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Omega Zodiac 3.5 rate Welcome to a new adventure full of magic, gods and enemies to slay. In Omega Zodiac you are entering the role of Guardian to the Goddess Athena when the world you live in is beset by dark monsters. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Welcome to a new adventure full of magic, gods and enemies to slay. In Omega Zodiac you are entering the role of Guardian to the Goddess Athena when the world you live in is beset by dark monsters.


There is a great evil sweeping the land bringing with it the terrible Ragnarok. As a guardian it falls to you to stop this, working with your Elf and using your skills in battle you will protect the Goddess Athena and save the world.


Once you create an account you are able to pick one of 3 classes, the Tough Knight, Fast Archer or the Area Damage Mage. Once you choose the class you are then able to enter the game, the only real customization you have here is choosing the name of your character.

Beginning with the action you are straight into the combat as you load the screen and discover an attack. Here you will see the main game style, which is you running around using your skills in combos to kill the enemies. The combat is mostly automated, with a few choices left to you and a couple of active skills.

Each class has its own fighting style and special abilities that determine how well you fight certain creatures. The Knight specializes in toughness and single targets, whereas the Mage focuses on AOE attacks. The Archer is a hybrid of the 2 and can switch between the styles in her combo.

There are many characters that you will meet that will give you quests, once you complete these you are able to earn experience, gold and items that you can use. As you level up you gain more Battle Rating, the higher the rating the more damage you do and the more capable you are in a fight. Your items also increase the rating and the better the item the more you get from it.

There are also special items called Sacred Sets, these are linked to the star signs and each class has its own unique items. These sets look great and increase your stats for battle. You also unlock a zodiac where you spend gold and Star Souls to move along the pattern, each stage will increase your stats and grant other bonuses.

The combat in Omega Zodiac is pretty simple as is questing, most of the actions are automatic and you can choose to run around a map, or simply click on the quest and let your character go and action them. There are a couple of active skills, like a small teleport and you can also choose the order in which your skills are used.

Each skill can be upgraded to make it more powerful, and you can open with an aoe or single target depending on the fight you are involved in. There are lots of different ways to level up the skills and many of them require drops from bosses, quests or loot chests.

You can also upgrade your items, both the Sacred Sets and other things can be forged and upgraded to make them better. This also requires materials that you find in the world and from special events. You can also receive these from the daily login bonuses and when you recharge.

Recharging is the option to pay real money and add a lot of things to your characters. There are varied packages available that will give certain items and bonuses. As well as being able to use the VIP features throughout the game.


There is a growing fan base for the game, as it is relatively new you are not swamped by other people, but there are still plenty running around and you can add friends inside the game. There are lots of raids and world bosses that require groups and this can be a good way to get to know people. There is also a guild system and there is a lot of competition among these guilds for social rewards.


Omega Zodiac is a pretty standard 2.5D browser game. The music is nice but can get a little repetitive after a while. Some of the animations however are really nice and there is a lot of focus on the Sacred Armours, mounts and pets.


Overall there is a lot for you to do in Omega Zodiac, though it has nothing truly unique it fits well into the browser mmo market and has some cute features. You can play a different class on a different server and experience the game in different ways too. If you like a fast paced and relatively simple game then this is the one for you.

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