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Mystery Match Village 10 rate Mystery Match Village is a match-3 and hidden object puzzle game where you play the role of a companion of Emma, a lady detective who had just inherited a manor from her late aunt. Together with the resident cat, you’ll endeavor to find objects and clues and solve puzzles to unveil the mysteries. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Many match-3 games today don’t exactly cut it. They usually only provide a fair amount of things to do, and gameplay is limited to swiping objects and matching colors.

However, games like Mystery Match Village manage to innovate the space, merging several different puzzle mechanics and world-building elements in one consistent package. In addition, it also pairs up beautifully with fun and rather uplifting story and a good cast of characters, albeit filled with mystery. The puzzle mechanics is its best aspect, but it also keeps the experience fresh thanks to the home renovation and design elements.

With all that has been said, is Mystery Match Village be something you’d want to download and start playing right away? Well, before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


First off, Mystery Match Village has a rather light-hearted theme, and you’ll take the mantle of the companion of the protagonist, Emma, who is a skilled lady detective armed with a magnifying glass. You’ll come with her to the manor she inherited from her late aunt Eleanor, but suddenly, an instance requiring Emma’s expertise happens. Along with the game’s cast of characters, from the estate manager, housekeeper, Charles, and Eleanor’s cat (who you’ll end up naming!), there’s a lot to dive into.


Mystery Match Village’s gameplay revolves around switching between match-3 puzzles and hidden object sequences. There’s also a third element in the game, which involves decorating and improving Emma’s manor with various decorations. She can’t do this herself with all the mysteries and puzzle-solving, which is why it’s up to you, the cat, and Charles to get this done.

Mystery Match Village’s match-3 puzzles are not your usual bland blend. They don’t just increase in difficulty by making then colored objects scarce. Instead, they involve new mechanics and add a few more elements to add flavor to the gameplay. Whenever you match a certain number of things together, you’ll receive buffs like bombs and line detonators. Bombs will detonate and destroy their surroundings, rockets will target particular objects, while line bombs will destroy everything in their row. The goal of every match-3 level is to break a set number of colors. Reaching this goal isn’t as simple as it sounds since there are obstacles along the way, like file boxes.

Apart from match-3 puzzles, you’ll also have to contend with hidden object levels in Mystery Match Village. These mainly consist of beautifully crafted static portraits. Your task is to find a certain number of objects, ranging from bird cages, coffee pots, cat portraits, and mirrors. It sounds much like your typical hidden object experience, and that is because it is. The HOG levels are relatively chill, although it would be best to try and find them all as fast as you can.

There’s also a building aspect in Mystery Match Village, although it’s pretty limited to which building part to use and why. Whenever you finish a HOG and match-3 level, you can buy a new window and any other feature to upgrade your manor. For example, you can select from stained glass windows, a variety of roof colors, and even change the manor’s overall color scheme. After you’ve completed the mysteries inside the home, you can then proceed to help the entire village of Kingsfall with Emma. Note there are many mysteries around the town that you’ll be able to unlock when you progress throughout the game.


Mystery Match Village is nothing short of superb for a mobile puzzle game in terms of how it looks and sounds. It’s a totally high effort free-to-play title and made with a lot of love. The match-3 animations and effects look fantastic and a joy to the eyes. Moreover, the effects and the user interface will let you fully appreciate the art, especially in hidden object sequences.

Although there’s no voice acting, the character animations and well-written dialogue add a lot of personality to the characters. For example, you can immediately determine that Emma has little interest in maintaining the manor and is more focused on solving puzzles and mysteries, much to the chagrin of her staff. At the same time, though, you’ll know that she held her aunt Eleanor close to her heart and was definitely one of her inspirations.


Overall, Mystery Match Village isn’t just a game for anyone hoping to dive in a casual puzzle experience. It’s for everyone remotely interested in games, a cute, uplifting story. Emma’s adventure, along with the cat and your character, is a fun tale full of mystery that is more than worth going through. The gameplay is fairly varied, and it successfully provides fresh new concepts with added layers of difficulty to keep players both entertained and on their heels.

Undoubtedly, Mystery Match Village is a top-notch mobile puzzler which definitely deserves to be on top of your to-play list.

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New Game Added: Mystery Match Village

by Mikhail Apr 30, 2021
Mystery Match Village is a match-3 and hidden object puzzle game where you play the role of a companion of Emma, a lady detective who had just inherited a manor from her late aunt. Together with the resident cat, you’ll endeavor to find objects and clues and solve puzzles to unveil the mysteries. Emma in Mystery Match Village Standard Match-3 puzzle in Mystery Match Village Hidden object puzzle in Mystery Match Village Read More
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