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Nidia 7.8 rate The nefarious Order of the Dragons has now returned to Nidia and this time, they plan to finish what they have started that is to drive humanity to extinction. Being a hero who can unlock the Dragon Rings’ powers, only you stand in their way. Will you be the savior the good people of Nidia need? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Despite almost causing the extinction of humanity in the fantasy world of Nidia, the Order of Dragons has now returned to Nidia, stronger than ever, and this time, they plan to finish what they have started. Being one of the few heroes who are blessed with the ability to unlock the fabled Dragon Rings’ powers, it is now up to you to wield these powers to combat the Dragons, bring the battle to their doorstep and perhaps end this war once and for all! Dive into the chaos-filled world in this amazing MMORPG, Nidia, and start your journey.


Although they have almost hunted the humans to the end of the Earth, The Order of Dragons was successfully banished from the realm. However, they have now returned to Nidia much stronger and even before... and this time, they plan to finish what they have started.

The only thing that stands in the way are the fabled Dragon Rings. With them lies the secret to the Dragons’ undoing. Will you be worthy enough to unlock the rings’ powers?


After choosing your character from among 3 different classes, namely Archer, Warrior and Mage, as well as 2 genders, you’ll immediately be brought into the beautiful world of Nidia.

The questing aspect in the game Nidia is pretty much automated due to its auto-pathing system. Your character will also automatically attack creatures you need to complete your quests through the game’s AFK/ auto-combat system. Interestingly, when you’re questing in AFK mode, the game will automatically group you up with anyone nearby who is killing the same mobs. This results in a much faster progression and it’s no wonder that within less than an hour, you should easily reach level 40 or more.

The levels in this game is actually soft-capped at around level 70, but you can still earn experience points (XP) and progress your character’s level beyond that. You can then exchange the XPs you’ve gained for evolution points and hence, allowing you to evolve your character. There are several levels of evolution and naturally, the stuff that evolved heroes have, such as access to an amazing pair of dragon wings or better gear, is definitely a nice step up.

Once you reach around the level 70 to 80 range, you’ll have basically unlocked all side quests which should help you regain a part of the XPs you’ve lost by evolving your hero/ heroine. There is also a list of daily quests that you can complete to earn devotion points. You’ll earn prizes at certain devotion point thresholds.

However, when it comes to earning a ton of XPs, there’s nowhere better to do it than to head over to the many dungeons Nidia has to offer. The variety of dungeons in this game will seriously put all other browser-based MMOs to shame. There are boss fights-oriented dungeons like Ironwell where you can fight the boss solo, or you could group up with your fellow players and roam the world of Netherfield where you can literally farm bosses for a chance to win epic or even legendary loot. However, in Netherfield, the amount and quality of loot you’ll get depends on how much damage you’ve contributed to the boss monster’s downfall. There’s also a limit on how long you can stay in either of the dungeon, so be sure to make full use of the time you have.

If you’re level 70 and above, and especially if you’ve evolved your character, the items at Netherfield may not appeal to you as much since it mainly drops level 50+ and 60+ gear. Instead, you might want to hop into Bloodfall or the Evolved Shrine. There are even daily dungeons (1 attempt per day) which include the Creator’s Crypt, Buried Caverns and Crystal Cove where you can farm for materials, XP and gems respectively.

There are many other dungeons aside from the 3 examples listed and these dungeons vary from each other. For instance, Oblivion Point is played in a way that mimics a tower defense/RPG while some dungeons are endless so you fight until you die and rewards will be given out depending on how far you’ve gone. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to participate in any of the game’s time-limited, online events. These events are listed out with convenient information like their statuses so you can easily see if they are currently available or not.

If you prefer PvP over PvE, well, Nidia has that covered too. There are many PvP zones and events that you can jump right into, such as the escort event where other players can attempt to steal your cargo by defeating you, the cargo’s escort. World PvP is also unlocked at level 70. You simply need to switch your character’s PvP setting from Neutral to any of the other PvP-enabled setting. In later levels, there may also be an arena where you can fight other players in a more controlled location to earn arena points. These points can then be exchanged to buy pet skills.

