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Onrush 10 rate Onrush is not your everyday racing game. Available for free for R1 PS Plus users this December 2018, it is a racing arena where drifts and podium finishes mean nothing. Here, you’re supposed to beat your opponents by taking them down. Use different characters and a variety of vehicles to give your team the advantage. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With racing games of this generation aiming for a simulated and near-realistic experience, Onrush stands out. This arcade racer isn’t your typical racing game. After all, you’ll end up slamming your opponents into walls or crushing them under your car’s weight. There’s also a superpower mechanic, called Rush, which you’ll use to change the direction of the game in your team’s favor upon activation.

So, should you try it out or skip the download? Let’s find out what it has to offer:


In racing games, finishing first through timely bursts of speed, zero crashes, and flawlessly-executed drifts which would cut tire life short are everything.

For Onrush, it isn’t.

Instead of finishing first, you’re supposed to meet certain objectives depending on the game mode. But regardless of the mode you’re in there’s one thing that helps: reducing your opponents into a pile of scrap by taking them down. It’s a glorious mix of chaos and calculations that puts other games in the genre to shame.

You don’t do circuit races nor do you run laps and be pressured by time constraints and requirements. Instead, it’s all about destroying vehicle fodder to raise your turbo and Rush bars, gauges and being in the winning team.

You see, Onrush pits two teams of six players against each other. You’ll be randomly placed in a match with 11 other players (unless if you’re playing with five other friends) when you enter matchmaking. After which, you’re placed in a session with a randomly selected game mode.

The game modes are Overdrive, Switch, Countdown, and Lockdown . In Overdrive, players add in points to their team by either activating “Rush”, which is a superpower unique to the selected vehicle in addition to a more powerful takedown ability. Meanwhile in Switch, the goal is to destroy opponents to force them to “switch” vehicles. Once all opponents have switched, your team wins.

Countdown makes players go through checkpoints to raise time for their team. Whichever team doesn’t run out of time wins a round and whichever team wins the most rounds wins. Finally, Lockdown is a conquest-type mode where a capture area pops up in the track which you and your teammates are tasked to capture.

To help you achieve these goals, Onrush provides eight vehicles - three motorcycles and five cars - with different capabilities. For example, The Outlaw bike’s Rush ability can drain opposing players’ boost as long as they are within range. Meanwhile, The Charger buggy can plow through enemies due to its larger Rush effect. There’s even a support vehicle - called The Dynamo - which restocks allies’ boost charges. Granted, you can select vehicles which can support a particular play style.

Speaking of playstyle, destruction, playing smart, and spatial awareness equally take a fair amount of the pie in Onrush. The main way to earn boost is to destroy gray vehicles which are called Fodder, take to the air by driving over ramps, or by performing stunts. If you want to take down enemies easily, you’ll need to do all of the above frequently You’ll also need to play smart by adhering your vehicle’s strengths. Finally, spatial awareness and fast reflexes are necessary to avoid obstacles and make the right turns.

Apart from online, there’s also a single player mode. Regardless of which game type you’re in, you can earn various rewards. These include new vehicle skins, tombstones, and other customization options.

Unfortunately, there are a few bugs and server issues which hound the game. For example, there’s a nasty bug which affects Lockdown mode. There are instances wherein players are forced to wait for several minutes because of an error. Latency issues are common even on a decent internet connection.


Onrush has an active community with thousands of players around the world. The number further soared with the addition of PlayStation Plus subscribers, so you can expect to be in matches pretty quickly. The game also has a dedicated subreddit where you can discuss the game with like-minded players.


In terms of presentation, Onrush doesn’t disappoint and we can all safely say it is one of the best-looking racing games today. The textures and other details - particularly the explosions - pop out. The 12 tracks - ranging from canyons, lush forests, to factories - are vibrant and full of life and detail.

As for the audio aspects, the game exceeds expectations. Explosions and impacts sound real, while the voice overs are a joy to listen to. The music tracks - some from acclaimed artists - add to the adrenaline-fueled and fast-paced gameplay.


Overall, if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’d be crazy not to play Onrush. It’s not your traditional racing game, but it’s extremely fun. It treats you to a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled experience you’ll truly enjoy, whether on your own or with your friends. So, jump into the driver seat and take your act to the racetrack!

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New Game Added: Onrush

by Mikhail Dec 17, 2018
Onrush is not your everyday racing game. Available for free for R1 PS Plus users this December 2018, it is a racing arena where drifts and podium finishes mean nothing. Here, you’re supposed to beat your opponents by taking them down. Use different characters and a variety of vehicles to give your team the advantage. Damaged vehicle in Onrush Dynamo in Onrush Countdown in Onrush Read More
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