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MU Online 9 rate MU Online is a classic MMORPG that is heavily inspired from the classic Diablo games. Play as any of the three starting character classes and race your way to become the most powerful hero in the continent of MU. You can participate in certain in-game events and PvP battles against other players as well. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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MU Online is a 3D massively multiplayer online roleplaying that was developed by Webzen and launched in 2003. The game borrowed most of its concepts from the popular hack and slash RPG Diablo where it incorporated the main combat mechanics to the game, you can pick from the three starting classes with different abilities and equipment. There are also different game events that catered to both PvE and PvP players.


The story of the game is focused on the continent of MU. As the land has flourished and developing, a Great Prophecy that foretold the land of MU will be overwhelmed with chaos. This caused the leaders of the land to wage war against one another which lead to the downfall of the once mighty continent. As the feudal lords continue to fight one another, the gates of hell was opened, letting lose some of the deadliest creatures from the depth which led by the Ancient Devil Kundon. The remaining forces must stand together to find the artifacts that will seal Kundon once again and bring peace back to the land of MU.


The first thing that you will notice when playing MU Online is the gameplay. It is heavily borrowed from the classic Diablo games that were popular during the late 90’s. The classic hack and slash game was fun and addicting that anyone can play ahead with less instructions on how the game works.

You start the game by picking your preferred character class from the three available; Dark Knight, Wizard and Elf. Each plays differently such as the Dark Knight focusing on melee attacks while Wizard is more of a magic expert and deals damage with spells and the Elf is more on ranged attacks and support buffs.

Each class also uses different equipment that are only unique to them, Elf can only wield bows while Wizard can only use staves and the Dark Knight on two-handed weapons, though there are basic equipment such as shields and blades and other armor that are not class-restricted. One problem with the characters is that you have no control on the appearance, as all of the classes will have the same default appearance and no ways of changing it with the exception of armors.

When you progress further in the game or when you reached certain levels on your avatar. These new classes offer a whole new experience, one example is the Magic Gladiator that combines some of the abilities of the Dark Knight and Wizard to provide a hybrid character that has both the strengths of two classes. There are also some unique classes like the Summoner that allows you to summon familars to aid you in battle which makes it feel like you have your own raiding party the whole time.

The combat system is very straight forward. You click on an object to interact; moving the selection location, picking up loot, talking to NPCs and attacking monsters. You can just hold on the mouse button when moving instead of clicking continuously. You skills are mapped on the right mouse button and you can toggle on the desired skills by pressing on the shortcut keys if you managed to map the skills on it. These mechanics are also found in classic Diablo games which makes MU Online easy to play if you have tried any of the Diablo games before.

Level up in MU Online is a chore, the experience rate in monsters are very slow and there are no other options to earn more experience as the game lacks any in-game quests or exp modifier items. However, the game encourages players to grind their characters while leaving them idle as it features some macro programs that allows you to perform AoE attacks on the field without any supervision. Though the feature was a bit helpful, it still does not eliminate the time-consuming grinds that all players need in order to progress further to the game.

There are different types of activities that you can do in MU Online, most of them involves scheduled PvE matches. Some of the examples are Blood Castle where you must march into the bridge way and force yourself through the barricade of monsters as you attempt to destroy the throne, and there are some like Devil Square where you must survive the waves of enemies spawning in a small area and the White Wizard Invasion where you must defeat the White Wizard and his Orc minions in a random area. Completing the events will grant you rewards to optimize your gear, but keep in mind that you need to craft items for the keys of certain PvE events.

There are also PvP battles that you can compete at, one of them is the Chaos Castle where all participants will be assigned to certain groups and they must defeat their rival group to win. You can also perform player kills in certain servers, but take note once you kill a player, you can be marked as a killer and your status will change including your appearance and whoever managed to kill you will have a chance to pick up a loot from your inventory. You can revert your status back to normal by staying in town for a couple of minutes or hours without killing any other players.


Despite the game being more than a decade old, there are still some active players, though in a much fewer numbers as compared in the early days. You can join in guilds to participate in guild wars or meet with new players in the community. You can also chat with other players in the field casually and mix them with animated emoticons for more interactions.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics are very dated as it is already expected for a game that was released in 2003. With bland and jagged character models and stiff movements, it may be impressive during its time, but when played today the visuals didn’t age well which can be unpresentable to those who are conscious with graphics. Though the game has soundtracks, they don’t play the tracks most of the time except when you are in town or in a PvE area.


Overall MU Online is a very date game from its visuals and gameplay. Though it may still be playable and fun in most cases, but it doesn’t last that long due to the intense grinding required to enjoy most of the game. However if you have the patience in grinding and into hack and slash games similar to Diablo, you may want to give MU Online a try.

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New Game Added: MU Online

by Richard Mar 1, 2017
MU Online is a classic MMORPG that is heavily inspired from the classic Diablo games. Play as any of the three starting character classes and race your way to become the most powerful hero in the continent of MU. You can participate in certain in-game events and PvP battles against other players as well. MU Online: Gameplay Character creation in MU Online MU Online: Buying stuff from the merchant Read More
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