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Novus Inceptio 8 rate Aside from its mysterious sci-fi theme, Novus Inceptio is a survival/sandbox adventure game that features a variety of fun anomalies (mini-worlds) where you can discover and explore. It also offers an in-depth crafting system and farming in addition to having breathtaking graphics and a brilliant musical score. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Novus Inceptio is still in its early access stage, so you can expect bugs and pretty frequent updates.


Despite still being in early access, Novus Inceptio has all the hallmarks of a great sandbox game in the making. Aside from its mysterious sci-fi theme, the game features a variety of fun anomalies (mini-worlds) where you can discover and explore. It also offers an in-depth crafting system and farming, though its building and combat aspects are still pretty rudimentary. If you enjoy playing survival/sandbox games, Novus Inceptio is a breathtaking game that you wouldn’t want to miss!


The human race has enraged the Creators by using atomic weapons without thinking thoroughly of the consequences, massively reducing the global population of billions to only a few hundred thousand. In response to humans’ irresponsibility, the Creator returned to Earth and erased the entire human race.

After millennia, the radiation levels on the planet has died down and the Creators decided to allow humans to re-exist. Using sample DNA as a template, they have created a new hominoid species, the Homo Novus. However, the Creators are no longer taking chances on this new species. To avoid any unwanted incidences and to help these new people to recolonize the world, each Homo Novus is accompanied by a personal robot A2-A which doubles as a guardian angel.

The Homo Novus are also allowed to travel to alternate dimensions in hopes that they would be more focused on discovery and gaining knowledge rather than killing and destroying; to possibly learn from their ancestors’ mistakes.

In this game, you play as one of the first few Homo Novus who was created to colonize this brand new world. Learn to make the most of the resources nature and the alternate dimensions have to offer and survive!


Novus Inceptio is a pretty ambitious undertaking for an indie games company so it is forgivable for them to implement new features, updates and fixes at a much slower pace. That said, the game currently offers 2 game modes, single player and ghost mode, with the third game mode, Multiplayer mode, is still within the development process. The game has yet to add in a character creation option as well. Instead, you and everyone else will start the game with the default character.

Being a survival game first and foremost, Novus Inceptio has a series of what I call “well-being meters” that you’ll need to keep an eye on. They include health, hunger, thirst and temperature. Presumably, your character will die whenever any of these levels get too low, but at the moment at least, I think these levels won’t be the cause of your death just yet... except maybe health.

Aside from these meters, another feature that adds to the realism of the survival aspect of the game is definitely its incredibly in-depth crafting system. However, before you can start crafting, you’ll need to start gathering first!

Now, most of the basic materials, such as sticks or resin, that you’ll need for crafting can be obtained from the game environment. Interestingly enough, due to the larger amounts of materials needed to craft an item, the game adds in an auto-harvest feature. This basically means that you can simply select an action, such as harvesting wood from a tree, and go AFK a bit to grab a drink as your character finishes harvesting all the wood from that particular tree. This feature does take away the tedium of constantly holding down the mouse button.

Some of the more “advanced” materials, however, can be quite tricky to obtain at the moment. Here’s a tip though - any materials that are hard to get can be obtained through Creator’s crates with a little bit of luck. Sometimes, you can also get a bunch of blueprints which will unlock new crafting options in these crates as well. However, these crates only exist in anomalies and hence, you might want to keep a couple of stuff handy so you could hop into an anomaly whenever one of those anomaly cubes appeared nearby.

Anomalies are perhaps one of the best parts in Novus Inceptio. By hopping into one, you’ll be wondering which type of anomaly you’ll be dropped into and there is already quite a variety of anomalies, some big and some small, that you can enjoy. To name a few, there’s the desolate desert anomaly which has a small island housing a pretty realistic (by in-game standards) dragon statue, a snowy location with a cave filled with crystals and a crashed warplane, and a beautiful yet haunting post-apocalyptic city. Each of these mysterious locations seem to have their own hidden stories which your wild imagination is free to speculate and piece together.

