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My Free Farm 8 rate Plant seeds, water the tender seedlings and reap your harvest once your crops mature in this fun-filled farming game, My Free Farm! Sell your crops to your customers or to other players for profit and don't forget to keep some for crafting more valuable goods as well! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Tired of the never-ending traffic jams, the endless city noise and the very unhealthy air? Well, you can escape all that by playing My Free Farm, an excellent farming game that has plenty of adorable farm animals for you to breed and nice-looking crops for you to plant and harvest! By starting off with only a few seeds to grow, as you progress in this game, you’ll unlock a huge variety of plants that you can grow. There are also cute livestock that you can keep in your farm, such as cows and goats as well! You can also craft a large range of goods by sending raw materials to crafting buildings in this game too! It is a whole load of fun, so, head on over to My Free Farm now and enjoy building up your very own virtual farm today!


The game starts off with a simple and short tutorial to teach you the basics of the game. Firstly, you’ll have to clear your field to put the free building space to good use. Then, you can choose to assign it a ‘role’. However, since you don’t have your own farm yet, so it’s best to assign it as a farm.

Once you have a piece of land, you can start sowing crop seeds to get the ball rolling! As a beginner, you are only allowed access to 2 kinds of crops – carrots and grains. However, once you level up, you’ll unlock even more crop options. Not to mention, you may realize that despite having a huge piece of land to work with, some crops will take up more space than usual and thus, you may find yourself running out of space when you want to ramp up the crop production. For instance, while carrots only take up a 1-square plot each, grain takes up 2 horizontal square plots. Be sure to plan how you are going to plant your crops so that you can maximize your plots, particularly when you have a lot of different types of crops to plant! To sow the seeds, just select on the crop that you want and click on a free space to plant it. It’s that simple!

After planting, you’ll need to water your plants. Watering does not cost you anything and will instead provide a nice little duration boost to your crops (meaning that it’ll reduce the duration you’ll need to wait before harvest). So, since it’s free and all, it’s always best to water your plants – don’t forget to do this! You can fertilize the crops if you have any fertilizers available too! As soon as they reached maturity, you’ll be able to harvest them by using your trusty sickle. The crops you’ve harvested can then be sold to prospective buyers or you could use them as seeds and plant them again.

Your prospective buyers in this game will be queuing patiently at your farm’s sales booth at the bottom of your screen. What you’ll need to do is to click on each of your customers to find out what he or she would like to buy and then you complete the order by delivering the crops that they need. If you have plenty of crops that are not needed by your customers, you can still earn a tidy profit by selling your crops at the market square in Mootown. If you’re confident that you are able to supply a selection of crops consistently for a period of time, then signing contracts is a great way to earn more money!

Not to mention, with a quick trip to Mootown, you can do a lot of things there! For instance, you can purchase a variety of crop seeds at the seeds vendor at a fixed “per-seed” price, provided that you have the necessary level to unlock them. You can also visit the hardware store to buy items to spice up your farm.

As you may soon notice, crops are not only harvested just for sole purpose of being sold in this game. You will need crops to feed your livestock as well! For example, for chickens, you’ll need grain to feed them and keep them happy enough to produce eggs for you. Similarly to crop seeds, you’ll need to attain a certain level in order to be able to purchase farm animals from the cattle dealer at Mootown for your farm. Besides chickens, the game also provides other familiar and cute farm animals, like cows, sheep, goats and rabbits. Crops can also be collected to be sent to crafting buildings for further processing.

My Free Farm even has plenty of events to keep the solitary farming life interesting. There are events where you can grow monstrous sized fruits using the monster fruit culture; there are also events whereby you can organize speed eating contests in your farmers’ market! There is indeed never a dull moment in this game!


The community in My Free Farm often hang around in the forums. So, the forums a great way to meet new people and to ask for help there. If you wish, you could also head over to its Facebook fan page, with around 30 thousand likes, to meet with some of your fellow players too! The game unfortunately does not provide any other way to interact socially with the players in the game, except via trading at the marketplace.

Graphics/ Sound

Unlike other farming games, My Free Farm allows you to have a top down view of your farm instead of the usual side view. Furthermore, the graphics in the game are definitely not as good-looking as the cartoony images that you can see in its promotional pictures. For instance, its farm animals look a bit too shiny and look like plastic toy animals instead. Thus, in terms of its graphics, do lower your expectations for this game. The game does not contain any background music or sound effects.


My Free Farm is a great farming game with a great economic aspect, as long as you do not look too closely at its graphics. In this game, you start off humbly, by sowing crop seeds on your very first field and watering the tender seedlings! As soon as they are ripe and ready for harvesting, use that sickle of yours to reap the fruits… or in this case, the “crops” of your labor! With the crops in hand, you can choose to sell it to the customers patiently queuing at your farm, replant them to get even more crops or to use them as materials in crafting better and more profitable goods. Of course, you may also trade your produce with your fellow players at the marketplace. As you level up, you’ll have a larger array of crops, farm animals and other options at your disposal as well! So, if you like farming games, go ahead and start your big-farm adventure in My Free Farm today!

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by Aethyna Mar 17, 2015
Plant seeds, water the tender seedlings and reap your harvest once your crops mature in this fun-filled farming game, My Free Farm! Sell your crops to your customers or to other players for profit and don't forget to keep some for crafting more valuable goods as well! Flower garden in My Free Farm My Free Farm: juicy pumpkins Rabbits in My Free Farm Read More
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