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Moonfall 8 rate Set off on a fun RPG adventure as you explore various dungeon-like locations for loot, completing quests and defeating the Savages that threaten your land in Moonfall. Level up your character, battle boss monsters and find out what's causing the Savages to attack the borders of The Empire. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Developed and published by Fishcow Studio, Moonfall is not any mere 2D side-scrolling RPG; it is a game that provides players with an adventure through a dark time set in a land whose borders are being assailed by creatures known only as the Savages. Offering a gameplay that requires a whole lot more running around, the game also provides players with a fun experience as they level up their characters, explore new regions, find secret stashes of loot and of course, battle numerous and varied enemies.


Moonfall is set in the world called Terra Nihill where a wide range of civilizations have emerged. The Empire is among one of the more innovative ones since they have managed to conquer the odds and bring life to what seems to be a rather inhospitable environment. However, the Savages that dwell in the regions beyond The Empire’s borders have grown restless once again and had begun attacking traders travelling on trade routes and terrorizing the people in the many outposts along the border.

In this game, you play as a new recruit in a small band of patrol units who is stationed in the region Margo. You’ve make use of an abandoned camp as a hub of sorts and venture out into the murky unknown to hopefully find out why the Savages started their assault in the first place.


To begin, you’ll get to choose a character class to play as, namely the Vanguard, Elementalist and Shadow. These 3 archetype classes are pretty much what you’d expect, with Vanguard being sturdiest in the group; Shadow being the most agile, and the Elementalist being the only one who rely heavily on magical powers to take down his enemies. Different classes will offer very different gameplay since they attack their opponents differently, and as such, you’ll get to experience the game in slightly different ways. That said, you won’t be able to choose your character’s gender or customize it at least until you get your first new set of armor.

After selecting a difficulty level as well, you’ll then be dropped into a short tutorial-like instance where you will be taught some of the game’s basics. You’ll be expected to learn some stuff yourself too, such as how to interact with objects, which stuff on the floor is dangerous to you or which item you can destroy/ open to get some loot.

The default controls in Moonfall are somewhat old-school-like. Instead of the usual WASD, you’ll be moving your character using the arrow keys - Note that although the game is basically a 2D game, you can move in a 3D-like manner. Keys like D is used to deal normal weapon damage, while spells or skills can be activated via the first alphabet keys on the top row... once you’ve gotten them unlocked via the skill tree first, of course. There is also the K key which will open up your Skill Tree, Inventory, Map and generally, the Menu.

Interestingly, the game added in a block function (Shift key) as well which can be immensely useful for melee classes I reckon. You can still block if you play as an elementalist, but most of the time, you’ll be kiting the enemies around and casting spells whenever you can instead. Another important part of the controls, which the game unfortunately didn’t point out during the tutorial, is that you can press number 1 and 2 to use your health and mana potions respectively.

If you find the keys a bit awkward to play with, don’t worry – you can easily switch to the WASD set of controls via then menu, but generally, the default controls work well enough as they are. They just require a bit of getting used to.

Being an RPG, Moonfall offers character progression and as such, you will have a nice selection of methods to improve your character. You can invest skill points into your skill tree which consists of 3 stats – Strength, Mind Power and Agility. If you are familiar with any RPG, you should easily know which stat you need to focus more on based on the class you chose. On the other side of the interface (press spacebar to switch panels) is a tree of your character’s abilities. You can use ability points which are earned by leveling up, same as skill points, to unlock these abilities. Not all of these abilities are the active sort though; there are some which are passive as well.

Another way to improve your character is by equipping him with the best gear you can buy at either trader at the Hub (your home base), or find in chests during your many adventures. These items cannot be upgraded nor destroyed due to durability loss, but you can often find higher tiered items as you progress through the game. The items you can buy from the traders will also change every time you return to the Hub so you’ll always have new items to browse through.

There is something I’d like to point out though. I’ve noticed that for items that you can equip 2 pieces of, such as weapons and accessories, you actually have to manually equip the second item. This is because the game will simply replace the first item with your second item while leaving the second slot empty by default, for some weird reason. Due to this, you’ll need to press Spacebar to go over to your character equipment screen and select the slot you want to equip the second item to before actually going over to the item and pressing Equip.

