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One Piece 2: Pirate King 8 rate Choose 1 of the 4 character classes available and set sail to explore the various towns in the One Piece universe while recruiting new yet familiar characters along the way. Grow the battle power of your team of pirates so they may become the strongest pirates there is! So, don't wait - play this game today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join Luffy and the gang of honorable pirates in a brand new adventure against the relentless marines and bounty hunters in One Piece 2: Pirate King! Choose 1 of the 4 character classes available and set sail to explore the various towns in the One Piece universe while recruiting new yet familiar characters along the way. Grow the battle power of your team of pirates so they may become the strongest pirates there is! Similar to many casual MMORPGs, the game offers plenty of features, automation as well as hours and hours of fun. So, be sure to hop into and experience this incredible adventure in One Piece 2: Pirate King!


Shanks looking for someone to inherit the Will of D ever since Captain Roger died. Shanks’ premonition tells him that the new worthy person would be in East Blue... and that person happens to be you! As you progress in your adventure, you’ll get to meet and recruit other companions along the way and grow together as a team of pirates. Become strong enough that your opponents will tremble in fear at the mere mention of your name.


To start, you’ll first need to select 1 of the 4 character or pirate classes available. They are sailor (the tanky class), dark mage (caster), sniper (ranged) and doctor (healer). The sailor class acts as the tank in this game. Sailors have the ability to provide shielding for themselves, have enhanced defense and can take quite a lot of beating from the enemy while protecting other characters behind them. The dark mage class, on the other hand, is more of a damage-dealing class that specializes in using different type of element magic to attack and control the enemy, particularly masses of them. Dark mages can also enhance their own attacks, making them a truly dangerous class.

The sniper class is similar to the dark mage class in certain ways – they both deal high amounts of damage and can be pretty fragile when taking incoming damage – but snipers specialize in targeting a single enemy. Doctors are one of the most interesting classes in One Piece 2: Pirate King. They are the only support class that allows them powerful healing abilities in addition to having the skills to poison enemy units. This class is only great when coupled in a team of high damage dealers. However, characters in One Piece 2: Pirate King are gender locked though. That being said, after choosing a class, you can then choose your name or randomize it so you can get some action started!

Questing in this game is pretty much the same auto-pathing fare that you’ll usually see in other casual MMORPGs. Most of the quests involve heading into various battles with rival pirates and marines alike. Battles cost 5 vitality points each and you’ll have a maximum of 200 vitality points to start off with. Don’t worry though, they will regenerate over time. Battles also offer up to 3 stars (per battle) that you can earn. Naturally, the more stars you get, the better rewards you can “reap”. Stars are also needed as there are star-based milestones which will further award you with beli (in-game cash), experience books, and even premium cash. However, battles and quests can, admittedly, get a tad bit repetitive over time.

Due to this, the game offers plenty of events and other features to spice up the gameplay a bit. One such example is the pirate trail where you can test the strength of your pirate team by fighting against various boss pirates. There is also Devil Oars, a kind of special world boss event. For Devil Oars, any player can join in the boss fight and rewards will be given out based on how much damage the player has dealt. Interestingly, there is also some sort of “take and hold” event called the Grand Line Warfare in which players will need to defeat bosses to hold various grand lines, which in turn will grant you some pretty nice buffs. The bosses will, however, attempt to recapture their grand line a day after, so you’ll need to stay vigilant!

Furthermore, there’s also an “Impel Down” event whereby you get to fight against guardians of famous pirates held captive under the ocean. You only get 3 chances to try to go as far as you can, and your progress will be reset every day, so you’ll have to restart your attempt from level 1 (there are 30 levels in total). You can get some nice ship parts in addition to beli and random gems via this event. There’s even an exploration feature, the skypiea exploration, where you can spend beli to get Dails. Dails have their own respective attributes which can increase a player’s battle power. They can be upgraded to get higher attributes as well. There are plenty more PvE-based events and features such as daily tasks and bounty tasks too.

