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by Richard
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One Tower 8 rate One Tower is an indie MOBA game featuring only one lane and one tower, which drastically simplifying the standard MOBA gameplay, making each match faster to finish. Players also have the ability to swap different minions at your spawning pool to allow for a more diverse strategy in the flow of the battle. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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One Tower is an MOBA game that features the same gameplay mechanics from popular MOBA games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends. It features a much simplified gameplay where it focuses on one versus one battles in a single lane compared to a team-based battles with multiple lanes. Four characters are available with unique abilities that can be formidable when played well, and a series of neutral creeps that can be farmed for experience points and gold or even recruit them to aid you in battle. Players can also practice their heroes before taking on other players in real matches.


One Tower plays and feels like your standard MOBA game, there are no fancy gimmicks or new mechanics, rather it emphasizes on a more simplistic gameplay that aims to make it easy to learn for newcomers. Though the game is still on its Alpha phase (early access), there are still plenty of room for improvements to the gameplay.

At the start of the game, you can start with the game immediately; there are no short tutorials to explain the basics of the game. Those who are used with the intro tutorial will be surprised with the lack of explanation for the gameplay but there is an accessible tutorial video to explain all of the details of the game, however the tutorial video lacks additional footage to explain all the basics as it only shows a few series of screenshots and a long narration to explain the game.

There are four characters available for the alpha test with more expected to arrive in future updates, each hero features three unique skills that can deal powerful damage or status ailments or sometimes temporary buffs, sadly there is no ultimate ability available for each hero and you can max out the skills’ levels at level 10. There are no unique game modes as it only has a quick match option and a practice game, you can pick your preferred hero before searching a match as the game is primarily for one on one battles.

The controls for the game is quite simple; your abilities are mapped at Q, W and E and your movement will depend on where you direct your hero in the field by right clicking on the desired location, you can engage to an enemy by right clicking to it or pressing A when near a group of enemies. You can also open up your Minion Shop by pressing T or clicking on the Minion Shop icon below the screen. You are given a nifty teleport ability that teleports you back to the spawn point too, but the ability requires a casting time, and this may leave your character vulnerable to attacks within the casting duration.

As for the game mechanics, the game basically follows the standard MOBA format; your goal is to destroy the enemy base, which in this case is the single tower that is standing at the far end of the map before the enemy can destroy your own tower. After a certain amount of time, there will be waves of minions that will be popping out from each side and will marching forward to the opposing base until all of them falls.

Each wave consists of five units, now the unique twist in the mechanics starts here, you can change the order of the minions that will appear in every wave and which type of minions will spawn. You can purchase these minions from the shop during combat and replace any existing slots.

Some minions play differently such as the priest that allows healing, archers for ranged attacks, golems for tanks and so on, but take note that you cannot bring your entire list of minions, and the team management feature makes use of customizing which minions you can use per match and can be saved as presets for easy access before a battle.


One of the unfortunate problems in the game is the lack of active players, at the time of the review, there are no players online to test out the game and it takes some time to find someone online to play with, which is a major problem for an MMO if it lacks any player base to maintain.

The game also has a chat feature to interact at the lobby before any match that will help look for any interested players who wish to challenge them aside from searching at the quick match mode. You can add other players to your friend list for that added social interaction as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals lack any impact and feels more of a mobile game, but this could be possible due to the game being in the early stage of development. The textures are very flat in the practice map as there are no textures found in the environment, the same goes with the character models, and their animation feels a bit off. The audio department lacks any impact as the soundtrack is limited to just one or two tracks with a very generic fantasy theme and voice dialogues are only available during hero selection and announcer clips when a hero dies.


One Tower is still on its early phase and it’s hard to expect much from its early state, the gameplay mechanics is simple and easy to play however it feels that it is more effective to be in a mobile platform than in the PC. Those who are looking for a simpler MOBA game may enjoy this but expect a ton of bugs and poor visual presentation due to the game being in early access, or give the developers some time to improve the game and you could expect an improved version when it is out as a full game.

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New Game Added: One Tower

by Richard Apr 17, 2017
One Tower is an indie MOBA game featuring only one lane and one tower, which drastically simplifying the standard MOBA gameplay, making each match faster to finish. Players also have the ability to swap different minions at your spawning pool to allow for a more diverse strategy in the flow of the battle. One Tower: Fighting neutral creep Hero selection in One Tower One Tower: Gameplay Read More
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