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NFL Clash 10 rate NFL Clash presents a new way to play sports games on mobile. Using a card-based system, you’ll create a team of your favorite NFL players and lead them to victory. You’ll play five-minute games against friends or fellow competitors and score touchdowns using runs or passes. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Undoubtedly, American Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl, and many teams and players are household names. However, to the eyes of the uninitiated and international sports fans who know nothing about it, it looks pretty bizarre. After all, it’s full of burly dudes pushing each other around, and one guy - called the quarterback 0 passing off or throwing the football to a runner or receiver who runs to the opposite side of the field to score a “touchdown.”

NFL Clash isn’t only an ideal gateway for sports fans to learn more about one of America’s favorite pastimes but also a fantastic mobile game for football enthusiasts. It successfully provides the depth and strategy the sport has while providing an easy-to-learn and casual experience for those who barely know anything about the sport, including yours truly. The game presents a new way to play both football and sports games and general, although it goes for tried-and-tested methods in player and account progression off-the-field.

So, should you give NFL Clash a shot? Regardless of whether you’re an NFL fan or otherwise, let’s take a look at what it brings to the table.


In a nutshell, NFL Clash is a card-based American football game where you build a roster of your favorite NFL players. Using the age-old and rather popular loot box mechanic, you can obtain player cards, and when you do, you can immediately add them to your lineup. They have varied rarities, ranging from the gray common, golden rare, and purple epics. The higher their rarity, the better their base stats and special abilities, but this comes at the cost of having higher energy when deploying them in the game. Leveling them up requires multiple copies and coins that you can obtain through chests rewarded to you after winning a match. Essentially, there are two lineups: the offensive lineup, which consists of your quarterbacks, receivers, and runners, and the defensive lineup, which is composed of your linebackers. Thankfully, the game starts with a tutorial after you’ve picked the franchise you want to play as, orienting you with the many nuances of American football.

The matches in NFL Clash are five minutes long, divided into two-and-a-half-minute intervals, and it starts much like a traditional football game. Both sequences, offense, and defense have three types of plays each. In offense, you can Run, Pass, or use Long Pass, while on defense, you can Rush, Safety, or resort to the Normal player. After this, opposing sides will deploy player cards on their side of the yard line by tapping and dragging them to their preferred position. However, you can’t deploy with gusto, considering you only have at least 15 seconds to get it done, and every card has an energy requirement. It takes roughly a second for one unit of energy to recharge (10 max), so be sure to consider the time left when putting players on the field.

Although the games are pretty short, they are extremely exciting. You can employ specific tactics and hurry up the offense before your opponent can set up their defense, which is personally one of my go-to moves. Go for a long pass with a wide receiver with a couple of offense linebackers, and you’re golden. Moreover, neck-and-neck matches against an evenly-matched opponent are nothing short of a treat, and scoring last-second touchdowns and kicks to win is exhilarating.

NFL Clash’s strategic elements are pretty deep. You can’t just fill your roster with epic players requiring five to seven energy since this means your opponent can quickly deploy more players at the start of each turn to gain the upper hand. If you want to get up there on the leaderboards, there needs to be a balance between higher and lower-tier player cards. And yes, you have to use them correctly; it wouldn’t matter if you have the better players if you have no idea how to maximize their abilities.

Apart from this, positions also matter, so it would be wise to be familiar with the different roles in gridiron football. For example, a quarterback can handle the ball and decide whether to pass it to the running backs or receivers or take it to the touchdown line themselves. Meanwhile, offensive tackles clear space for runners, while defensive linebackers make sure opposing runners can’t go far. There’s also the case of players having special skills, like certain runners being able to fend off their first tackles, while some rare linebackers have the brick wall attribute, making them more formidable in defensive sequences.

Outside of the arenas, players can pick a league to join with up to 50 players, manage their roster, upgrade their stadium, and open chests to obtain more funds and players. Considering the game is a freemium experience, there are a lot of microtransactions, mostly ranging from player cards and coins. Thankfully, there are no massive boosts and other unnecessary purchasing options, so the playing field is pretty even. However, you can also earn player cards and other rewards by participating in events and scrimmages.


NFL Clash definitely has a sizable community. It doesn’t take long to find new opponents to play with, while it has a robust leaderboard and league mechanics. In addition, the game also has a significant presence on social media and Discord, letting you discuss the game with other players and find leagues to be part of. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to want a rematch, especially after exciting close games, which is a bit of a bummer.


In terms of presentation, NFL Clash excels. It doesn’t provide anything that stands out, but it manages to do the job. The character models are accurate compared to their real-life counterparts, and the overall game visuals look great on an iPhone 8 Plus. Though we can’t say that playing the game feels like you’re in the Cowboy’s Stadium or the Lucas Oil Stadium, it still feels a tad immersive. You’ll be able to hear crunching tackles and player grunts.

Finally, the user interface is intuitive and welcoming to new players. Players can easily fiddle around their rosters, upgrade players, access chests, and the in-game store.


Overall, NFL Clash is a fantastic sports game, and whether you’re into gridiron football or otherwise, it deserves the top spot in your gaming backlog. After all, it provides a legitimately exciting and bite-sized strategic football experience at your fingertips.

NFL Clash is available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Give it a shot today, start building your roster of NFL stars, and get those Ws!

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by Mikhail Dec 22, 2021
NFL Clash presents a new way to play sports games on mobile. Using a card-based system, you’ll create a team of your favorite NFL players and lead them to victory. You’ll play five-minute games against friends or fellow competitors and score touchdowns using runs or passes. Safety in NFL Clash Player roster NFL Clash Pass Rush NFL Clash Read More
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