Orcs Must Die: Unchained

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Orcs Must Die: Unchained 9 rate Orcs Must Die: Unchained is the third installment of the Orcs Must Die game series and the first free-to-play release game from the said franchise. The game focuses on the tower defense element where you must defend your rift from the invading orcs by placing traps and guardians as well as using your hero to fend them off. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Orcs Must Die Unchained is the free to play version of the popular Orcs Must Die game franchise. The third installment of the said franchise, the game still features the original gameplay but added a new multiplayer mode that features a MOBA-like gameplay mechanics to provide a competitive side to the game.


Set in a fantasy medieval world, where it focus around the elite wizards and warriors called the Order, where they protect the Rifts, magical portals that connects between the human world and the dead world and it provides the magical power to both worlds. To ensure balance to the world, the Rift were guarded well by the Order from invading Orcs who desire to destroy it to bring chaos to the worlds.


What still makes it good about Orcs Must Die Unchained is that it still retained the original concept of the previous games considering this is a free to play version of the franchise, but still adding some features unique to the game to provide a refreshing take to the series.

At the start of the game, you will be brought to a tutorial to explain all the basic mechanics of the game. Orcs Must Die Unchained is basically a tower defense game but in a different approach. Like most tower defense games, some maps have straightforward paths for the invading forces, and in difficult levels, there will be multiple paths where invaders can storm the area simultaneously.

You control an avatar in the third person and can use him or her to attack the invading Orcs, you can also place traps in areas where the invaders will go through. Killing invaders will net your money to spend on placing more traps and every succeeding waves will bring more invaders and more powerful foes that will pose a problem to you if you don’t plan your defense well.

Your avatar has its basic attack and an alternate skill that may vary on certain heroes, and they have an ultimate ability called Unchain where you can fill up the meter by defeat more monsters and use it to deal devastating damage to an area. You can select a trap to be placed in the area with the number keys, and some traps can be placed on floors, while some only works on walls or ceilings, so planning where the invaders go will give you an advantage.

The Rift only has a limited amount of health and any invader that managed to slip past your defenses and enters the Rift will cause it to lose a point and once it reaches zero the mission will fail. Some monsters may require some strategy in order to defeat them quickly, the Ogres will require some beating before it fall down, so putting Tar traps along with Arrow wall traps will help slow the Ogres down and deals enough damage with the arrows.

You can also summon Guardians in certain waypoints in the area, these Guardians will assist you in battle as they can lure enemies from the path or provide buffs to the entire team, but take note that you can only summon one Guardian per waypoint and if they fall in battle, they cannot be respawned again.

The game previously had two game modes, but since it is still on the beta phase, there are still some changes to the game thus removing the Siege mode where players can compete against other players in a MOBA-like mechanics using tower defense gameplay. The only game mode available is the Survival mode, which is basically puts you or with two other players in a map where you must survive a horde of Orcs in a number of waves. Survive the battle and you will earn gold, experience points and other bonus items such as gear or traps.

You can collect different heroes, traps, gear and trait cards. You can also upgrade your traps that will improve its damage or unlock additional status effects, you can change your gear to provide a boost to your avatar.


Orcs Must Die is originally a single player game, but there are active players who are still contributing guides to newbies and discuss on balance tweaks and bug fixes in the community boards. So far only the Survival mode provides multiplayer gameplay and with the lack of any competitive game mode, some may not enjoy the game competing against AIs.

Graphics/ Sound

Visuals of Orcs Must Die still retained its original art direction of having a cartoon-like design, though it may like your average Saturday cartoons, it has extreme violent scenes with decapitating bodies and blood which adds novelty to the game. There are also voice dialogue for each of the heroes that give it distinct personality, music has that fantasy theme to help provide a mood to the gameplay.


Orcs Must Die is still the same familiar game from its series. Fans of tower defense games will definitely enjoy this and even those who are into action games, though competitive players may shy away from this. But since the game is still on open beta, players can expect new game modes to be added in the future.

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New Game Added: Orcs Must Die: Unchained

by Richard Mar 4, 2017
Orcs Must Die: Unchained is the third installment of the Orcs Must Die game series and the first free-to-play release game from the said franchise. The game focuses on the tower defense element where you must defend your rift from the invading orcs by placing traps and guardians as well as using your hero to fend them off. Orcs Must Die: Unchained: Gameplay Building a deck in Orcs Must Die: Unchained Orcs Must Die: Unchained: Combos Read More
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