deepen the strategic aspect of the game. Instead of playing in a flat world, you’ll be able to enjoy hopping around a fully immersive 3D world... and boy, do they fully utilize the “3D” part of the game. The developers behind Paragon added in map elevation, creating arches, cliffs and tunnels for players to use as alternate paths to outflank or ambush their enemies. There are even aptly placed “patches of darkness” where you can hide in so you can catch any unsuspecting enemy hero by surprise.

Furthermore, unlike most MOBAs’ top-down gameplay, Paragon has a skill-based combat system which places a lot of emphasis on the player’s ability to aim accurately and be within range to deal damage. You can also use these factors to your advantage during a 1-on-1 with an opponent by moving about randomly or beyond his range so that he will miss his shots. Most of the more devastative abilities, ultis, usually have some sort of warning sign, whether it’s a visual sign or an audio signal, before they are activated. In these cases, you should definitely make full use of the game’s movement fluidity and avoid as much damage as you can.

Aside from this, each hero in the game will also have a teleport to base ability, along with a “sprinting” option, allowing your hero to move faster than usual and it’s not limited to within the vicinity of your base (unlike some of the other MOBAs). Both teleporting and sprinting abilities will require a somewhat short “casting” duration, so be sure to be completely out of range of your enemies before you start the casting process.

Each match in Paragon usually takes up around 30 mins to an hour, which is similar to the average match length of quite a lot other MOBA games. At the moment though, Paragon has only 2 servers – 1 in North America and 1 in Europe. You’ll still be able to connect the game servers from anywhere else, but you should expect the game to be a quite laggy. The map variety and match modes in Paragon are also seriously lacking though, especially if you compare it with a similar MOBA game, Smite. However, since the game’s not yet officially launched, they can still work on these aspects and perhaps roll out a few different maps and game modes.


The community in Paragon is still relatively small, due to being in Closed Beta/Early Access, since the players either have to pay to get into the game now or be one of the lucky ones selected to become a beta tester. So, at the moment, the queue time for co-op or PvP modes can be a bit lengthy... well, at least you can play "solo vs AI" mode. However, once the game rolls into Open Beta, you can definitely bet the player base to rapidly spike up.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Paragon can be incredibly astonishing provided that your PC or laptop has the power to run it at the highest resolution. I had to run the game at mid-low resolution due to the low frame rates and well, needless to say, the visuals that I get aren’t the best – they are quite blurry. This was quite some time ago though, so the devs might have already optimized the graphics so that they are friendlier towards lower-end gaming or non-gaming PCs.

That being said, Paragon’s gameplay may be slightly similar to Smite due to its third-person perspective, but the art style used reminds me more of another game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This little difference made Paragon stand out from not only Smite but also the whole lot of MOBAs out there, and admittedly, it’s a nice change from the usual cartoony graphics that most games like to use.

In terms of sound, the game has a really ominous background music. The animations and sound effects in the game are fantastic as well.


Overall, Paragon is definitely a game worth trying, especailly for those who love MOBA games. With an epic combination of CCG and MOBA, Paragon guarantees hours of challenging fun where skills take a center role in determining whether your team will won or lose. Although the game may feel a bit like Smite due to the third-person POV, the different theme, art styles and unique 3D map designs clearly separate Paragon, giving it the recognition it needs to succeed. If you are interested to give Paragon a try, you can pay now to get into the game’s Early Access, sign up for its Closed Beta and hope for the best, or you could simply wait until the game enters Open Beta in less than 2 months’ time – the date’s August 16th, so remember to mark your calendars!

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New Game Added: Paragon

by Aethyna Jun 24, 2016
An epic combination of CCG and MOBA gameplay, Paragon offers highly competitive team-based battles in a unique third-person view on an immersive 3D arena. Work with your team to come up with the best strategies and be the first team to destroy the opposing team’s Core! Paragon: Hotrod Howitzer gameplay Murdock in Paragon Paragon: Sprinting back to base to defend Read More
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