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New World 10 rate New World is an MMORPG developed by Amazon Games and is their first significant foray into the gaming industry. Set in the land of Aeternum, you’ll create your own character and explore the dangerous locales, traverse through towns, go on adventures with friends and faction-mates, or stay in town and craft and trade items. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Amazon may be known for its online shopping platform, but it’s currently making inroads in the gaming industry. New World is its latest and most significant foray so far, and if you’ve been following recent gaming news, it is one of the hottest games this year.

In a nutshell, New World is an MMORPG that provides a variety of features and gameplay elements. Though it first appears to be your standard everyday MMO, it caters both to players who wish to chill and those who want something a bit more challenging. However, it hasn’t dodged many of the pitfalls affecting MMOs, from tedious grinds to repetitive quests and enemies.

Regardless, we believe the journey Aeternum is worth undertaking, but before you hop on a ship and set sail, let’s check out what it has to offer:


The 16th century was when Europeans discovered the New World, which is the Americas. In this game, the island of Aeternum was discovered alongside it. Instead of holding gold and vast resources, the island contains various mysteries ranging from the corrupted and the undying inhabitants.

You’ll take the mantle of an ardent adventurer who set sail with a ship captain to the island. Without diving deep into spoilers, you’ve been shipwrecked after a supernatural event. After which, you’ll then start an exciting journey, performing quests for the various factions and NPCs, slowly unraveling the mysteries surrounding Aeternum.


Playing New World exposes you to a long and massive grind exceeding those of other RPGs. It also doesn’t help that fast travel options are pretty limited, essentially making it a walking simulator. However, Aeternum’s locales and environments more than make up for this; there are boxes of loot scattered across various areas, and the landscape is nothing short of picturesque. We can safely say it far exceeds its peers in this regard.

Combat and progression are interconnected in New World. Instead of choosing a character class, players will pick weapons and increase mastery levels, unlocking skills and new abilities in the process. There are several to choose from, including bow, sword & shield, hatchet, spear, great ax, fire staff, life staff, ice gauntlet, and musket. Every weapon has its quirks, and depending on which weapon you pick, you’ll have a vastly different experience.

There are several regions in New World, and these contain towns that are essentially player hubs. Here, players can take quests, sell and trade loot via the trading station, and access their storage sheds. These towns also contain stations where players can craft new items, including potions, ammo, food, and gear which they can equip or sell online. Quests range from item retrieval operations, fetch quests, and bounty-hunting operations where you have to kill a certain number of monsters. Apart from typical world quests, there are faction quests; accomplishing them will yield faction tokens you can exchange for faction-specific gear.

In a way, New World provides an in-depth yet grindy simulation experience. Players can excel in various fields, ranging from cutting down trees, engineering by crafting gear, mining, and hunting. You can become a merchant, blacksmith, or a simple laborer while doubling as an adventurer, performing quests. These masteries play a crucial role when joining Companies since players try to look for new members who can complement their ranks.


Considering that it’s an MMO, New World has a massive community, and you can easily chat and interact with other players across entire servers. There game also an in-game voice chat function, although not a lot of players utilize this function. Certain companies and their respective factions - Marauders, Covenant, and Syndicate - can control Aeternum’s various regions, giving themselves and their faction-mates benefits. There are also wars wherein companies can vie for control of these regions, gaining settlement tax breaks and lower fees. Although you can quickly look for companies in-game, you can also join Steam, Reddit, and Discord communities.


New World is undoubtedly one of the best-looking games in 2021. Although some monster designs can be repetitive, the massive world is nothing short of incredible, making it a joy to explore. Considering that it delivers a multifaceted experience, ease of use and intuitiveness can be quite an issue. Thankfully, the well-crafted menus manage to make everything, from the crafting stations to your character’s abilities, easily accessible and digestible. New World is also fully-voiced, and the quality of acting is top-notch. Unfortunately, the game requires a top-notch graphics card. A GTX 1060-6GB can run it, but won’t be able to deliver an optimum experience due to framerate drops and texture pop ins. If you want it to run seamlessly, you’ll need to have a more powerful GPU.


New World is one of the brightest spots in 2021, and although it delivers the traditional MMO grind, it manages to provide a lot of depth. If you want to dive into an immersive MMO with tons of lore and places to explore, you have to give this game a shot.

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New Game Added: New World

by Mikhail Nov 3, 2021
New World is an MMORPG developed by Amazon Games and is their first significant foray into the gaming industry. Set in the land of Aeternum, you’ll create your own character and explore the dangerous locales, traverse through towns, go on adventures with friends and faction-mates, or stay in town and craft and trade items. Aiming using a musket in New World PvP battle in New World Fighting a ghost monster in New World Read More
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