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Overwatch 2 10 rate This highly-anticipated sequel comes with new characters, maps, game modes, and loads of content for you to enjoy; more cosmetics to unlock so players can customize their favorite operative in different ways, and a new 5 versus 5 format that is sure to make fights more engaging and dynamic. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The highly anticipated sequel to the world-famous title that made “hero shooters” a genre has finally arrived. Take control of highly skilled and unique heroes to stop a world-ending crisis. In Overwatch 2, everything the fans loved about the first release comes back with a few tweaks to make things fresh but familiar. New characters, maps, and modes have been introduced. More cosmetics to unlock so players can customize their favorite operative in different ways. The ranking system in the competitive mode has been revamped to further encourage players to duke it out and seek improvement. Duty calls once again. Will you answer?


The world of Overwatch 2 is a few years into the future of the first game. New developments have happened during that time skip. One worth noticing is the resurgence of a threat long thought to have been eradicated. The Omnics are back again with a vengeance, and they have newer weapons and more substantial models. These robots with sentient, hostile artificial intelligence will stop at nothing to finally finish what they have started years before the beginning of the franchise.

There is also the matter of Talon, an evil para-military group with its agendas. They have been going toe to toe with the heroic organization of Overwatch and successfully caused its downfall. Their ultimate goal is still unclear, but they are obviously up to no good. Now that the heroes are making a comeback, will they plot to destroy the ones standing in their way again?

The world is full of events and other groups, making it enjoyable right now. What makes things even better is the eventual release of the PvE campaign mode. A cooperative experience with a narrative focus to finally tie the loose ends and bring forth the branching storylines of the characters everyone has played through all these years.


Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, first-person action shooter in a similar vein as Team Fortress 2. It used to be a 6v6 endeavor, but the developers have made a great call to turn it into a 5v5 bout. Players group up to complete a specific set of objectives. The enemy team obviously exists to prevent or contest what you are supposed to achieve.

Each character is classified in a role; these dictate what functions they have on the field and inform players what kind of loadout they should expect. These heroes have a unique primary weapon supplemented by two active skills, a passive bonus, and an ultimate ability. The skills are also specific to the playable operator, while the buffs are role exclusive.

The role system follows the age-old meta trifecta. Tanks that make and control the area they are holding. DPS fellows who are in charge of dealing massive amounts of damage. Finally, the support units make sure the rest of their teammates’ health pool is always packed so no one will be knocked out of the fight. So much strategy and interplay can be made thanks to the varying synergies.


Blizzard took notes on what made their product loved by everyone. They made sure that it was easy to find matches and bring in new audiences to this franchise. By going with the free-to-play model, the game has reached a lot more untapped players. Queue times are fast, and you can now play any role without waiting for half an hour. It is a massive improvement from the first entry, and everyone is happy to have new people to play with.

There is currently no offline functionality available. A stable internet connection is needed at all times to boot it up.


The graphics have not changed much from their predecessor, technically speaking. It still sports the semi-cartoony yet realistic approach. The 3D models are once again easy on the eyes and definitely do not throttle any system it is installed in. It’s in the art direction where most changes are noticeable. Characters have revamped models, and there are loads of cosmetics provided as well if you wish to change into those. The environments are beautiful and highly detailed; some even have a degree of intractability. The new maps included are instantly differentiable from the rest, and their aesthetics give them unique traits. It runs at a stable 60 and higher on most PCs and next-gen consoles, while it has a solid 30 fps on the mighty Nintendo Switch.

The sound direction in Overwatch has always been nothing short of a masterpiece. Every special effect, explosion, or footstep is well-defined. Players need not strain themselves to make sense of what they hear since everything is identifiable. The music still gives off that superhero vibe every time it plays in the background. Voice acting is top-notch, and everyone’s performance is spot-on and a treat to the ears.


In conclusion, the sequel has big shoes to fill, and only the future can tell if it is successful. Right now, the new stuff included may be less than other titles, but it still has the fun team-based action everyone loved. With the change to a 5v5 format, fights are more dynamic and engaging. It is also free-to-play, so what are you waiting for? Download Overwatch 2 for your Playstation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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New Game Added: Overwatch 2

by Loki Oct 11, 2022
This highly-anticipated sequel comes with new characters, maps, game modes, and loads of content for you to enjoy; more cosmetics to unlock so players can customize their favorite operative in different ways, and a new 5 versus 5 format that is sure to make fights more engaging and dynamic. Shatter in Overwatch 2 Gun in Overwatch 2 Team in Overwatch 2 Read More
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