Out of these anomalies, the most fruitful (and perhaps even the most beautiful) one is definitely the post-apocalyptic city. I can’t stress this enough – you can find a ton of crates if you explore every inch of the place... and yes, that includes the forests that surround the city (hint: follow the overhead roads and you may find a few chests along the way). The map for this anomaly it pretty huge though, so this can be quite the tall task. However, if you dedicate yourself to exploring the place, you’ll be very well rewarded.

Now that you’ve got the stuff you need, it’s time to craft! As mentioned, the crafting system in Novus Inceptio is rather in-depth, and as some may say, complex. The game utilizes a tiered crafting system whereby each crafted item us assigned to different tier. Naturally, higher tiered items will have better stats as well as durability.

The procedurally-generated and thus, vast world in Novus Inceptio is not the safe playpen that babies play in. Instead, you may find yourself facing down a ferocious beast (wolves, mainly) from time to time, and if that’s the case, you’ll need to know how to protect yourself. Aside from crafting and equipping a sword, a shield and some armor, you’ll need to learn how to do combat. The combat system in Novus Inceptio is still a work-in-progress though and can feel rather like a very rudimentary hack-and-slash game. Perhaps with time and funds, the developers would add in an action-based combat system which seems like a good fit for the game.

Take note that your movements may be affected if you are encumbered. Yes, your bags have an inventory limit so you may want to ease off on hoarding everything and anything you see. That said, the robot that follows you around in the game seems to have unlimited inventory space at the moment. So, if you’re feeling the effects of being encumbered, simply dump most of your stuff to the robot. If you die though, I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to keep your stuff – I do my very best to not die, but I do know that you can be respawned for free at one of those high-tech, pylon-like centers.

Overall, Novus Inceptio is proving to be a pretty exceptional survival RPG (the MMO part will possibly be added later) that isn’t just a mere eye-candy, mainly due to its interesting anomaly concept. As long as they come up with more anomalies, the game will always feel fresh and exciting. Who knows? Maybe the developers will allow players to create their own anomalies in the future, turning Novus Inceptio into more of a player-driven game.


As the game is only available on Steam, most of its community of players can be found on the game’s discussion board on Steam. Novus Inceptio’s MMO aspect is yet to be implemented either, so you won’t be bumping into a fellow survivor any time soon. However, once the multiplayer option is in place, the game would definitely become more social and interesting.

Graphics/ Sound

Unlike most sandbox games which opted for a more simplistic voxel (3D) or pixel (2D) look, Novus Inceptio took a bold leap by offering quality graphics that almost rivals triple-A games like The Witcher... as long as you don’t you don’t scrutinize it too much. Personally, I also love the amazingly soothing music the game puts on as you play the game. So generally, in terms of graphics and sound, they have nailed almost everything.

However, the only really bad part of the game is its animations. Some animal movements still seem incredibly awkward, though I’ve got to say, they have made huge improvements on the deer movements. Once they get that fixed and perhaps polish up their visuals (especially the underwater part), they would already have an awesome game.


Novus Inceptio is a work-in-progress, but from what can be seen and experience, it already has the winning features it needs to “make it” in the sandbox genre. It has a very interesting anomaly game concept that allows players to discover, explore and possibly piece together story snippets about the stuff that had happened in the past. The game also has a more complex and in-depth crafting system, auto-harvesting feature, and a potentially fun underwater exploration/harvesting aspect that will definitely elevate the overall gameplay quality. However, the developers definitely need to make sure the game’s fundamental features, such as combat, building and crafting system, work as well as they can (including hammering out the bugs) before moving on to work on a new feature.

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New Game Added: Novus Inceptio

by Aethyna Apr 3, 2017
Aside from its mysterious sci-fi theme, Novus Inceptio is a survival/sandbox adventure game that features a variety of fun anomalies (mini-worlds) where you can discover and explore. It also offers an in-depth crafting system and farming in addition to having breathtaking graphics and a brilliant musical score. Novus Inceptio: Building a home The post-apocalyptic city anomaly in Novus Inceptio Novus Inceptio: Farming Read More
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