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My Free Farm 2 9 rate Experience the calming farm life by managing your own virtual farm in this brilliant farm simulation game, My Free Farm 2. With tons of crops to grow, animals to raise and products to manufacture, you’ll get to feel productive while you’re relaxing and enjoying the game. Get the app on your mobile devices today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If your stressful life has gotten the best of you, it’s perhaps time to pack up your bags and head to the idyllic countryside in this brilliant farm simulation game, My Free Farm 2. Enjoy the calming experience of planting, growing and harvesting up to 20 different crops and raising a wide variety of farm animals. Put the farm produce you’ve collected through any of the manufacture buildings to obtain delicious foodstuff or more useful and valuable goodies. Sell the items you produce at your farm for cash so you could buy beautiful decorations and expand your farm. Sounds like a relaxing getaway that you sorely need? Well, you can try My Free Farm 2 for free today on your mobile devices.


Skipping all the character creation stuff, My Free Farm 2 starts you off with a pretty comprehensive tutorial that you are unfortunately unable to skip. The tutorial doesn’t take long to complete though, so it isn’t that much of a hassle.

Being a farm simulation game, you are expected to plant, grow and harvest a variety of crops in My Free Farm 2. The game itself offers up to 20 different types of crops and whenever you unlock a new type of crop (by leveling up), you’ll be given 1 free seed to use. From there, you’ll then need to ensure that you have enough crops left in your inventory for replanting.

To begin your life as a virtual farmer, you’ll first need to buy some fields to plant your seeds in. Fields in this game come in plots of 4. This is significant in this game because you are able to instantly harvest all the mature crops within a field with only a tap. Naturally, this is an incredibly useful function to have in a farm game.

Like most other farm sims, My Free Farm 2 also allows you to raise various cute animals such as chicken, sheep, goose, cow and more, and collect a range of animal produce like milk, eggs and wool from them. However, the first animal that you can buy, the chicken, is only unlocked at level 11. You might need to be a bit more patient to get your first farm animal.

The farm produce, be it crops or animal produce, that you’ve collected need to be properly stored in this game. This is where the silo comes in. You are given up to 100 slots to store your items but you can easily upgrade it to open up 50 more inventory slots.

That said, most of the time, you’ll be using those produce almost immediately in the plethora of manufacture buildings that you can construct in My Free Farm 2. For instance, the bakery allows you to use crops like wheat, onions and potato to bake a nice selection of bread and buns. Each building can be upgraded to produce more items at the same time. Interestingly, you’ll also be able to build more of the same buildings to speed things up even further once you reach higher levels.

All of these upgrades will require tools (and also cash) and these can be in limited supply at your farm. The main ways for you to earn tools is by placing decorations around your farm and periodically collecting tools from them. In this game, the decorations actually play an important role as opposed to simply being something “pretty”. The newer the decoration you place, the more tools you’ll get. There’s also a list of percentages that you can refer to see the chances of getting a particular type of tool from a specific decoration item. Tools are all stored in the Tool Shed as opposed to the Silo and the inventory space of the shed can be increased via upgrades too.

Are you running out of space? Well, you’ll also need both tools and cash to expand your farm’s borders and more tools and cash to clear it of any obstacles that might be lingering around on your new plot of land.

Game cash comes by more easily in the game than tools, especially if you keep completing quests, but there might also be times when you find yourself in need of some extra cash. If this happens, you’ll be glad to know that you can sell of the farm produce or manufactured products at the Order Board.

There, you can choose between fulfilling the needs of your customers via Deliveries, which is possibly the most frequent way in the game for you to sell off your goods; or Wholesaler where you’ll need to complete the wholesale (and massive) order within a time limit. Of course, the faster you complete a wholesale order, the more rewards you’ll get. Lastly, you may also encounter the Event Customer whenever there is any ongoing special occasion. Usually, you’ll get to earn special event items by fulfilling the orders of your Event Customer.

In My Free Farm 2, there are also pets that will roam around your farm which you can buy, and a plethora of achievements for you to complete for some premium gems. These gems can in turn be used to speed things up, or to buy more tools or premium-only decor.


My Free Farm 2 is a pretty social game. However, it is not necessary to play the game with any friends or neighbors if you don’t wish to. That said, the game does provide some incentives to encourage you to make new friends and add more neighbors. For starters, the game has Search and Suggest Friends functions to help you find suitable players to be added as neighbors.

With more neighbors, you can help more friends with their daily mole problem (by finding and tapping on the mole repeatedly) and win a lot more tools and other items in return. You can also get friendship hearts, which will allow you to flip more “gift cards” at the Friends Rewards interface for a chance at obtaining some really nice prizes.

The only qualm I have for My Free Farm 2 is the fact that you aren’t allowed to trade your farm goods with your neighbors. This is perhaps a feature that the game may implement in the future.

Graphics/ Sound

My Free Farm 2 has beautiful graphics that do make the game attractive enough to many virtual farmers out there, but honestly, some of the crops don’t really look 3D. They look a lot like a 2D image trying to impersonate a 3D image... if that makes any sense to you.

When it comes to music, the game offers some really catchy and upbeat tunes featuring the banjo and a lot of musical whistling. The ambient sounds, especially the chirruping of birds, are also very realistic. They should, however, fix the honking sound for the truck whenever it returns from a delivery. The honking sound is just too long, turning it from a mere notification of a successful delivery into a pretty huge annoyance.


All in all, My Free Farm 2 is a very enjoyable farm simulation game that gives credit to its predecessor, My Free Farm. There are tons of crops for you to grow and various animals to raise, in addition to the wide range of goods that you can manufacture using the farm produce you’ve so diligently collected. If you are looking for a new farm sim to play, you might want to give My Free Farm 2 a try. It may not be unique, but it’s fun and free.

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New Game Added: My Free Farm 2

by Aethyna Dec 21, 2016
Experience the calming farm life by managing your own virtual farm in this brilliant farm simulation game, My Free Farm 2. With tons of crops to grow, animals to raise and products to manufacture, you’ll get to feel productive while you’re relaxing and enjoying the game. Get the app on your mobile devices today! My Free Farm 2: Beautiful crops ready for the harvest Italian cafe in My Free Farm 2 My Free Farm 2: Cute farm animals Read More
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