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New World Empires 7 rate Take control of a fledgling country in the real world (of the 1400s) and see if you can help develop them through the ages, upgrade your empire as you see fit to protect or go against other nations. How you rule is completely down to you as the player, but will you make the right choices? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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New World Empires is a browser-based strategy game that randomly assigns the player one of many different real world countries to take control of; leaving all of the decision making up to the player from there on out. After the initial tutorial, how you play is completely down to you as the player and that means you can spend all of your time seizing other nations along with their land or you can simply defend and prepare for some random player’s veritable Zerg rush!


In terms of the story for New World Empires it comes off as incredibly brief, and that’s just the way it stays throughout. At first glance, there are 3 different chapters to play through, with the first 2 not so subtly just being the tutorial. The story boils down to the player being the successor to the previous heir and they must take the reigns of their assigned country.

Just before chapter 2, an NPC (called your cousin) comes to attack you to teach the player the basics of battle. After all of that, the player takes over the NPC’s piece of land and chapter 3 starts, which effectively is the game’s way of saying the tutorial is over and the story stops right there. Other than that, there’s not much more to it in the slightest!


Upon signing up for the game and logging into your new account, the tutorial plays and you’re assigned a country that you will be stuck taking care of for the remainder of your time with the game. As the ruler of the country, you’re expected to keep morale high, train soldiers, take over nearby land, all the while protecting your own and its production. The tutorial does what it can to teach the player what they’re expected to be doing, but it simply holds your hand until chapter 3 starts where both the story and the tutorial stop.

After the tutorial finally takes its leave, you as the player have complete control over your entire empire and what you do with it. To stop the player from confusing their land from someone else's, there’s a color-coordinated border so that you know what’s yours and what isn’t. Providing you click on a city inside your border, you can then start to do some construction to make a number of different buildings, such as a fortress to increase defense or a market to buy and sell goods between towns.

Preferring the idea to take over someone else's land, you can click on someone else's piece of land/city or town and you can choose to spy on them to see how defended they are or you can simply go straight for the attack and send your troops out there to take care of it for you. Due be aware, all actions in this game take some real time to be complete and it can even take 1 hour and 30 minutes for your troops to travel to the next town over, so don’t expect everything to occur in a New York minute because that’s simply not how things work.

Every action the player makes will take time depending on what they’re doing, but that can be avoided through the use of gold. You see, there are a number of resources in the game, with a lot of them required to create new buildings, upgrade troops, and whatnot, but with the use of gold you’ve got a couple of extra options. With gold, you can either use it to start construction/training or you can use it to speed up the current task or if you’re feeling particularly rude, you can decrease the morale of an enemy town – resulting in less resources per hour for them. Using that tool at the correct time against your enemy can eventually turn a future war between you two into a slaughter.

Battles and combat play out automatically in this game and will occur almost as soon as your troops encounter a protected town or whatever else that needs assaulting. How it works is whoever has the better force at hand – AKA, the biggest numbers at the time – wins the battle and that’s that. Not too complicated, but it can get a little tough every now and again when you’re trying to remember what beats what, despite the numbers not being in your favor.

A major issue with the game is down to the UI and how difficult it can be to use it. The very moment you step outside of the tutorial, you’re bombarded with a bunch of new UI additions that you all of a sudden have access to, but you’re not quite sure what to do first. While there is no right answer to this, it can feel like you’re making no progress at all when the UI makes it feel like you’re not actually doing anything at the present moment.


For a browser-based game, New World Empires does have a good sense of community to it when it comes down to it. On the main webpage, there is a forum the player can access at any point, but something a little more interesting than that is the global chat. Whenever you dive into the game, there’s a global chat for everyone who owns an empire on that specific channel, so if you’re currently in ownership of Wales, you can have a nice chat to whoever currently owns Spain.

By the looks of things so far, everyone (I’ve come across at least) have been quite polite and they don’t have any problems teaching newer players the ropes; something you very rarely see in games nowadays.

Graphics/ Sound

Looking at the game from a purely visual perspective, everything about the visuals may be simple, but they do look good. Models for characters look nice and detailed, and the overall map that you’ll find yourself on almost 24/7 looks both good and simple, without overcomplicating things too much.

Unfortunately, the developers decided not to implement any audio into their game, which I can understand from a certain standpoint, despite giving the impression of lazy game design. If the game did have music, for players who leave this game on their browser for hours on end, they’re quickly going to become bored with the soundtrack. However, it would be nice to have some music regardless, at least for those players who check in every now and again.


Overall, the idea of taking control of a country back in the times of 1400s is an idea I’m sure many other people can get behind. It’s just a shame there’s a few issues here and there that bring the game down somewhat. Aesthetically, it’s a rather nice looking browser game, but the lack of audio is a shame to some degree. Not to mention, to beginners, the tutorial is a mess and doesn’t really explain to you how to play and instead just shows you what to do and hopes that you’ll get it.

Behind all of the foibles there is a good strategy MMO here, but for anyone looking to get into the game for the first time is not an easy feat in the slightest, which is a shame; but if you can force yourself through that initial hurdle, there’s a good strategy game here for you.

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by Other Contributors Jul 12, 2017
Take control of a fledgling country in the real world (of the 1400s) and see if you can help develop them through the ages, upgrade your empire as you see fit to protect or go against other nations. How you rule is completely down to you as the player, but will you make the right choices? New World Empires: Attacking Spying in New World Empires New World Empires: World map Read More
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