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Mythic Glory 9 rate The Abyssian Army has swept across the entire continent of Lemuria, spreading their reign of chaos and terror. Only the bravest of the brave will heed the call-to-arms and stand united with their fellow heroes against the tide of darkness. Are you ready to step into the fray? Fight evil now - play Mythic Glory! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Mythic Glory is currently in Closed Alpha, but you can already play the game without any keys or special invites necessary.


Take up arms against the God of Darkness and his Abyssian Armies in this brand-new browser MMORPG, Mythic Glory. Build a team of mercenaries to aid you as you battle the minions of darkness on both left and right. Challenge dungeons and take on tougher lieutenant bosses and send them back to the abyss. You can even test your mettle by having a friendly fight or two with other players.

War has erupted across the continent of Lemuria. Only the bravest of the brave will heed the call-to-arms and stand united with their fellow heroes against the tide of darkness. Are you ready to step into the fray?


After 76 years of glorious peace, the dreaded Abyssian Armies, led by the God of Darkness himself, have finally returned to the continent of Lemuria. War spread like wildfire across the kingdom and despite the constant attacks and sabotage, the Eternity City has become the center of the resistance – a beacon of hope to the people that they will persevere.

Now that warriors have risen and banded together to face this surmountable evil, humanity might just have a chance at winning this war and defeating the God of Darkness!


To begin your epic journey, you’ll first need to create a character. There are 3 classes for you to choose from, namely Paladin, Warlock and Windwalker (which basically is the Archer class). You can also choose the gender of your character, but that’s about it for character customization.

Like most browser-based MMORPGs, Mythic Glory has everything you’d expect from a game of the similar genre. Questing includes auto-combat (or if you’re playing the game manually, you can speed up the animations) and auto-pathfinding, so you can level up pretty quickly in the game.

The turn-based combat system isn’t very unique per se. There are 3 types of skills you can use while in battle – basic attacks which will generate rage, combo attacks which will consume rage and generate combo points, and rage-based attacks. There is also an ultimate attack that you can use once you have sufficient rage points to deal some truly devastating effects. It is usually very helpful when you’re facing down a boss.

However, it’s interesting to note that bosses in this game often have the ability to summon a fresh wave of minions after several rounds. This does make boss fights quite difficult since you can’t exactly focus your fire on only the boss.

Now, like other similar games, Mythic Glory puts quite the focus on your battle rating (BR). Battle rating indicate how strong your team is, so it is crucial to keep improving it, just so you can take on tougher enemies.

There are multiple ways for you to boost your BR. You can invest the skill points you get from leveling up into your skill and talent tree. You can upgrade your mount, wings, and also equipment via the Blacksmith… though, I’d like to point out that in this game, you don’t exactly upgrade your equipment but rather you upgrade the equipment slot. This tiny but significant difference means that you won’t need to “transfer stats” from a higher level equipment to a new and better, but lower level one.

Another important and perhaps the main way for you to bump up that BR is by focusing on your team of mercenary heroes. You can recruit new ones through the tavern using their gold or Balens (premium currency). These mercs can then be leveled up to your character level using Merc Exp Scrolls that look a lot like books. Once at the level threshold, you can subsequently “Advance” the merc provided that you have all the materials needed to do so.

Since the game is pretty much party-based, the positions of your heroes in the battle formation can be rather vital too. You’ll need to deploy your mercs to the correct row according to their strengths. Each correct position will also grant your merc a tiny boost to stats.

Mythic Glory is in no way a dull game either. It offers players plenty of exciting content, be it PvE dungeons, PvP wars, or even timed events. For PvE, you’ll get to put your team to the test by battling waves after waves of minions in an arena-like setting or dive into challenging, team-based dungeons where you’ll need to team up with your other fellow players. Interestingly, the game also has a Memoirs feature which basically grouped all the story-based dungeons in one convenient place, so you can easily Blitz them to farm for items.

However, PvP players might be a bit disappointed with the game because apparently, PvP isn’t a major concern in the game. You will only be unlocking this feature after investing hours into the game.

The monetization aspect of Mythic Glory is almost the same as every other similarly-styled browser MMORPG. It’s not exactly pay-to-win because free-to-play players can still be among the top ranks if they put in a ton of effort and time. Not to mention, many of the non-cosmetic items you can buy are often dropped in dungeons, which you’ll need to farm for.

However, VIP players might gain quite a bit of an advantage over normal non-paying players mainly because of the many perks they get. Even among VIP players there’s a tier system that separates the top-paying players with the lesser ones. Naturally, higher-tiered players will have more perks and benefits than a lower-tiered one.


As it should be with any MMORPG, Mythic Glory provides players with guilds to form communities in. You can join one for free, or create one by spending either 50 Balens or 500k Gold. Do note that you can join a guild at level 14, but to create one, you’ll need to be at least level 17.

Being in a guild brings you a ton of advantages so it’s wise to join one as soon as you can. For instance, you can have access to your own personal Guild Vault (a personal warehouse that you can access via the Guild interface) to store extra item. You can also access the Guild Shop where you can spend the contribution points earned by donating Gold or Balens to the guild to buy items like Exp tomes and runes. You can even invest your contribution points into the Skill Tower to bolster your stats or have fun engaging your enemies in massive guild battles.

Graphics/ Sound

Mythic Glory does have some really nice graphics. The details are simply amazing, and the isomeric-like, 3D visual style that it opted for does help to bolster the apparent quality of the game’s appearance.

In terms of the sound, this game also did really well. There are enough variety of background tracks that change depending on where you’re in. The music sounds unique enough as well – and not simply a rip off from any of the other browser games – and it doesn’t sound repetitive.


Mythic Glory may still be in its Alpha stage, but the quality of the gameplay it currently is able to provide is as great as a fully-launched game. The combat system in this game feels a lot more active in the sense that you may be required to take the reins over from auto-combat, especially during a boss battle. There are plenty of stuff for you to do here too, be it upgrading your gear, leveling up your mercs, or running dungeons. It’s a really impressive browser MMORPG and if you’ve enjoyed playing any of R2’s many games, you may find yourself liking this game a lot as well.
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New Game Added: Mythic Glory

by Aethyna Dec 8, 2017
The Abyssian Army has swept across the entire continent of Lemuria, spreading their reign of chaos and terror. Only the bravest of the brave will heed the call-to-arms and stand united with their fellow heroes against the tide of darkness. Are you ready to step into the fray? Fight evil now - play Mythic Glory! Mythic Glory: Cool mount Female warrior class in Mythic Glory Mythic Glory: Arena PvP Read More
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