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Onigiri 9 rate Onigiri is an anime action MMORPG that features instanced dungeons. You can to choose your type of female warriors and choose from different weapons that offer unique skill set and abilities that widens to different playing styles. Players can unlock NPC companions as the story progress that can aid you in battle. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Onigiri is an action MMORPG with anime-style visuals that lets you battle against monsters in instance-based dungeons. Your avatar can choose from eight different weapon types. Each of them offers different move sets and skills. You can also recruit NPCs to your team that can aid you in your dungeon crawling adventures, they can be acquired through game progression. It also features PvE and PvP game modes that catered to different types of gamers.


The game is set in a fictional medieval era in Japan, as the world was filled with spirits and demons, it was then rocked by chaos ages ago. The evil demon Kamigui caused chaos in the land and cause a lot of destruction from its path. It was until the sun goddess Amaterasu Oomikami placed three great seals on Kamigui to seal him away and brought peace back to the lands. However, after time has passed, one of the seals was broken and the dark forces have struck once more. It is up to a young woman and a child of the Oni from the western island of Onigashima can change destiny.


Onigiri focused more on its action-oriented gameplay where any players can get into the action immediately. Focused more on beautiful female warriors as your playable avatar, the game shows a lot of fan service to anime fans and not to mention they also focused on that kind of art style for the game.

Starting off in the game, you will be customizing your avatar with a selected amount of options for your appearance. The options to change the appearance are quite limited but you can change the type of outfit you will have at the start. There are no character classes to pick on Onigiri, as the game focuses more on weapon usage to determine your play style. The tutorial section brings to an instanced dungeon where it will explain the basic controls of the game as well on how the combat works, completing the tutorial will bring you to the town hall where you can proceed with the main quest.

The controls retain that familiar setup from other action-based MMOs, the mouse is for controlling the camera along with the attack function. The WASD are for movement and double tapping can perform dash actions for quick movement or evasion, the spacebar for jumping and the E key for item pickups. You can switch to cursor mode where you can click on the interface with the ALT button, pressing the Tab button lets you lock on the nearest target. Alternatively, you can use any Xinput supported game controllers and use it in the game.

Combat is very much what you expect from a hack and slash RPG, you defeat a series of monsters in an instanced dungeon by using combo strings of your basic attacks or using any special skills. There are eight different weapon types and each has its own specialty that will change an avatar’s attack style. And unlike with other games where the skills are solely based on the avatar’s character class or race, all of the skills in Onigiri are from weapons, so when you switch to a different weapon, your skills will change, only four weapons can be equipped with a certain character, which means they can have four different playing styles in one sitting.

The quests in the game are pretty much the same as with any action or even traditional RPGs. You receive quests from NPCs from the town and perform tasks such as eliminating a certain number of monsters to collecting items from a particular monster. Completing the tasks rewards players with experience points, money, and other bonus items from consumables to weapons. All dungeons are instanced, meaning only you and your party members can participate in a dungeon and no one will interfere in your raids, and each dungeon will have an end boss to eliminate, and once completing the dungeon, you can earn experience points and a random item.

There is also the partner system where you can recruit NPCs to assist you in battle, they abilities will grow stronger as you continue to bring them to battles. Your affinity to them will also improve the more your partner is always in your party. You can also interact with them and give them presents as it will increase your affinity with them and in return, they performance will improve in battle.

There are many more features that are often present in older MMORPGs, or at least games that are derived from older ones, like player stalls as well.


The game is also available on the consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though these are not shared with the same server along with the PC version, all of the said platforms have a healthy amount of active players. You can invite other players to form parties on dungeon raids and even socially interact with them, there is also a PvP mode where you can test your skills against other players.

Graphics/ Sound

Visuals are more anime inspired, as they also have a series of animated videos for their promotional trailers to match with the art style of the game. However, despite aiming for an anime-ish look, the details of the models are very outdated, considering the game was released in the mid-2010’s. The animation is somewhat decent but isn’t as smooth as with other similar action RPGs. The music is also decent and featured some voiced dialogues but all are forgettable and very basic.


Overall, Onigiri has some flaws that affect the overall factor of the game, but still a fun game if you can get along with its flaws. The anime style visuals can entice the anime fans or otakus on trying out the game and even some of the hack and slash enthusiasts, the flaws on the controls, and outdated visuals and gameplay may turn off some players as they might look for other newer titles in the market.

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New Game Added: Onigiri

by Richard Jan 7, 2018
Onigiri is an anime action MMORPG that features instanced dungeons. You can to choose your type of female warriors and choose from different weapons that offer unique skill set and abilities that widens to different playing styles. Players can unlock NPC companions as the story progress that can aid you in battle. Onigiri: Adorable loading screen Storyline dialogue in Onigiri Onigiri: Cool combat animations Read More
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