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Neopets 8 rate Join Neopets and take care of exceptional pets and build a cozy home, while buying items to keep them happy. You can visit the shop to buy food, toys, clothes and books to be ready when your pet needs them. Play games or go on quests to earn more cash! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Neopets is a fun and immense world where you can take care of unique pets, build them a home, buy them food, clothes and other cool stuff. Make money by playing tons of exciting games and visiting different worlds and completing quests. In Neopets, there is always a new adventure for you and your pet every day!


Neopets is free to play and you need to sign up for an account to start playing. Once you’ve created an account, you can immediately proceed to creating your first pet. There are over a dozen pets to choose from. Although the pets are based on real-life animals, they’re named after fictional species.

You can give your new pet its own name, customize its color, as well as attributes like strength, defense and intelligence. Your pet’s overall stats will show on the left side of your profile page. Here, you can check how your pet is feeling and whether or not he needs to be fed. You can create up to four Neopets for one account.

When you enter the game, you’ll be rewarded with 2,500 Neopoints, which is the in-game currency. You can use Neopoints (NPs) to buy items for your pet from the Neoshop. To earn more Neopoints, you can go to the Game Room and pick from the many games you can play, from puzzles to action/adventure games. The games are simple but fun, and you’ll find yourself hooked and earning NPs in no time. There’s also a daily spin-the-wheel game that you can do to get a chance to earn more NPs.

All the stuff you buy will be stored in your Inventory. When you need to feed your pet, or give him a toy, just click on Inventory and select the item you want to use. Another box will pop up and you can select an action from the drop-down box. For clothes, you need to select “Transfer to Closet” first before your pet can wear it. Once that’s done, go to Closet and select the piece of clothing. From there, you can choose to put it on your pet. Any action you do to your pet will have a reaction, and you can see it from another box that pops up. Your pet usually will have something great (or bad) to say about what you just did. Your pet status should also update from hungry to fine when you feed him, or from sad to happy when you give him a toy or read a book to him.

With enough NPs, you can build a home for your pet. There are two types of homes in this game: NeoHomes and Classic NeoHomes. NeoHomes are ready for to immediate occupancy and comes with a furniture starter set, such as a bed, table, chair and decorations, usually in the same color. Classic NeoHomes requires both NPs and an application that will take a few hours to approve. Once your Classic NeoHome is approved, you get your very own address and you can start building as many rooms and floors for your new Classic NeoHome. Remember that building a room for a Classic NeoHome requires at least four hours to build, so you can get back to it later while you do other things.

It’s easy and fun to add items to your home. Go to NeoHome and select from a list of stores that sell furniture, decorations and even garden supplies. Everything you buy for your home is stored in the Storage Shed, and you can get them from there when you’re editing your home.

The Neoshop is not the only place where you can buy items for your pets. There’s also the NeoCash Mall (NC Mall). Here, you need to spend another game currency called NeoCash. When you start the game, you get 150 NCs. You can get more NCs by purchasing with real money or by redeeming a NeoCash gift card. NC items are better in variety and quality, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Some items like walls and windows for homes can only be bought in the NC Mall. Remember that all sales in the NC Mall are final, and there are no refunds.

Another great thing about Neopets is that your pet can have his own pet. To get a pet for your Neopet, go to the Neoshop and access the Petpet Store. You can buy as many Petpets for your pet here, and they’re all available using NPs. Petpets are great companions for your Neopets and they make them happy. Other items you can buy from the Neoshop includes books, magic potions, T-shirts, medicines and magic potions.

There’s also a bank that lets you deposit your NPs safely, since they can be stolen by Mutant Kadoaties when you’re not looking. You need to fill out a short form to open an account, then make a deposit in any amount. You can withdraw and deposit at any time.


Neopets has 221,000 likes on its Facebook page, indicating a huge community of players. Within the game, you can add Neofriends, trade or gift them with items, and chat using the messaging system. You can also participate in the Neoboards, which is a forum to discuss things about the game. There’s also a section for Guilds, which are clubs that you can join to interact with other players.


Neopets is not the most modern game when it comes to graphics and sound. The menus and lack of animation is a bit of a letdown. However, this might appeal to players who prefer the click-and-drag method of playing a virtual pet game. Sound is almost non-existent in this game, except for when you’re playing games in the Game Room.


Neopets is a classic virtual world game that lets you take care of magical and unique pets. It may be a bit old, but it does hold its charm for players who want the nostalgia of playing old virtual world games. Established in 1997, Neopets stays true to its original gaming style, while still capturing a thousand players who come back to the game each day to feed, play and go on adventures with their growing pets.

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by Kim May 16, 2016
Join Neopets and take care of exceptional pets and build a cozy home, while buying items to keep them happy. You can visit the shop to buy food, toys, clothes and books to be ready when your pet needs them. Play games or go on quests to earn more cash! Neopets: building a NeoHome Spacerocked mini-game in Neopet Neopet: NeoHome exterior Read More
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