Moons of Madness

by Mikhail
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Moons of Madness 9 rate Moons of Madness is a sci-fi Lovecraftian-style horror game set in Mars. Here, you’ll take the mantle of Shane Newhart, an engineer working in a space facility built by The Orochi Group. Here, you’ll deal with unknown horrors while solving puzzles, performing chores, and interacting with the Martian environment. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Imagine yourself stuck in Mars with overgrown tentacles and unknown horrors ravaging your base. You don’t even know if this is real or not, but regardless, this is all too familiar, considering you’ve dreamt about this the last night...

This is Moons of Madness’ premise. It’s a Lovecraft-style sci-fi horror set in a research facility in the Red Planet where all you have is yourself and your coworkers. As you try to go about your day, you’ll be stuck in a horrific scenario and deal with the unknown and your nightmare the evening before becoming a reality.

Developed by Rock Pocket games and published by Funcom, can successfully make your heart race. It excels in delivering a bone-chilling atmosphere with all the tentacles and jump scares and manages to keep you on your guard even during the duller chore-like segments. With that said, should you add it to your backlog? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Moons of Madness puts you in the shoes of Shane Newhart, an engineer working for The Orochi Group. Without diving deep into spoilers, you’ll work in a research base and things will start taking a turn for the bad and supernatural. From there, you’ll have to figure out what’s going on and while doing so, uncover a variety of mysteries while trying to stay alive.

The story and its elements are heavily inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft which uses cosmic horror and the fear of the unknown.


Moons of Madness is a first-person game, which adds to the scare factor. Though it has an eye for cinematics, its gameplay mechanics involve a lot puzzle-solving and doing certain chores engineers would do in a Martian research facility. There’s also a nifty all-in-one tool called the BioGage attached to your wrist where you scan various objects and operate them remotely.

In Moons of Madness, you’ll feel helpless, much like in its peers including Amnesia and Layers of Fear. You can’t fight back, and the best you can do is escape. However, there are instances where you can use objects in your person to try and deal with the dilemma you’re in, giving the game a lot of variety and you a fighting chance. All in all, the game provides strong moments that’ll give you huge doses of adrenaline. And of course, it wouldn’t be a horror game without well-made jumpscares that would make you suddenly gasp for air.

Unfortunately, the horror segments are undone by the chores and certain puzzles. In a way, they aren’t a good mix with the fear-filled atmosphere the game tries to provide. This can be attributed to the developers trying to provide nonfiction elements to provide semi-real scenarios and tasks that people need to do while on Mars. For example, entering a vehicle requires you to open the air-locked door, close it and press the atmospheric change button. Failing to do the latter and removing your helmet will result in unwanted consequences. There were also rather dull instances where you have to find certain items, refill your air tank, and read through various computer logs. With all these in mind, it would have been a good idea to streamline the chores to make these parts less dragging. However, you could consider these moments to be short breaks in between the scary parts.

On a positive note, some of these activities were quite enjoyable, especially those that involved using the BioGage. Moreover, the game is linear in nature and you’ll be able to progress smoothly thanks to visible waypoints and markers. Moreover, there are many objects you can interact with, like coffee machines, computers, flashlights, and ballpoint pens. Many of these don’t exactly make an impact in the story, but they’re a nice touch and help add more to the immersion.


Without a doubt, the strongest parts of Moons of Madness are its visuals and animations. Everything looks and feels smooth and immersive, giving you the feeling of actually being on the Red Planet itself. It’s a Lovecraft-inspired horror game with an impeccably-crafted environment. The research base feels like a real one, while the tentacles and the horror elements will definitely give you goosebumps.

In terms of sound design, the game has impeccable voice acting and environmental sound design. If you’re wearing earphones, you can actually hear/feel the sound of Martian sand and wind striking your helmet.


Overall, Moons of Madness is a solid horror title, thanks to its outstanding atmosphere and eye for cinematics. Despite the few dull moments in between the adrenaline-fueled parts, it holds up fairly well and remains consistent in its seven-hour duration. In any case, it’s a must-play for horror fans and anyone who loves the feeling of fear coursing through their veins like tentacles rapidly reaching out to every part of their body.

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New Game Added: Moons of Madness

by Mikhail May 13, 2020
Moons of Madness is a sci-fi Lovecraftian-style horror game set in Mars. Here, you’ll take the mantle of Shane Newhart, an engineer working in a space facility built by The Orochi Group. Here, you’ll deal with unknown horrors while solving puzzles, performing chores, and interacting with the Martian environment. First scare Moons of Madness Research base in Moons of Madness Monster in Moons of Madness Read More
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