Considering that Nidia is a pretty competitive place, your character will need to be at the top of his/her game in order to excel in either PvP or PvE. Like most browser MMOs, there are simply a ridiculous number of ways you can use to give your character’s Combat Power (CP) a huge boost.

One of the most obvious method is equipment. Your character will need to have the best items for its level. This doesn’t only mean that you need to get legendary gear; you’ll also need to enhance (with gems) and refine your items to boost up the items’ stats and to increase their levels. The chance of success will drop with every successful upgrade. If you happen to find a better item for an upgraded item that you have, know that you can easily transfer the upgrades from your old item to the new one for a small fee.

In Nidia, you’ll find that you can earn quite a lot of equipment that you can’t exactly use or that are weaker than anything you currently have on at the moment. These “junk gear” can be recycled for a ton of XP and bound silvers (game cash). However, if the quality of the junk items that you have is epic or legendary, you might want to hold on to those because you will be able to trade them in for something better once you’re in a guild. There are many other ways for you to augment your weapons, like Awaken and Demonic, but you’ll need to be at a much higher level to gain access to those options.

Aside from equipment, you can also upgrade your mount while unlocking new appearances for it, level up your character’s skills by using it in combat, enhance your dragon wings, equip titles, and even use achievement points that you get from completing achievements to give your character a nice stat boost. There is also a Blacksmith that houses many more augmentation options in Nidia such as Emblems, Souls, Talisman, Scales, and Pearls. Of course, the main part of the game is the special Dragon Rings that you can activate once you have it unlocked. Each Ring provides a huge CP and stat boost for your character and you can upgrade, craft and refine it too.


Being a part of a Guild is crucial to experience the gameplay in its entirety and to get some help when it comes to obtaining the best gear for your character. I personally like the exchange system that is present in Nidia where players can contribute items (which will then be stored in the guild vault) or cash to the guild in exchange for exchange points. The points can then be used to redeem for any of the items you want in the guild vault.

Besides the usual guild war (a.k.a. Dragon’s Lair), there is also an Altar Boss that guildmates can defeat for a chance at getting legendary gear. The items will then be put up by the guild leader to the Auction where guildies can bid for the items they want using exchange points. Not to mention, if your guild if level 3, you and your fellow guildmates will then be able to enjoy the guild-wide stats boosts that guild skills will provide.

The community in the game is incredible as well, especially considering that the game has just recently released its first server. You’ll bump into other players almost all of the time and the city center is simply filled with players.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Nidia are particularly good for a browser-based MMO. Due to being completely 3D, you can view the world your character is in from any direction you like, and you could also zoom into your character to see him/her up-close. The game’s sound effects and soundtracks are brilliant as well. You’ll get to enjoy differently-themed music in different locations. In fact, one of the music used in the game’s middle eastern-looking zone sounds a lot like the battle music used in The Witcher 3.


Although Nidia offers all the elements of a standard browser MMO and perhaps even more, it is no mere casual MMORPG. The plethora of options, events and activities that you have in this game alone is enough to put some of the web-based MMOs out there to shame. Granted that many of the stuff you’ll be doing in the game are automated, it actually frees up your attention so you could focus on doing something else, like upgrading your equipment for example. So, if you’ve enjoyed playing browser MMORPGs, Nidia is definitely a game you wouldn’t want to miss. The game experience you’ll get in this game is quite different than what you’ll be used to.

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by Aethyna Nov 25, 2016
The nefarious Order of the Dragons has now returned to Nidia and this time, they plan to finish what they have started that is to drive humanity to extinction. Being a hero who can unlock the Dragon Rings’ powers, only you stand in their way. Will you be the savior the good people of Nidia need? Nidia: Labyrinth Crystal horn mount in Nidia Nidia: Warrior's gameplay Read More
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