For players who enjoy PvP, you’ll be glad to know that One Piece 2: Pirate King provides plenty of fun PvP events and arena as well. In arena, you’ll get to climb up the leaderboard (15 chances daily) while earning PvP points which can then be exchanged for goodies like character fragments. Collect enough fragments and you can turn them in for a new character who will then join your pirate team. There is also a pirates battle whereby players are pitted against each other in a 1-on-1 battle, but the format of the entire even is structured based on the tournament format. This means that pirates battle uses the elimination system and if you lose even a single match, you’re out. If not, you’ll then proceed to the next round of combat and face the other winners in battle. The last player standing is the final winner.

Nonetheless, if you want to excel in these events, both PvE and PvP, you’ll first need to boost your battle power up! Battle power indicates the strength of your pirate team and there are a crazy lot of methods you can use to improve it. One of the easiest, though costly, methods is by upgrading your characters’ equipments. Equipments can be enhanced or embedded with gems (up to 6 slots). The gems themselves could also be combined at the blacksmith to get a higher grade gem.

As you level up, you’ll also sometimes activate new skills. However, you’ll need to make a choice as to whether to add it into your skills hotbar though, as you are only allowed up to 4 skills at a time. You’ll also eventually gain access to ships – after all, what’s a pirate without a ship? Ships work very much like mounts in other casual MMORPGs. They can be upgraded up to 10 stars and higher level ships will have cooler appearances.

The most important way to increase your battle power though is by recruiting new and better crew members from the Tavern. You need recruit proof items to take a draw of luck at the Tavern and occasionally, you’ll get character fragments. As mentioned before, by combining enough amounts of these fragments (of the same character) will you then can recruit a new pirate to join your crew. Each crew member has 4 different unique abilities and can be leveled up using experience books as they level a lot slower than your main character. You can recruit and deploy up to 8 active characters, excluding your main character, in the formation system in One Piece 2: Pirate King.


The community in One Piece 2: Pirate King generally group together into guilds called “pirate teams”. By being in a Pirate Team, you can donate to the guild (up to 200 thousand beli per day max) and earn contribution points which then can be used in either the pirate shop or pirate flag. The pirate shop offers goodies that you can buy while the pirate flag provides upgradable and permanent boosts to your stats, namely HP, DEF, Resist, Skill power, and ATK. Furthermore, you’ll get access to unique Pirate-Team-only events like treasure search and treasure plunder.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in One Piece 2: Pirate King consists mainly of a techno music that sounds a lot like an anthem for a marching band, which is to say, it is not exactly “super good”, but it is merely “okay”. However, the combat music can be a tad bit noisy. It sounds a lot like a rather bad mash-up of techno and dance music. In terms of graphics, the visuals provided in this game are pretty good for a browser-based casual MMORPG and its art style is similar to that of One Piece Online.


Having a world derived from the popular One Piece universe, One Piece 2: Pirate King is a team-based browser-based MMORPG that provides you with a whole new adventure to experience along with all the familiar characters in the story, such as Luffy, Sanji and Zoro. There are 4 classes to choose from and up to 9 characters that you can recruit to your pirate team as you attempt to be the best pirate there is by battling rival pirates and also the marines. The game offers a plethora of PvE and PvP events, as well as a huge load of ways for you to increase the battle power of your team. If you enjoy casual MMORPGs or adore the One Piece team of honorable misfits, you would definitely enjoy One Piece 2: Pirate King. Play it today!

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New Game Added: One Piece 2: Pirate King

by Aethyna Oct 1, 2015
Choose 1 of the 4 character classes available and set sail to explore the various towns in the One Piece universe while recruiting new yet familiar characters along the way. Grow the battle power of your team of pirates so they may become the strongest pirates there is! So, don't wait - play this game today! Sailor class Dark Mage's Dark storm skill Battling sea creatures Read More
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