Took me a brief while to realize this... and well, prior to my realization, I might have had a mini-heart attack because I’ve just spent 1100 currency on my second accessory item and somehow can’t equip it without sacrificing my other accessory which had costed me 1100 currency as well.

Complaint aside, Moonfall also offers quests for you to complete like what a good RPG should have. There is usually 1 quest for you to take at a time and each quest will bring you to an instanced dungeon of sorts. In some way, it does remind me of the gameplay in Dragon Nest, where the questing areas are basically dungeons. However, I find that the quests in this game is a frankly rather dull. The quest giver is always the same fella, and the quests mainly revolve around rescuing people. It might be a good idea to change things up a bit.

Though, what really made Moonfall shine I’d say is the many nuances added to the game, specifically to the game environment, to help spice up the game. For instance, there are plenty of little dangers that you may just brush off as being part of the “decor” until it damages you (mold patches and thorns), slows you down (glowing mushrooms), or helps your enemies by giving them a boost (tribal drums). The enemies you face are as equally varied too, with some having the ability to heal; some with frontal shielding effects, and some can run really, really fast.

I also really like the fact that Moonfall deviates from the common perception that 2D games are often linear by being as non-linear as it could. There are tons of map areas in this game, all of which are shown as grids on the minimap, that you can explore. Most of the time, you will be rewarded for your thoroughness with additional loot - loot that speedrunners will definitely miss. If you’re not sure where else you can go, be sure to check your minimap. It will show you which part of the map has a path since these paths can sometimes hard to spot (as they are hidden) in the actual game environment.

And oh, if you’re like me and stuck around the map after you’ve completed the quest, you can easily return to the Hub by going to the map menu and pressing Enter. This is something that the game has failed to mention, but you’ll probably figure this out sooner or later... just thought I’d save you the trouble.

Generally, in terms of gameplay, Moonfall did almost everything right. Aside from some annoyances that are pretty easy to figure out at the end, there aren’t anything that had affected my gaming experience. However, if I really have to choose a bone to pick, I’d prefer to have a more “magnetic-like” loot collection mechanism rather needing me to move my character to the exact spots to pick up all the dropped currency.

Maybe the devs can add in a reasonable “loot collection magnetic field” around the character so he will automatically pick up stuff that’s around him. But of course, like I’ve said, this isn’t really a major issue – it’s more of a convenience thing.


As an indie game, Moonfall doesn’t really have a massive community despite being a rather fun game to play. So, if you find you like the game, you might want to gift it to your friends or at the very least, recommend it to them.

Graphics/ Sound

Moonfall boasts of having hand-drawn graphics and despite the darker and gloomier tones, I found that the visuals really help make the game. I particularly like the raining effects where you can actually see droplets rolling down your screen. Like its environments, the game also added a visual nuance where the appearance of your character will alter depending on the items (the more visible ones) you have on. However, the art for each item doesn’t really deviate a lot so you can’t really “feel” the difference.

In terms of sound, I really liked all the different musical scores used in the game. Each of them are perfectly suited to bring out the atmosphere of the scene or environment the music is played in. There’s also a bit of voice acting for the quest giver and the guards at the Hub, but it might have been better if the devs used the funds for the voice acting and put it into animating the game’s introduction, which currently is presented as a wall of text. If there are enough funds, maybe they can even put in a cinematic video instead.


All in all, Moonfall is a pretty decent and entertaining 2D side-scrolling RPG that’s set in a gloomy sort of fantasy land. The gameplay is pretty fun in a “running all over the place”-kind of way – I played as an Elementalist... though, it’s not so much a beat-‘em-up as you might imagine. The game isn’t too difficult either if you have good mob-kiting skills, so it does well as a somewhat casual sort of RPG. There are still some aspects of the game that the developers can work on, but generally, Moonfall has plenty to offer and is definitely worth the price.

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New Game Added: Moonfall

by Aethyna Nov 7, 2017
Set off on a fun RPG adventure as you explore various dungeon-like locations for loot, completing quests and defeating the Savages that threaten your land in Moonfall. Level up your character, battle boss monsters and find out what's causing the Savages to attack the borders of The Empire. Moonfall: Fighting wolves At the hub in Moonfall Moonfall: Boss fight Read More
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